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Flexible-rate web design and production services with a caring, consultative approach for sole proprietors, and particularly for therapists, counselors, healers and helpers.
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What You’ll Get

A consultative relationship

I want you to love your website. We’ll work closely, determining design elements and layout, and settling on just perfect language. We’re in this together.

You, powered by WordPress

WordPress is a robust, flexible open-source platform that is home to millions of websites, blogs and apps.

Customized for you

Choose your own layout, design elements, typography and color palette. It’s all in your control.

Optimized for search

Built-in search engine optimizations from the easily-indexed WordPress platform. Optional SEO services, including keyword research and SEO copywriting.

Leave the copywriting to me

Don’t feel up to speed on writing for the web? No problem! I’ll use a variety of mechanisms to gather what you want to say, and then polish your message for web.

Worry-free maintenance

You’ll get extensive training on managing and updating your own website. Not interested? I offer maintenance service packages to give you hands-off control of your site.



For additional post-launch work, or hourly contracts
  • Contract with me to make additional changes or modifications to your existing site
  • This rate would apply for small businesses looking to contract out their web development work

I accept only cash, personal check, or PayPal.

What to Expect

Below is a general guideline of what the process looks like. Every project is different though, so you may see slight changes in the process as we progress together.

We’ll have a 60-90 minute consultation to discuss your website needs, design preferences and settle on the best package for you. Before this conversation, please review the Website Toolkit. This will give you an overview of what you need to provide.

You’ll spend some time gathering materials including typography, design elements, imagery and content. You’ll also purchase your domain and hosting provider. You dictate when you’ll have this material to me.

I’ll provide a first draft of your site within 2 weeks of receiving all required information.

We will have up to 3 rounds of revisions to your website. This can be done either together, which can expedite the process, or via email.

Once you are satisfied with the website, we’ll push it live on your domain, at which point, I will provide training based on your learning style.

Who I Am

Christina Osborne

Christina Osborne

I am a master’s student at Naropa University, where I study Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. I have ten years of professional experience building and managing websites. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University, where I extensively practiced reporting, research, and writing. My background creates the foundation for my website creation process that hinges on my relationship with you, my client. I want you to love your website, and enjoy the process. If you’d like to know more about my professional background and see examples of my professional work, see my resume and portfolio.

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