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Tesler App Review, Malicious Scam Exposed With Proof!

The Tesler App software by Steven Abrahams CEO of Tesler Investments (not to be confused with Tesla) is a SCAM, and we BLACKLISTED this fake app and trading robot in our fair and impartial review and investigation. First, we owe our members an apology. We now know this is the actor which starred in the Swarm Intelligence SCAM, only there he went by the alias of Dr. Steven Francis. We have revised our review and are now dealing with the various brokers who will also be blacklisted as a result of their actions. On a more somber note, it has come to our attention that this new auto-trader is directly responsible for wiping out hundreds of bank accounts belonging to innocent day-traders wanting to make a few bucks trading binary options online. So, if you believe this system to be legit or genuine you are deeply mistaken, and will pay the ultimate price of having your money stolen by thieving affiliate marketers operating in cahoots with slimy offshore brokers. If you have been deceived, mislead, and fooled into depositing with this software do not re-invest under any circumstances. Secondly, don’t sign anything, and finally, don’t click on any links from any SPAM email communication. We have it from trusted sources that these cyber-crooks are sending out thousands of emails which are programmed to infect your computer or device with spyware. In short, this piece of trash code is designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent of defrauding and victimizing innocent day-traders. Keep reading to see how we exposed these con artists and why the Tesler App is a confirmed financial SCAM.

Quick Update 2020: We are getting reports about withdrawals getting declined. Please don’t divulge your credit card information. We have posted a separate post about the Tesler App officially documenting all the complaints we received from traders (and there are many). We have also been notified that Tesler is now being integrated with unlicensed Forex and CFD brokers. Victims are being lured primarily through various pop-under advertisement campaigns, as well as native ads. Native ads are the ads which appear at the bottom of articles, usually in a square box format which is clickable.

Official Scam Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a screenshot of Abrahams (Alias) saying he would like to “give you $1,000,000 for doing almost next to nothing.” Right next to him you will see the same actor making false claims in regards to the Swarm Intelligence app.

If you need more proof here it is. This band of rogue affiliate marketers is using an image which can be obtained freely online, and trying to make it look like it is their software. If you want to see for yourself go ahead. This fake app has nothing to do with their software and bears no resemblance to it at all.

Tesler App Software Review
Your time has come to join the secret millionaire’s club! That’s right, Steven Abrahams is knocking on people’s doors and making them millionaires at the click of a button. As the sales video continues he moves on to his office and says that he helps “every day normal folks” make life-changing money in a matter of days. Your life is about to change forever, right now! He then goes on to talk about lead patterns and hyper responsive data speed and analysis of millions of market variables. He claims that this is what gives Tesler the leading edge over the market. He says Tesler is fresh, new, and 100% free, and he’s going to let you “test drive” it for the next 41 days.

Abrahams, (AKA Mr. Midas on Wall Street) claims his company charges a 0.5% commission fee for money which is cashed out, and that’s how they make their money. After that we get into the testimonial section of the presentation, and that’s when we hear how everyone is making good money with this system. He claims he was on Forbes, BBC, CNN and other syndicated news (couldn’t find him there), and now he wants to turn you into his next success story. He says he loves money and everything that comes with it. He claims he has given 50% of his income to needy children and charities around the world.

He also says his investors would invest time not money, and then he goes on to mention Jane from Wisconsin who worked as a cleaner in McDonald’s, and talks about Matt the taxi driver from New York who was about to take early retirement due to knee injuries. Now they are both millionaires in less than 30 days.

In reality we are dealing with the worst type of financial scam. It is deliberately designed to target the most susceptible type of customers, and it exploits all the known scam tactics such as hyped-up claims, inflated bank accounts, and fake testimonials (some from We are witnessing a complete travesty and farce which will undoubtedly be the source of grief and misery for many would-be traders.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! It’s going to cost you at least $250 to get access to this crummy software and that money will be charged to your credit card by unlicensed offshore brokers.

Similar Viral SCAMS to Avoid
The ones to avoid are the Free Money System, and Jarvis Formula.

Fake Reviews
It’s true, we have seen a lot of fake reviews recently and this is because many seemingly legit website owners accept bribes in the form of commissions or just flat fees and write favorable reviews. Please do your due diligence properly and start asking the hard questions.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Tesler App software by Steven Abrahams the actor and fake CEO of Tesler Investments is a BLACKLISTED affiliate SCAM. There facts and evidence have been provided for you, so you can make an informed decision about the legitimacy and accuracy levels of this trading robot. If you were tempted to deposit using this fraudulent system, don’t be surprised if you find unusually large and unapproved sums of money charged to your credit card. This is the classic scam tactics and very commonly practiced by thieving brokers that steal money. In short, stay away from this extremely deceptive and misleading app because it will steal your money and we will not be able to help you get it back. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and get informed.

Tesler App Scam Review # Fraud Tesler Technology Unveiled !!

Important !! Check out this in-depth Tesler App Review !! Be warned! We’ve caught the Tesler Technology scam the very day it’s been released, yet still it continues to sneak into people’s inboxes. Don’t be fooled by their lies – this review will tell the truth!.The Tesler Investments is a brand new scam released just today that we’ve been lucky enough to catch right away! It’s a laughably bad con that bears all the hallmarks of a classic binary trading scam. Indeed it’s pretty obvious that the crooks behind this fraud have released several near identical projects recently.

The sad news is that the these scams exist simply because they are successful. The Tesler software will not earn a single penny. Instead every single one persons will lose their entire investment. We’ve seen it happen countless times before and this makes it essential to get word out immediately that the Tesler Technology is nothing but a dangerous, exploitative scam. This Tesler App review will pull no punches in demonstrating quite how evil this scam trading system is.

The Tesler App Review : The Tesler Technology Relies Purely On Lies !!

It’s safe to say that 99% of people unfortunate enough to find themselves approached by the Tesler trading system will see right through it. This is a very low rent scam and even total newbies should realize that the entire system is utterly bogus. Yet that still leaves the 1% of people who may fall victim, and for that reason alone it’s essential we make it clear immediately that the Tesler App is founded on a web of lies.

Let’s start the review with the alleged CEO of this Tesler System – Mr Stephen Abahams. He, or rather the actor playing the part, claims to have been able to assemble a crack team of former Wall Street experts to devise an incredible trading formula that never loses a deal. Now we’ve head this claptrap countless times before, and quite frankly even by the appalling standards of binary scams this is really lazy! Allegedly Abrahams is now worth a third of a billion dollars! Indeed he’s such a philanthropist that he gives away half of his earnings and also invites selected new investors to join his system – each of whom he has made a millionaire.

The truth is that Abrahams is an actor who has presented a couple of other scams we’ve already exposed. It’s likely that the guy playing him has nothing to do with the scam in a practical sense, he just picks up a cheque for a day’s work while chucking his morality out the window. After a brief search it’s obvious that in reality there is no Stephen Abrahams – and you can bet that if there were not only he but also the Tesler App would be front page news well before now. Abrahams is merely a construct of the scammers imagination, nothing else – so don’t be fooled by his preposterous patter!

The Projected Earnings With Tesler Technology App Is Impossible !!

During the cringe-worthy Tesler review video presentation the viewer is supposed to believe that Abrahams turning up at one of his ‘students’ homes to check on their trading is completely unscripted. Slightly odd that there’s already camera crews inside the house when he knocks on the front door you’d think? Again it’s all just very low rent infomercial style scamming – during which the actress is amazed to see that she’s earned $5k within 24 hours using the Tesler Trading App. Remarkable – and also complete nonsense.

Back in the real world it’s simply impossible to make that amount of money every day. It’s even more fantastical to suggest that the Tesler App software will deliver such a precise sum without fail – the markets simply don’t work that way. Even world leading investors have occasional bad days at the office, so is it really likely that a piece of spare room software that relies on email spamming for publicity will perform anywhere close to the level that it claims to? Of course not.

It’s claimed that investors will earn over $1m within their first six months using the Tesler App. Given what we’ve already exposed – is there any way that’s remotely likely?

Fake Testimonials! & Paid Tesler Member Reviews !!

In the Tesler App’s website ( ) , each and every one of the profiles exhorting the quality of the system is completely fabricated. Just google image search the profile pictures to see how many times they have been used across many different websites already. Just like Abrahams none of these people exist or have any experience of the Tesler system. They are all fabricated Tesler member reviews. They’ve just been ripped straight off the web or via an image broker service.

Exploitative Sales Techniques Throughout

It’s often difficult not to stifle a laugh with scam video presentations but truth be told there’s something especially nasty about the Tesler offering. Throughout the ad ‘Abraham’s’ keeps repeating time and again how life changing the Tesler App is for those struggling with money problems, implying that this vile software is some kind of lifeline. It’s a particularly unpleasant strategy especially when the Tesler scam has been released just a few days before Christmas when millions of families are certainly feeling the financial pinch.

The truth is that it’s a handy way of highlighting quite how low this scam is, and really does expose it for it’s true colors. Abrahams makes play even on his own ‘beach bum’ son’s laziness. You’d like to think they couldn’t make it up – but believe me they can. Nothing’s too low for these crooks.

How The Tesler Software Will Rip you Off : Points !

It’s a classic system that we’ve seen many times previously. Potential victims are assured that the ‘service’ is completely free (even though during the presentation it’s mentioned that there’s a 0.5% commission?!). Believe me it isn’t. The minimum deposit to get started up with Tesler software is $250 payable to their partner traders who will apparently trade automatically on the clients behalf via the app.

What happens next is all those funds are blown away/stolen almost immediately. When the client inevitably complains – after all this is supposed to be risk free – right – they are just milked for more funds, told that it’s their own fault or more often than not simply ignored. The Tesler App website is utterly unregulated and provides no details of where it is operating from. Reclaiming lost funds is quite simply impossible.


Conclusion : The Tesler Investment App is SCAM !!

Hopefully this Tesler software review will have highlighted the fact that there is not a single positive to be taken from this scam. It’s appallingly exploitative and really does demonstrate just how the crooks behind these scams care only about lining their own pockets. They have no intention of ever paying out a dollar in returns to their victims, and most likely can’t believe their luck in how easy it is for them to get away with it time and again.

So please take this warning seriously and stay well clear from the Tesler App scam should you be unfortunate enough to be exposed to their spam marketing. There are quality and legitimate binary trading systems out there who aren’t just going to run away with your hard earned cash.

Tesler App Review

Tesler App Review:The Tesler app is thelatest and trending trading software online that is currently making its impact on the Binary Options trading industry. However, the sad reality is that that this particular system or software is not reliable and has been proven by research to be a big time scam. This app is an illegitimate scam that has been developed to lure the naïve traders of binary options industry towards investing their money in the fraudulent Tesler App trading system only to lose it all with a single button’s click.In case you are thinkingof making an investment in the binary options trading industry for earning higher returns, then you must read this detailed Tesler app review beforehand to know about its truth.

Tesler App Review

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    Tesler App Scam System

    Let us begin our review by presenting the detailed information about the founder & owner of the given Tesler app –Stephen Abrahams.As claimed to be the founder & CEO of Tesler App, Stephens Abrahams claims himself to be a multi-millionaire who has developed this binary options trading app to transform the lives of the online traders out there. He even proceeds to present that he has been referred to as “Mr. Midas” on the Wall Street. This is because he is a kind person in addition to being uncontrollably in love with money and the desire to earn it. Through in-depth research, it has been observed that there are several rough scammers who like to portray themselves as “Mr. Midas” & thus, reveal out to be only money maniacs and big time scammers.

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    Tesler App Scam System

    For identifying the scam trading software from any kind of real and legitimate trading apps, the trading experts recommend to observe the associated profits with the given binary options trading software or system. One should also give a closer observation to the exact offering given by the service provider or the owner and the overall team. Most of the scam binary trading apps like Tesler App face this concern of being linked to offering unrealistic profits to the traders that they might themselves have not heard of within the binary trading industry.The Tesler App has a similar story.

    scam binary trading apps like Tesler App

    One of the most suspicious things about the Tesla App is that it claims to make a whopping amount of $5700 to around $10,000 on a daily basis. This figure, however, tends to be far from being close to the real profits intothe binary trading industry as revealed by the experts.

    The Tesler App also claims to be ensuring the profits to the binary traders which are not measured by the prowess of the users who are into trading.In case you happen to be a newbie binary trader, then you simply requireto invest an amount of $250 and then click on the option “trade” to start earning profits on a daily basis. You can simply make the investment and watch as your account balance boosts as claimed by Tesler App. However, all of this results into a dirty lie. The main point here is that Stephen Abrahams is not real with the traders and wish to scoop their hard-earned money. He is just aimed at selling the get-rich-quickly scam to the traders throughout the lengthy promotional video on the official site of the Tesler App trading system.

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    An Insight Into the Tesler App

    In the Tesler App review, several points of loopholes have come up that determine the unreliability and illegitimacy of this binary trading system. The most important feature that implies the same is the accuracy as claimed by the Tesler App towards the execution of trades. Mr. Stephen Abrahams claims that his software is capable of losing only one trade in a total of 98 trades. This figure, as claimed by him, is able to match up the loss incurred upon the traders during binary trading and the account of the traders is credited with $85 upon the loss. However, this kind of offering has never been heard of in the binary options trading industry.Even the percentage of accuracy offered by the Tesler App is highly contradictory.

    Tesler App is highly contradictory

    How does the Tesler App Scam Work?

    Once you would visit the official site of the Tesler App, you would be flooded with several annoying Live Update that keeps popping up all throughout the promotional video of this trading software. This claims that the Tesler App would be offered to just 10 more people. Therefore, the app asks you to hurry to make the investment in order to earn the desired profits. However, this is a very old trick used by the scammers in the binary options trading industry.

    During the video representation of the software, the spots would keep decreasing gradually. As per the experts of the binary options trading, the spot will never be filled up. After scamming their target on a number of naïve investors, the Tesler App scammers will not be found anywhere. The investors would not be able to withdraw any of their claimed profits within a single minute of making it. The truth is that there is never going to be any profit.

    However, there is no assurance that you can trust any binary option signals or trading portal and it would give you the desired results.


    Through this detailed review, it has been proven that the Tesler App is a big scam in the binary options trading industry. Therefore, you must be careful of investing your hard-earned money into the same. If you wish to make good profits from a reliable binary options trading platform, then Option Robot is the perfect option for you. OptionRobot is a highly legitimate binary options trading platform that offers only what it claims

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    Tesler App is a big scam in the binary options trading

    The verdict

    After thoroughly scanning the website and their claims, we are left with many doubts. The website indicates that they have been in the service for the last 12 years but probing on the internet suggests that the domain has been there only for the past 9 and a half year. The website indicates that the customers are given 100 percent money back guarantee but we couldn’t find any confirmation of that anywhere on the Internet. The website’s tall claims have been put without any substantial data and that makes it very difficult to believe them. Further, the website doesn’t look very professional and looks more like beginner website creating further mistrust. We can finally say that it is very difficult for us to believe what has been claimed on the website and hence recommend our readers to stay away from it.
    We further recommend our readers to use the services of a known and reputed signal service provider like the Option Robot. The Option Robot has a very transparent financial dealing along with a safe and secure platform. The platform also has the affiliation of a large set of very reputed brokers who have earned their reputation with consistent and timely service delivery. The performance of the Option Robot’s signaling service is consistent and has been providing success ratio of about 70 percent on a regular basis.

    Overall, we recommend our readers to avoid the Tesler App completely and register with the option robot for their signaling requirements.

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