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Ayrex has proven that their biggest concern is their clients pleasure. They are exceptionally transparent in the way they operate and try to provide the best quality in the market. Being an unregulated broker has nothing to do with the mission of this company – to please the clients.

Since the binary options industry is an ultra competitive industry, the main role in success is being accepted by the traders and trading community. That is why an unregulated broker such as Ayrex may be a discomfort to many traders.

However, this broker can certainly prove that it can work much better than some regulated brokers. It shows us that it can be as reliable if not more reliable than most.

When you want to judge a broker’s reliability, it is the best to take a holistic approach. Why is that so? Many regulated binary options brokers are regarded as reliable because they are required by to operate in an ethical and transparent manner.

It is all regulated by a regulatory agency. This has never been a problem for Ayrex’s since this company is very transparent in the way they operate. Ayrex has also proven many times that client’s needs are their top priority.

Ayrex responds quickly to the needs of its traders through the development of its proprietary trading platform. This is one of the ways Ayrex demonstrates its responsibility. This platform was designed to make sure that clients will face no difficulty when operating it.

Some of the many offered features by Ayrex

That means that it is beginner and customer friendly. You do not have to be afraid that you will not understand what to do, you can always turn to the great customer support they provide.

Customer support is another way in which Ayrex has demonstrated its reliability. Customer support services are available 24 hours a day during the entire trading week.

If you need assistance, you can always get in touch with the support team. It can be done through the various channels of communication that Ayrex provides for its traders in order to make trading easy and comfortable.

It is only the matter of time before this company becomes a regulated broker. Although Ayrex is currently unregulated, this does not mean that its quality of trading and reliability should be questioned. You should know that Ayrex has already submitted its application for regulatory oversight to the relevant authorities.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Options Broker 2020!
    Great Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account 1000$!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Only For Experienced Traders!

Ayrex was a relatively unknown binary options broker when it first started. But, over time, it has begun to earn a reputation as a very professional and transparent broker. The trading community has certainly recognized that.

This is hardly surprising since its transparency and quality are not hard to notice. These are some of its key business objectives. This broker cares about customers’ needs and tries to provide the best trading options.

Trading Platform

Ayrex has developed their own proprietary trading platform in order to provide its traders the best trading experience. This platform eliminates any delays in the execution of trading transactions.

The platform is one of the standout points when it comes to setting this broker apart

Since it is designed with an ultra slick user interface, you can execute any trading decisions that you make. It only takes a single click of the mouse. The simplicity of the trading platform is very important because new traders can easily understand what to do.

You can download a manual which will help you familiarize with various functionalities of the trading platform and understand everything much better (especially if you are a fresh trader). Traders can also make use of the free demo platform which is provided by Ayrex.


You can find some interesting textual explanations on binary options and how to work with them. It is extremely helpful for new traders. You can find a “What you need to know before getting started’ page and find some useful tips on understanding binary options. You will soon know how to trade them successfully.

With their education section, you’ll become a Binary Options trading pro in no time!

You should read all the explanations of essential trading concepts before you start trading.

You can also find important information in the FAQ section. This section also provides instructions on trading, funding, registration and many more. .

The news reports are always updated and to the point. Their economic calendar shows future events what will occur around the world. It is very easy to follow because it is divided into columns of today, tomorrow, this week and next week. Trading signals have also been added recently to its platform.

Trading Accounts

Trading account choices are limited either to a standard type trading or an Islamic type account. The minimum initial deposit required is just $5.

  • For deposits ranging from $100 to $499, traders will receive a deposit bonus of 10%.
  • For deposit of $500 to $999, the bonus ranges from 10% to 20%.
  • For deposit of $1000 and above, the bonus can go up to as high as 30%.

There will not be any bonus if your deposit is less than $100.

Payout Ratios

The payouts offered by Ayrex are in line with the industry standard. They go as high as 90%. Precisely, the average returns are in the range of 80% to 83%.

Asset Index

Ayrex has a relatively modest number of assets. The total number is around 50 plus types of assets. The asset classes covered consist of forex, stocks, indices and commodities.


96% of Ayrex’s withdrawals are processed automatically, an astounding feat

Ayrex offers commission-free automatic withdrawals, a great deal when it comes to trading. Requests sent are instantly processed and estimated with authentication that requires two steps.

The automatic withdrawals can be processed on any day of the week. They can also be processed in any time zone and, what is so good about this, is that it will eliminate the stressful waiting period. That period is very common with many other binary options brokers.

Deposits to your accounts can be made using:

  1. Wire transfers
  2. Credit cards
  3. Neteller
  4. Skrill

There is only a minimum deposit of only $5 required in order to open your account. There is no charge or any commission on any amount deposited.

Customer Support

Ayrex has won many awards and commendations since it’s conception

You can access customer support 24 hours a day on workdays. The service is extremely fast and Ayrex tries to respond to all requests within minutes. There is also a chat service available during working hours.

Through this you can see that Ayrex has a very professional attitude towards customers and tries to provide the best service there is. Ayrex is also online! You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

As one of the newest options – this company allows Google Plus users to receive all major updates and most important information through Google Plus.


There are many refreshing changes that Ayrex provides when it comes to trading. If you think about it, most trading platforms are virtually identical, but Ayrex has a new intuitive trading platform.

This trading platform is very well designed and puts this company in front of many other brokers. If we want to additionally highlight the pros – Ayrex gives you a free no obligation trial. This surely makes this broker many new customers that will gladly use the platform.

Ayrex – review and feedback on the innovative binary options broker

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Overview of leading trading platforms: Ayrex

Trade in assets on specialized sites for many users of the World Wide Web has become a good additional (and sometimes, the main) source of profit. This fact explains the reason for the steady growth in the popularity of leading trading platforms. A special interest of users is the Ayrex trading platform, which some traders call a promising resource, while others openly declare that this is a common fraudulent scheme. Who is the represented broker, who, in a short period of time, managed to win such a contradictory reputation?

Ayrex: review and evaluation of the broker’s activities

The choice of a trading platform for financial transactions for profit is a complicated procedure requiring detailed study of the factors on the basis of which the trader decides whether to trust the broker with his capital or better continue searching for a trading platform with more favorable offers and safe cooperation conditions. One of the main indicators in such situations is the reputation of the trading platform and the company that owns the web resource.

Scammers or the victim of “black” PR?

The testimonials of experienced users and well-reasoned fraud charges that can be found on thematic sites / forums give an opportunity for a beginner trader to save money and independently study the scheme of work of scammers. But there are situations when the charges are the result of the work of competitors or users who have violated contractual obligations and have lost the opportunity to work on this platform.

Analyzing the activity of the Ayrex site, whose review includes the opinions of real traders about this resource, there arises a quite natural question: how can a fraudster deceive his clients with impunity for 4 years? Let’s leave the question open, time will definitely show who was right.

General information

The site was founded in 2020 (managing company / legal entity – Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd), registered in a small country in the Caribbean: Saint Kitts and Nevis. If you study about Ayrex user reviews that do not blame the web resource for fraud, you can find a lot of evidence that the platform belongs to the category of leaders in terms of technical parameters and functionality among the most famous, to date, brokers.

To start working on this platform, it is enough to open an account (providing general personal information) and replenish it with $ 5 / euro (the same amount is the minimum for withdrawal). A convenient trading platform interface allows you to quickly find the information you need and conduct transactions of interest to the trader. Platform users can earn not only on currency pairs, but also on stock indexes, stocks, other liquid assets, that is, using Ayrex CFD can profit by working in a sector that corresponds to the interests, knowledge and financial capabilities of the user.

Algorithm of work on the trading platform Ayrex

After registering on the platform in question and opening an account, beginning traders can use the training materials presented on the site to at least navigate the terminology. To test their knowledge and potential capabilities of this web resource, experienced traders recommend working with a free demo account.

On the Ayrex Forex trading platform, tangible assets and shares of large companies are of great interest to experienced traders, but this does not mean that the new user should follow the same strategy of behavior.

How to replenish the account and withdraw the earned money

To replenish the account on the submitted platform, you can use:

1. bank transfer;

2. electronic payment systems;

3. bank cards (debit / credit).

The withdrawal of the earned funds is carried out according to a similar scheme. One of the main drawbacks of the presented trading platform is the long period of time necessary to transfer money from the trader’s account to his card / electronic wallet (sometimes this simple procedure is carried out for 10 days!). Perhaps, this shortcoming of the creators of the platform has caused negative feedback from Ayrex customers.

The types of binary options provided

Experienced users of the Ayrex platform distinguish the following variants of binary options:

в—Џ Higher lower. In this case, the user must specify the upper / lower cost of the selected asset, which will be established after the opening of the transaction. Among experienced traders this type of options is very popular.

в—Џ One touch. The trader sets the value of the underlying asset, hoping to make money on changes in the value of the selected resource.

в—Џ Minute transactions. A very risky option, which is designed to change the value of assets based on short-term forecasts of price fluctuations.

в—Џ Barrier option. The trader sets a certain level of the value of the asset, in anticipation that its price will reach the desired value.

Customer Support

One of the positive factors in the activity of this platform is the qualified help / support of the clients of the broker. During working hours, five days a week, each user can use the services of a support group. For these purposes, there are telephone, e-mail, and online chat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main “advantages” of the platform in question, it is necessary to distinguish the following:

в—Џ a wide range of teaching materials;

в—Џ High level of user protection;

в—Џ An adequate support service;

в—Џ availability of bonuses;

в—Џ application of modern technologies;

в—Џ Despite the fact that for Ayrex, the crypto currency is not a priority, the company can enter the market at any time.

The main disadvantage of the presented company and its web resource is a fairly large number of negative reviews on the network. Having dealt with this issue, you can safely claim the leading position in the category of sites that specialize in binary options.

Ayrex Review


Ayrex is a binary option broker established in 2020 and operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Its main office is located in St. Kitts and Nevis. Ayrex accepts traders from around the globe but does not serve traders in the United States, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and several other countries.


There is one standard account at Ayrex and the minimum investment is 5 USD/EUR. The maximum is 10000 USD/EUR.

Ayrex also offers an Islamic account where those who follow Shariah laws can trade free of interest rates, hidden fees or surcharges or rollovers. Ayrex has even developed a custom “halal” platform specific to this account.

Any Muslim investor, whether experienced or just starting out, can open an Islamic account and benefit from the same features as traders with other accounts.

Perhaps most notably, Ayrex is one of the few binary options brokers that offers a demo account for traders to practice their trading before trading with real money. An additional benefit of Ayrex’s demo account is that it’s available during weekends when traditional markets are closed. Ayrex also offers an ultra-fast demo contest called Binary Blast where eight traders with the largest balance at the end of the one-hour round are awarded cash prizes. The contest runs three times per week with the top winner receiving $100 that can be withdrawn. Participation does not require a deposit.


Ayrex prides itself on having one of the fastest trading platforms around, with 99.95% of trades taking place in less than 28ms. Another nice feature at Ayrex not often found with other binary options brokers is their Return Policy.

Any client has a right to request a full or partial funds return from Ayrex. Such a return is subject to review by the accounting team, a process that can take up to 10 business days from the day of submission. The policy is applicable to funds deposited by the client only.

Ayrex offers its clients many possibilities for binary options trading. In addition to offering a wide range of currency pairs to trade, in the summer of 2020 the broker increased its offerings by adding 35 stocks to its list of tradable assets. Trading is available on the broker’s web-based platform and on its Android and iOS mobile applications.

There are several option types each with its own features and advantages and these can be adapted to the needs and preferences of every trader.

The High-Low option is a classic type of Binary Options and the most popular. With this option, a trader has an opportunity to profit when the market price rises or falls. Traders must make a correct prediction whether a price will go higher or lower than the one at the opening.

AYREX offers an early closure feature for High/Low. Anyone wishing to exit a certain trade prior to its expiration time need only click on the “Close now” button and the current outcome is added to their account balance.

The Short-Term Options at Ayrex are based on High/Low but have lower expiry times. One of the benefits of this option is high profitability when the stakes are high. This usually occurs when the period of strong market fluctuations, short-term trading gains takes on a special meaning.

Ayrex offers 30 second options as well as 1, 2, 3 and 5 minute options. The desired expiration time is selected by clicking on one of the tabs above the Call and Put buttons.

The Touch/No Touch option is a type of an option where the trader predicts whether an asset’s price reaches or does not reach so called “target price” which is set before the investment is made. If the price is touched and the target price is reached the trader has greater profits.

There are four possible options to invest in and instead of the regular Call and Put buttons there are four buttons. Selecting the “Below” and “Touch” tabs at the same time is an indication that the price will Touch the line below the target price. If “Not touch” is chosen, it would mean that that the trader is predicting that the price will not reach the line.

The Early Closure feature is available here as well. If a trader likes the current outcome he can hit the “Close now” button and the funds will be credited to the trading account.


There are some interesting textual explanations on binary options and how they work which is helpful for new traders just getting started in trading binary options. The “What you need to know before getting started’ page offers some useful tips on understanding binary options and how to trade them successfully.

The glossary offers explanations of essential trading concepts and should be read by all traders before placing their first trade.

Many of the important bits of information can be found in the FAQ section which also provides instructions on trading, funding, registration and more.

The news reports at Ayrex are timely and to the point. Their economic calendar shows future events happening throughout the world. Unlike the calendars posted by other brokers that offer a combined chart, the Ayrex list is divided into columns of today, tomorrow, this week and next week which makes it quite easy to follow. Ayrex has also recently added trading signals within its platform. As of the update of this AYREX review, the signals were only in their beta phase, but they certainly look promising and can serve as a great way to have an extra advantage during your trading.


At the time of this review Ayrex offered a no-deposit bonus of $30 which can be used to trade and to hopefully turn into a withdrawable $200. They also offered a deposit bonus of 10, 20 .or 30%


Ayrex is extremely proud to be one of the only binary options brokers that offers commission-free automatic withdrawals. Requests are instantly processed and validated with two-step authentification. Automatic withdrawals can be processed on any day of the week in any time zone and will eliminate the stressful waiting period that is so common with many other binary options brokers.

Deposits to accounts can be made using wire transfers, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and some other online payment programs. A minimum deposit of only $5 is required to open it. There is no charge or any commission on any amount deposited.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided 24/5 and Ayrex a promise of an immediate response to all calls or written queries was right on the button when I sent a question to the broker’s main office and received an email response within minutes .Chat is also available during working hours.

Traders can follow Ayrex on Twitter and Facebook. Ayrex has just added the possibility for Google Plus users to receive all major updates and most important financial news right in their stream.


Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options broker with clients from all over the world. Its platform was developed based on careful research and Ayrex team’s substantial experience in financial markets. It offers all the features needed by both newbie and experienced traders.


I loved the graphics used on the Ayrex website. They are bright and colorful and they bring out the key concepts and offerings of the broker. The website in general is easy to navigate and clicking on the correct tab opens the next page instantaneously. This simplicity is extended to the trading platform which is quick and flexible. The choice of various binary options is geared towards all types of traders, be they new to the industry or have years of experience under their belt.



ARYEX offers its own unique proprietary platform. It has a user-friendly interface with simple Call and Put buttons, ultra-fast trade execution, flexible trading, an additional Turbo option and a wide variety of trading tools.

There are many options to choose from, each with its own unique features and traders can benefit from High/Low, Short Term and Touch/No Touch in various different formats. These options are described in detail on the site and are simple enough for even the most novice trader to understand.


AYREX also offers a mobile platform which allows traders to trade from wherever they are.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Options Broker 2020!
    Great Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account 1000$!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Only For Experienced Traders!

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