AvaTrade Falls in Trouble in Israel with Local Regulator

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  • Company Ava Trade Ltd.
  • Founded in 2006
  • Offices in
  • Boleto Bancário
  • Credit/debit cards
  • FasaPay
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • UnionPay
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer
  • Australian dollar
  • Euro
  • Great Britain pound
  • Japanese yen
  • Swiss franc
  • United States dollar
  • ASIC, 143 340 907
  • Central Bank of Ireland, C53877
  • Financial Futures Association (Japan), 1574
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Abu Dhabi), 190018
  • FSA (Japan), 1662
  • FSC (BVI), 2020-07-30
  • FSCA (South Africa), 45984
  • ISA (Israel), 1
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

Account Types:

  • Minimum account size $100
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 2
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.8
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors
  • Trading instruments
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Forex 1:200
  • CFD 1:200
  • 2020-07-21 Rebranding to AvaTrade.
  • 2020-05-30 British Columbia Securities Commission issues warning against AvaTrade.
  • 2020-05-10 Israel Securities Authority fines AvaTrade’s subsidary due to misleading promotion.
  • 2020-04-30 Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan issues cease and desist order to AvaTrade.


55 reviews of AvaTrade are presented here. All reviews represent only their author’s opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

I’ve been trading on-and-off with AvaFX for over 2 years. First part of it was fine. No problem with executions. Problem occurred few months ago when I back trading after taking several sabbatical months. First weeks or so was fine. I was making profits from $100 to $500 in two weeks. Things get ugly when the MT4 connection is down! It wasnt for 1 day but for weeks! Almost everytime I execute a trade! How frustrating could that be!

I get frustrated, I contacted my account manager and he told me. “AvaFx is currently upgrading their server”. But he told another story to my friend, who happened trading with Ava too. Isnt that craps.

Spreads are high.. stay away if you could!

A am registered in this broker, AvaFX have large large spreads

(I am form Slovakia, we have silver medail in hockey 2020)

Martin AVAFX are not Irish! They are Israeli owned the founder is Negev Shekel does that sound irish to you. They are in Ireland purely for cheap coporation tax and easy regulation. They trade against clients as market makers. 3 ticks spread in the eurusd why would you trade with them on that. Avoid at all costs

I use AVA FX to trade virtually all asset classes; FX is not my favourite and I prefer commodities and indices.

I experienced many troubles with their account opening team. I’ve been given misleading and inaccurate informations more than once. Funding the eventually opened account was no problem though.

So i’ve been trading with AVA for a month now and orders that are placed in fast moving markets are accepted when the market moves against me but always rejected when prices move my way.

Like above, AVA has no problem splipping me when an opening price gaps against me, but never positively slip my stops/limits when an opening price is favourable to me.

Also, AVA doesn’t allow editing orders once markets are closed, which is terribly annoying when you study your charts at weekends like I do.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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AVA is a bucket shop, and one should use them for what they are worth, till one builds sufficient capitals to open an account with a REAL broker such as Interactive Broker.

I faced serious problem with Ava Fx. They canceled my profits!

Whoever has been victim of Ava Fx with winning trades deleted, adjustments, refused withdrawal fund or accused of arbitrage price manipulation contact me in private or send an e-mail to theforexfraud at gmail.com

Beware of AVAFX, they change the amounts charged in the middle of the operation. When you’re selling and the market falls, they keep it there over the purchase price, making it impossible to close the trade at a profit (USDNOK happened to me in the pair)

hai, friends, i have been trading more than 2 year with avafx. they are good. no payout problem. if u have any doubt contact me.

My experience with AVAFX was to my full satisfaction. Like other market makers the execution could be faster, but for learning forex I find the service with a $100 excellent.

Plus as many here say, they are fully regulated as they are based in Europe. This creates a true feeling of security.

AVA FX also works with cashback providers like CashbullFX. You can make extra $25 bonus now and get 25% of your spreads back every month. This surely changes your break even day.

AvA MT4 Software have big Problem .This broker has a lot of reqoutes, when you are in a winning trade, which is very frustrating. However when you are in a loosing trade, the order is excecuted instantly!!

Avatrader is not sincere.

They make me loose a position that cost me 9000 euros, and while i tried to contact them , they told me that s order come from my computer.

Like many broker when you have a big deposit, they make you loose for not paying you.

i m really revolted by the fact they say ITS ME who make me loose myself 9000 euros. of course i m crazy and i sink my ship by will.

anyway i m actually starting a juridic procedure against them

On their web page they claim that you can withdraw money instantly using their AVA debit card. However this is not true, you have to wait 5 days.

Also I had problems getting money out of the account.

This broker has a lot of reqoutes, when you are in a winning trade, which is very frustrating. However when you are in a loosing trade, the order is excecuted instantly!!

This broker is one of my favorites. Info you see above is old. They have many platforms including metatrader. Fast deposit and withdrawal thru their mastercard. No bank account needed. And the differences is: They are Irish :) and regulated. I love it.!

Trouble falling asleep? Israeli start-up has the answer

2breathe’s smart device combines ancient breathing techniques with modern, cloud-based technology to help users sleep without medication

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Luke Tress is a video journalist and tech reporter for the Times of Israel

Israeli medical device company 2breathe Technologies has developed a system that both helps users fall asleep and tracks their sleeping patterns, all without the use of pharmaceuticals.

“Tracking sleep is nice, inducing sleep is better,” said Erez Gavish, co-founder and CEO of the company.

Users wear a small sensor around their torso held in place by an elastic strap. The device, which sells for $180 with a 60-day guarantee, monitors breathing patterns by detecting pressure on the sensor as users inhale and exhale, and the information is relayed to a smartphone using Bluetooth. The 2breathe app guides clients toward relaxing breathing patterns using customized musical tones. It combines the “ancient wisdom” of therapeutic breathing with modern, cloud-based technology, Gavish said.

Gavish and his father, Dr. Benjamin Gavish, began developing the technology with an earlier company they founded, called RESPeRATE. They created a device that monitors and guides people’s breathing to lower their blood pressure. It is the only system cleared by the FDA to treat high blood pressure that does not use pharmaceuticals, Gavish said, and the company has sold about 250,000 units. The device worked, but there was an unexpected side effect. Users reported feeling sleepy and would often drift off before completing their daily 15-minute exercise.

The Gavishes adapted the technology for 2breathe. The program tracks clients’ breathing as they try to sleep, and composes a melody in real time that is in sync with their individual breathing pattern. The tones accompanying exhalations are gradually lengthened, so users begin to exhale more slowly without thinking about it. Focusing too much on breathing can be distracting and prevent people from falling asleep.

Gavish’s mother was a dancer, and he realized people have a natural inclination to follow rhythm.

“The physiology is there; the challenge is how to make it accessible to people, and how to overcome the paradox of getting to a therapeutic pattern of breathing without conscious effort,” Gavish said. “All you need to do is follow the tones which is something very natural.”

Their algorithm detects when people fall asleep, and the app turns itself off shortly after. It is currently only available on iOS devices.

It is similar to breathing exercises in meditation, but easier for most people.

The app keeps a record of users’ overall sleeping patterns, telling them how long it takes them to fall asleep, the duration of their breaths, and the amount of time they are exhaling.

This information is stored in a cloud, and 2breathe analyzes it to improve their system. More users will lead to better algorithms and ultimately better service.

“One of the conceptual breakthroughs of smart devices or connected devices is that they’re being optimized all the time and can be personalized, especially when you’re talking about digital therapeutic devices,” Gavish said.

He compares it to other wearable technology solutions used to improve fitness.

Screens are usually an “enemy of sleep” because distractions and light can keep us from dozing off, Gavish said, but technology is not necessarily an impediment to a good night’s rest. 2breathe guides users using audio and the screen dims quickly after the app is activated to keep light out of users’ bedroom environment. The company recommends people put their phones on airplane mode before lying down.

The company started selling the device in Japan in March after forming a partnership with the Japanese health care corporation Teijin.

They previously introduced the product to friends and acquaintances in Israel to test the system. They expected most users to be younger people who were more comfortable using the technology, but they found an unexpected fan base – parents of school-age children and older people. About 20 to 30 percent of kids have difficulty sleeping, Gavish said, and some parents found that their children followed the apps’ tones easily and fell asleep faster.

Older people who had previously used RESPeRATE also took to the device quickly. Their problem is usually not falling asleep, but staying asleep, and doing breathing exercises can help with the problem. Many of the older users wake up during the night and repeat the breathing patterns from memory to help them fall back asleep and some use it as a daily exercise, not necessarily before bedtime.

The system will work for anyone, though, as long as they are willing to try, Gavish said, and is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to medication.

“It’s not a magic pill. People understand magic pills have downsides, there’s always a catch,” Gavish said. “We’re empowering people to solve this issue.”

אודות אייטרייד

ATRADE – זירת המסחר המובילה והגדולה בישראל

Atrade, מקבוצת AvaTrade הבינלאומית, הינה החברה המובילה בישראל למסחר עצמאי בחוזי הפרשים (CFD) על מדדים, סחורות, מט”ח, מניות ואג”ח. חברת Atrade הוקמה בשנת 2007 במאמץ משותף של אנשי מקצוע ומומחים פיננסיים למסחר אונליין, בכדי לספק למשקיע הישראלי חווית מסחר נוחה בזירת המסחר המובילה והגדולה בישראל. הודות לכך, הפכה ההתנסות במסחר יומי בשוק המרתק בעולם, נגישה ונוחה יותר. מהיום קל ופשוט ליהנות מעשרות הזדמנויות ואפשרויות השקעה במערכת המסחר המתקדמת בעולם.

כחברה הרואה בקידמה, בטכנולוגיה ובחדשנות ערך מוסף משמעותי והכרחי עבור סוחריה, מקפידה Atrade להציע את מערכת המסחר הטובה בעולם MetaTrader 4, ולספק ללקוחותיה את מיטב הכלים המתקדמים למסחר. הודות לכך, נהנים כיום לקוחות החברה ממערכת ידידותית ונוחה למשתמש, המאפשרת ומספקת את תנאי המסחר הטובים ביותר הקיימים בארץ בתחום המסחר העצמאי.

ל-Atrade רישיון לניהול זירת סוחר והיא פועלת בפיקוח הרשות לניירות ערך.

מדוע יותר סוחרים בוחרים לסחור עם ATRADE?

כבר מעל עשור, ש-Atrade מבססת את מעמדה כשחקנית ראשית בזירות המסחר בישראל, והשנה נבחרה לזירת המסחר המובילה והגדולה בישראל בפעם השישית ברציפות, על-פי מדד גלובס DUN’S 100.

Atrade פועלת במטרה לספק לסוחריה חווית מסחר בטוחה ומוצלחת, הכוללת:

  • מערך שירות לקוחות גדול ומקצועי, הזמין 6 ימים בשבוע באמצעות מגוון אמצעי תקשורת (טלפון, מייל, ווטסאפ, פייסבוק)
  • מגוון רחב של אפיקי השקעה, כולל: מדדים, סחורות, מט”ח, מניות ואג”ח (באמצעות חוזי הפרשים – CFD)
  • מסחר מכל מקום ובכל זמן דרך הנייד, הטאבלט או המחשב
  • מסחר בפלטפורמת המסחר המתקדמת בעולם MetaTrader4
  • מרווחים תחרותיים קבועים ומשתנים
  • כספי הלקוחות מוגנים באמצעות חשבון נאמנות, בנפרד מכספי החברה
  • ברישיון הרשות לניירות ערך

ATRADE מקבוצת AvaTrade הבינלאומית

Atrade היא חלק מקבוצת AvaTrade הבינלאומית, אשר מספקת שירותי מסחר עצמאי לעשרות אלפי לקוחות בלמעלה מ-150 מדינות בעולם. AvaTrade פועלת על פי דרישות רגולטוריות שקבעו הרשויות המפקחות בארצות רבות בעולם ובכלל זה באיחוד האירופי, יפן, אוסטרליה, אפריקה ועוד. באירופה הקבוצה פועלת תחת פיקוחו של הבנק המרכזי של אירלנד. החברה דוגלת במסחר בטוח ללקוחותיה ורואה בקידמה, בטכנולוגיה ובחדשנות ערך מוסף משמעותי והכרחי עבורם. בשל כך, החברה מספקת את מערכת המסחר הטובה בעולם הכוללת כלים מתקדמים למסחר העצמאי. הקשרים ההדוקים עם הבנקים והמוסדות הפיננסים המובילים בעולם, הם שמאפשרים לנו לספק ללקוחותינו את השרות האמין, היציב והתחרותי ביותר בשוק.

הצטרפו עוד היום להצלחה של Atrade ותתחילו ליהנות משירותי זירת המסחר הגדולה, המקצועית, המתקדמת והמובילה בישראל, על-פי דירוג גלובס DUN’S 100.

התחל לסחור בחוזי הפרשים על מגוון מכשירי השקעה עם זירת המסחר עטורת הפרסים ובעלת רישיון מסחר מהרשות לניירות ערך

ATRADE – Israel’s Leading Trading Arena

Atrade, a part of the AvaTrade International Group, is Israel’s leading independent trading company. it offers trading with CFDs on a wide range of financial instruments such as indices, commodities, forex, stocks and bonds.

For over a decade, Atrade has established itself as a major player in Israel’s trading arena. This year Atrade was selected as the leading and largest trading arena in Israel, for the sixth time in a row, according to the DUN’S 100 Index. Atrade also holds a license to operate as a trading arena under the supervision of the Israel Securities Authority.

As a company that seeks progress, new technologies and innovations, Atrade is committed to providing its traders with the world’s most popular trading system – MetaTrader 4, and the most advanced trading tools on the market. In addition to that, clients can enjoy a user-friendly system that provides the best trading environment in the field of independent trading.

Atrade is a part of the AvaTrade International Group, which provides independent trading services to tens of thousands of customers in more than 160 countries worldwide. AvaTrade operates according to regulatory requirements set by regulatory authorities in many countries around the world, including in the European Union, Japan, Australia, Africa and more.

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