Your website. Simplified.

Website Toolkit

Here is a selection of tools that I find useful in creating websites.

Technical Tools


NameCheap is my preferred domain provider. Search here to find the future URL of your site. Cost varies greatly, but it’s possible to get a domain for less than $10 per year. I can help you choose and purchase a domain name, if you request.


SiteGround offers inexpensive WordPress hosting. To host a single site is  $3.95 per month, billed annually. They are one of the preferred hosts by WordPress. I can help you purchase hosting, if you’d like.

Design Tools

This is a wonderful color palette generator that we can use as a basis for your website design and other elements.

I recommend a palette of about six colors:

  • A background color (often light or white, but can be dark)
  • A body font color that contrasts with the background (often black or dark grey, but can be light or white)
  • 2-3 base colors that represent your brand
  • An accent color


This is a donation-based photography and illustration library. It’s entirely up to you if, when and how much you pay. This is a great place to find banner images, background images and textures, or other image elements. Hint: Stick with a single artist and make one larger donation.

Google Fonts

Google Font is a large collection of free web fonts. You’ll need one or two header fonts and one body font.

Writing Tools

Hemingway App

This may be my favorite thing on the web. It’s a copywriting tool that offers suggestions to make your writing bold and clear. The best web writing is clear, to the point, and scannable. Your website is not the place to be verbose. See this article by usability expert, Jakob Nielsen.