Your website. Simplified.

What You’ll Get

A consultative relationship

You and I will work collaboratively to create design and content tailored just for you. You and me are in this together.

Optimized for search engines

Built-in search engine optimizations from the easily-indexed WordPress platform. I offer optional SEO services, including keyword research and SEO copywriting.

You, powered by WordPress

WordPress is a robust, flexible open-source platform that makes building, updating and managing your website a breeze

Collaborative web writing and editing

Whether you feel up to the task of writing your own copy or not, I will lend my expertise in ensuring your content is web-ready, user-friendly and searchable.

Customized just for you

Choose the layout, design elements, fonts, iconography and color palette. I’m here to offer my expertise every step of the way.

Worry-free maintenance

You’ll get  training on managing and updating your own website. Not interested? I offer maintenance  packages to give you hands-off control of your site.

How It Works

Here is a general outline of the process. However, every project has unique needs, so expect some degree of variation.

We’ll have a 60-90 minute consultation to discuss your website needs, design preferences and settle on the best package for you. Before this conversation, please review my Website Toolkit. This will give you an idea of what I’ll need from you.
You’ll gather materials including typography, design elements, imagery and content. You’ll also purchase your domain and hosting (I can help). You call the shots on this timing.
I’ll provide a first draft of your site in a timeline we decide together.
We will have up to 3 rounds of revisions to your website design and content.
Once you are satisfied, we launch. At that point, I will provide training to manage your website.