Ayrex Binary Options Review – Are Australian Traders Accepted on Ayrex

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Ayrex.com profile provided by AyrexOfficial, Aug 26, 2020

Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options Broker serving clients worldwide. Ayrex operates in full compliance with international laws and financial regulations. Ayrex platform was developed based on careful research and Ayrex team’s substantial experience in financial markets. By implementing an entirely new approach to binary options trading Ayrex gives its clients better possibilities of increasing their trading expertise and profit.

Practice is the most important aspect of learning. Practice makes perfect and we want to give our prospective and existing clients the chance to make educated decisions when it comes to trading. Our demo is absolutely free and requires no registration.

$5 minimum deposit is aimed to give traders a chance to start safe and build their way up as they master their trading strategies.

Minimum Investment: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Withdrawal: 5 EUR/USD

Demo Account: Free, no registration, no expiry date

Early Closure available: YES (High/Low and One Touch options)

Customer Support: 24/5

Why Ayrex:

We created our own unique platform. That means that we can modify it faster and we are more flexible in terms of meeting our clients’ needs. We are constantly brainstorming on what we can improve and what we can offer to our clients.

Instant deal execution, no bugs, no platform freeze. A team of IT professionals works every day to ensure outstanding platform performance. One click trading is implemented for all the deals.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    The Best Broker! Try it and get a 10 000 $ bonus!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

    5000$ bonus to each trader!


    Best Options Broker 2020!
    Great Choice For Beginners!
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    Free Demo Account 1000$!
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Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I logged in before few minutes ‘ and saw a big ‘ upspike and downspike in EUR/DOLLAR ‘ i’ve done a screenshot ‘ with admiral markets chart side by side ‘ . . . but there is not such a 1Minute Candle ‘ after i log back in ‘ the chart seems to be normal again ‘ . . . something is wrong here.

Skrill no more available for Ayrex for deposits (or withdrawals)

I have traded many years with ayrex,

i have tryd so many times to invest 1000+ euro in one single trade, but every time he say instrument not availible, And every trade i have missed itm,

I cant play bigger than 250 euro, Every time i spoke to someone on chat they say it is not availible try later againg, but no mather ho many times and weeks monts i tryd i cant trade big size.

And no touche option is verry bad, when price move verry slow, no touch option is disable,

And when charts is moving verry fast Touch option is imediatly disabled,

This means There is no interes for winning clients,

Please Check by your self, Dissable no touch when price dont move,
touch option disabled when price move fast. Then you can understand this broker!

And when we get a ban on binary option in europe,
Ayrex has no concurenties anymore, And they become more greedy, and dropped returns to under 78 % average 75%

This means your change on long term is decrease more and more,

I have made money whit this broker,and have withdraw a lot of more than i have deposit,

But i dont like when there is no insturments availible when i try 250 euro and more invest, never ever have the change to invest more ,, i have tryd somany times to invest 1000 / 1700 euro single trader but never ever happened,
Every time i contact chat, they says sorry try later againg ,, PFFF realy buls*** i have tryd years. day in day out. Why lieeee .

Maybe i made money on this broker, they wil reduce my bets.

but thanks for the withdrawals,

Jul 18, 2020 – 3 Stars Hello ayrex, i do have a few questions,

You said we get paid for orders that opened and closed,by costumers
And you mean, your company do not have interess in lossing clients,

But i think , You get comission for letting lossing people, You get 2 comissions,
A comission from opened closed orders, And comissions from letting your costumers losse their money, i see no other way than this. Becouse The following Things

One touch is 15/30 pips Thats a distance of 3/4 times bigger of 15 minute candle sticks and no touche is max 4 points, If Market goes crazy, why is one touch shut down. Becouse there is high probability of making money.

And why Is return it same for no touch and one touch, whit One touch It is a mirracle if you can make money. Why return is it same,

And why with no touch Some times if i buy why distance wil decrease ? i have this so many times, That i can not think other way,

If one trader losse and if what they loose goes to other trader, What is your interesse to make it soooo difficult to trade. But i think there is someone Behind Brokers,Who want make it so Damn Difficult , Becouse Not al of the money from 95% of traders goes to 5% Most of the money Goes to banks. And becouse of that They make it sooo Damn difficult and unfair. I now That Brokers Lie a lot of thimes.

Broker x say if i have freezing orders or not accept orders that my connection problem is a problem,, But ayrex can always work supper fast,

But what ayrex cant Can do another broker, But clients always The problem of every problem.
Can you explain my , if you dont have interesse in lossing clients, Why this system is so unfair. Why ?

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Jul 31, 2020 Hi Zulumaster,

Thank you for your questions! We’ll be delighted to answer it below:

– Binary options trader gets the return rate from all the correctly predicted trades. Since we would rather work with the constant clients, losing isn’t our goal. On the other hand, a company receives a profit from the number of trades opened on the platform, so the more you trade, the better for a broker.

– All quotes are calculated by the formula (BID+ASK)/2, which helps to reduce the spread as much as possible. One Touch option can be unavailable sometimes due to the current market situation, but the rest of options remain open for trade according to its trading schedule.

– Return rates are set by the system and differ during a day for every type of option. If you’re not sure how to trade on One Touch option, please, check our Education materials on the official website, binary options forums (f.e., FPA), etc.

– We work in full accordance with our Terms and Conditions under the international business license reg. no: C44622 and currently in the process of getting CySEC regulation. If you have any serious doubts about our services, we’ll be glad to assist you via our official channels, such as [email protected], for instance.

– Unfortunately, we can not help you with such a philosophical question as fairness of binary options or any other trading, but we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions about Ayrex itself.

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Ayrex has proven that their biggest concern is their clients pleasure. They are exceptionally transparent in the way they operate and try to provide the best quality in the market. Being an unregulated broker has nothing to do with the mission of this company – to please the clients.

Since the binary options industry is an ultra competitive industry, the main role in success is being accepted by the traders and trading community. That is why an unregulated broker such as Ayrex may be a discomfort to many traders.

However, this broker can certainly prove that it can work much better than some regulated brokers. It shows us that it can be as reliable if not more reliable than most.

When you want to judge a broker’s reliability, it is the best to take a holistic approach. Why is that so? Many regulated binary options brokers are regarded as reliable because they are required by to operate in an ethical and transparent manner.

It is all regulated by a regulatory agency. This has never been a problem for Ayrex’s since this company is very transparent in the way they operate. Ayrex has also proven many times that client’s needs are their top priority.

Ayrex responds quickly to the needs of its traders through the development of its proprietary trading platform. This is one of the ways Ayrex demonstrates its responsibility. This platform was designed to make sure that clients will face no difficulty when operating it.

Some of the many offered features by Ayrex

That means that it is beginner and customer friendly. You do not have to be afraid that you will not understand what to do, you can always turn to the great customer support they provide.

Customer support is another way in which Ayrex has demonstrated its reliability. Customer support services are available 24 hours a day during the entire trading week.

If you need assistance, you can always get in touch with the support team. It can be done through the various channels of communication that Ayrex provides for its traders in order to make trading easy and comfortable.

It is only the matter of time before this company becomes a regulated broker. Although Ayrex is currently unregulated, this does not mean that its quality of trading and reliability should be questioned. You should know that Ayrex has already submitted its application for regulatory oversight to the relevant authorities.

Ayrex was a relatively unknown binary options broker when it first started. But, over time, it has begun to earn a reputation as a very professional and transparent broker. The trading community has certainly recognized that.

This is hardly surprising since its transparency and quality are not hard to notice. These are some of its key business objectives. This broker cares about customers’ needs and tries to provide the best trading options.

Trading Platform

Ayrex has developed their own proprietary trading platform in order to provide its traders the best trading experience. This platform eliminates any delays in the execution of trading transactions.

The platform is one of the standout points when it comes to setting this broker apart

Since it is designed with an ultra slick user interface, you can execute any trading decisions that you make. It only takes a single click of the mouse. The simplicity of the trading platform is very important because new traders can easily understand what to do.

You can download a manual which will help you familiarize with various functionalities of the trading platform and understand everything much better (especially if you are a fresh trader). Traders can also make use of the free demo platform which is provided by Ayrex.


You can find some interesting textual explanations on binary options and how to work with them. It is extremely helpful for new traders. You can find a “What you need to know before getting started’ page and find some useful tips on understanding binary options. You will soon know how to trade them successfully.

With their education section, you’ll become a Binary Options trading pro in no time!

You should read all the explanations of essential trading concepts before you start trading.

You can also find important information in the FAQ section. This section also provides instructions on trading, funding, registration and many more. .

The news reports are always updated and to the point. Their economic calendar shows future events what will occur around the world. It is very easy to follow because it is divided into columns of today, tomorrow, this week and next week. Trading signals have also been added recently to its platform.

Trading Accounts

Trading account choices are limited either to a standard type trading or an Islamic type account. The minimum initial deposit required is just $5.

  • For deposits ranging from $100 to $499, traders will receive a deposit bonus of 10%.
  • For deposit of $500 to $999, the bonus ranges from 10% to 20%.
  • For deposit of $1000 and above, the bonus can go up to as high as 30%.

There will not be any bonus if your deposit is less than $100.

Payout Ratios

The payouts offered by Ayrex are in line with the industry standard. They go as high as 90%. Precisely, the average returns are in the range of 80% to 83%.

Asset Index

Ayrex has a relatively modest number of assets. The total number is around 50 plus types of assets. The asset classes covered consist of forex, stocks, indices and commodities.


96% of Ayrex’s withdrawals are processed automatically, an astounding feat

Ayrex offers commission-free automatic withdrawals, a great deal when it comes to trading. Requests sent are instantly processed and estimated with authentication that requires two steps.

The automatic withdrawals can be processed on any day of the week. They can also be processed in any time zone and, what is so good about this, is that it will eliminate the stressful waiting period. That period is very common with many other binary options brokers.

Deposits to your accounts can be made using:

  1. Wire transfers
  2. Credit cards
  3. Neteller
  4. Skrill

There is only a minimum deposit of only $5 required in order to open your account. There is no charge or any commission on any amount deposited.

Customer Support

Ayrex has won many awards and commendations since it’s conception

You can access customer support 24 hours a day on workdays. The service is extremely fast and Ayrex tries to respond to all requests within minutes. There is also a chat service available during working hours.

Through this you can see that Ayrex has a very professional attitude towards customers and tries to provide the best service there is. Ayrex is also online! You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

As one of the newest options – this company allows Google Plus users to receive all major updates and most important information through Google Plus.


There are many refreshing changes that Ayrex provides when it comes to trading. If you think about it, most trading platforms are virtually identical, but Ayrex has a new intuitive trading platform.

This trading platform is very well designed and puts this company in front of many other brokers. If we want to additionally highlight the pros – Ayrex gives you a free no obligation trial. This surely makes this broker many new customers that will gladly use the platform.


Ayrex are a fairly new binary options firm, first going live with their platform in 2020. Their main selling point is customer service and innovative technology. They boast the platform “does not lag, freeze or hiccup”. In terms of customer service, they aim for fast payouts, clear promotions and no locking in of trader deposits. The brand is operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd, based in St Kitts.

One of the main attractions of Ayrex is the registration free, demo account. The full platform can be used with demo funds – real prices, real assets – without the need to register or supply any contact details whatsoever. Ayrex are so confident in their platform, they have opened it up to any traders, absolutely free. The firm are unregulated at present, but have applied to CySec and are looking to have that in place before the end of 2020. Despite a lack of regulation, the company do enjoy a reputation for good customer service.

Key info for Ayrex

  • Ayrex Demo Account – Yes. Open a demo account with no sign up.
  • Minimum Deposit – $5
  • Minimum trade – $5
  • Signals service – Yes.
  • Bonus details – 30% Deposit match. Terms apply, but the bonus can be cancelled at any time.
  • Mobile App – Yes. ‘Ayrex for android’ and ‘Ayrex for iOS’ versions.

Ayrex trading platform

The Ayrex trading platform provides a traditional trading area, with all the required data available for traders. The platform is not too different from other brokers, but the layout is clear and easy to use. Traders will have few complaints about the usability.

The left side of the trading area shows the price chart for the asset currently selected. The time frame can be amended, and there are buttons that will return the trader back to specific points on the timeline – the up to date quote for example. Users can zoom in and out to reflect larger or smaller timeframes. It can also be toggled between display types (Area or Candlestick).

The right hand side of the platform contains the trading buttons. The type of options are listed at the top of the screen. Ayrex deliver ‘Short term‘, ‘High/Low‘ and ‘One touch‘ binary option types.

Below these types are the asset lists. Grouped by category (stocks, spot FX, Equity indices and commodities). Traders can open up each category to show the full list of assets. Asset lists at Ayrex are comprehensive, and more importantly, the assets are always available, which suggests Ayrex have good trading volume across their platform.

Once an asset is selected, the price chart on the left will display the new data. The trading buttons will also update. These are just to the left of the asset list. The trader can amend the trade size, and the expiry time with the fields above the Call and Put buttons. The potential payout is shown just above the ‘Buy Option’ button – labelled ‘outcome’, and the current strike price is also displayed above the trade size box, and again on the price chart. As a trader moves the cursor over the ‘Call’ or ‘Put’ buttons, the price graph will display the direction the price will need to move (in green). This reduces the risk of a trade being placed in error.

Once the ‘Buy Option’ button is clicked, the trade will appear in the ‘Open Positions’ window, which sits below the trading buttons. Beneath the price graph, traders can see a history of trades which have expired, settled and closed. There are also ‘News’ and ‘Signals’ pages here, helping traders to stay up to date on other trading options.

All in all the trading platform performs very well. It is not cluttered, but still shows all the right data. One potential improvement could be if the platform was more configurable – perhaps giving the ability to trade more than one asset at a time on the same screen.

Ayrex Asset list and Trade Types

Ayrex offer three types of binary option:

  • Short term – Binary options with short expiry times, generally 5 minutes or less (down to 30 seconds).
  • High/Low – The standard binary. Ayrex have expiries every 15 minutes, up to an hour.
  • One Touch – Ayrex offer Touch and No Touch choices on both Above and Below price levels. On occasion “No Touch” may become unavailable, and ‘One Touch’ is generally only available on major forex pairs.

The asset lists at Ayrex are very good. All major Forex pairs are listed, plus a full range of stocks and indices. Commodities are also available, including Oil, Gold and even Natural Gas and Palladium.

The trade size limits at Ayrex ($5 up to $1000), and the general ‘feel’ of the site suggests Ayrex manage risk very closely. For a relatively new broker, it also looks likely they will add further assets and option types as they see higher levels of traders and trading volume. So if traders want boundary or ladder options, they may not have to wait too long before they are added to the Ayrex platform.

Ayrex for Android and iOS

Ayrex released updated versions of both ‘Ayrex for Android’ and ‘Ayrex for iOS’ during the spring of 2020. The mobile trading app mirrors the platform of the website, with a full range of options and markets available to trade online.

Feedback for the application has been good and the app is regularly maintained. The android version requires version 4.1 and up. The iOS version requires version 9.0 and higher, but works across the iOS range (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).


Ayrex payouts are pretty good, reaching 85% for the popular assets. As ever, payouts will vary based on the asset, and expiry time, but Ayrex remain competitive with other firms on most assets. One touch payouts are a strength, getting up to 80% for both Touch and No Touch trades.

Ayrex Withdrawals

Withdrawals will take 3 days to process. Brokers like Ayrex will always need some time to comply with money laundering laws. A key point to bear in mind is that Ayrex will make payments back to the source that made the original deposit. Traders should take note of this when making an initial payment.

Where deposits are made via more than one method, Ayrex will pro rata any withdrawals across the deposit methods used. The minimum withdrawal is $5 (the same as the minimum deposit). Traders can make one free withdrawal each calendar month. Subsequent withdrawals will pay a commission based on the processing fees for that payment.

Deposits can be made with Neteller, Skrill, Visa, FastPay and Union. When a deposit is made, traders can select their level of bonus to take – offers range between 10% up to 30%. The deposit will have terms and conditions attached, including turnover requirements before withdrawals are allowed. Traders should consider their intended trade volume and frequency, and then which bonus level will work best for them – without causing any changes to their trading style. The bonus can be cancelled at any time.

Other Features

  1. Contests – Ayrex run regular, free to enter, trader contests, with prize money available. There are 3 rounds a week, with 8 winners and $3600 in prize money. Demo account users can also enter ‘Binary Blast’ contest, at no cost.
  2. $30 Bonus – Ayrex offer a no deposit bonus as an alternative to the deposit match, offering traders $30 to trade with.

Ayrex no deposit bonus

  • $30 No deposit bonus
  • Trade through the bonus 30 times
  • Withdraw up to $200
  • Traders still free to enter Ayrex contests
  • Traders must register a deposit method (Paying $10) to then withdraw the bonus funds

Although the profit that can be withdrawn is capped at $200, Ayrex effectively give new traders $30 trade with. The offer is still open to those who have already opened an account – as long as they have not made a deposit, or taken any other bonus. To take advantage of the offer, traders need to visit the specific No Deposit Bonus landing page.

During the promotion, the trading area will have some small differences to the standard screens. The maximum trade is held to $30 and the Deposit/Withdraw buttons are removed until the turnover criteria is met.

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