Blazing Trader App Review Software by Johan Strand is a Scam

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Blazing Trader Review – BlazingTrader Scam Exposed

The so-called Blazing Trader is the newest addition to the industry. It is created by Johan Strand and his brother Lars Strand. The software was just released and traders are still wondering if they should trust the promotion or is BlazingTrader just a scam.

I undertook a thorough investigation of system. There are some things that bothered me, regarding the promotion and the provided evidence of profitability. They both looked oddly familiar. It took me some time to understand why, but I finally got it. The following review covers the main points of my investigation and my honest opinion of the BlazingTrader software.

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Blazing Trader – Johan & Lars Strand

Johan Strand is a university professor of applied mathematics, who worked for years in Zurich. He used to work with heuristic logic minimizers – algorithms, created to minimize boolean functions, or in other words – to make the processing of large amounts of data faster. His brother, Lars Strand on the other hand, traded in Forex and CFDs and you could say that he is the professional in the field of the two men. I could not find other information on these two and this makes me doubt their existence, to be honest.

Review Verdict: Blazing Trader Is a Scam

How Does BlazingTrader Work?

Johan Strand added his mathematical expertise to his brother trading system and the combined experience led to the creation of the so-called Blazing Trader. It is developed as a trading bot that would allow you to spot emerging patters in the movements of stocks’ values. It is said to utilize fail-safe mechanisms, thanks to which the system cannot lose.

Blazing Trader – False Statements

Now, let’s talk some about the provided testimonials. They seemed very familiar. So I browsed through the pictures I’ve made to provide as proof on my other reviews and I found one about the scam Social Tech Trader. Even though the website of the mentioned system does not exist anymore, the proof of scam will always be around. I realized that the testimonials of BlazingTrader have all been taken from the other website. This is only a proof that they are fabricated and there is no actual proof that the Blazing Trader system works.

Final Thoughts

Blazing Trader is not a good choice for trading. It is true that the system is still very new but there are obvious signs of it being a scam. Proceed with caution if you are considering BlazingTrader for your investments. In my opinion, it is not safe for trading.

Review Verdict: Blazing Trader Is a Scam

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Is Blazing Trader a scam? Find out the truth!

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by Miren – September 10, 2020 September 10, 2020 0

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Today I’m going to talk about a site I’ve recently come across, Blazing Trader. If you’ve heard of this site before and have been thinking whether to join or not, then read my review to know the truth.

As you already know, I like to review all kind of online products to help you make the right choice and prevent you from falling for scams.

Let’s see what Blazing Trader is about!

Table of Contents

Blazing Trader review

Name: Blazing Trader


  • blazing–

Owner: “Johan Strand”

Created in: 2020

Price: “Free”

Overall Rating: 0/10

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What is Blazing Trader about?

Blazing Trader is said to be a binary options software created by Johan Strand, who is a self-made millionaire and promises that you’ll at least earn $20,000 every day for the rest of your life without putting in the effort.

He presents himself as an ex-professor at the department of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technology in Zurich. He says that last year he was working with ways to make computer searches work a whole lot faster when handling large amounts of data.

Then he claims that his brother Lars was working with binary options and made a ton of money from it. This is because he created a system that lets him spot emerging patterns in stock movement, which had a 75% win rate.

Later Johan improved the winning rate by spotting a couple of redundancies that were dragging down the system and updating the algorithm, so now the system is supposed to have a 93% winning rate.

Now they’re allowing 100 people to use the system and profit wildly from it. It doesn’t matter if you have 0 experience because their system is automatic so you only need to know to push a couple of buttons.

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Yes, he makes over-exaggerated claims to believe it. Don’t be fooled by this kind of claims that sound life-changing, because nothing worth having comes easily.

Is Blazing Trader a scam?

The outright answer is yes, Blazing Trader app is a terrible scam. After watching the promotional video and doing a research, I came to the conclusion that everything about it it’s designed to steal your money.

If they really were millionaires, why would they tell people that they’ll give them something that can earn them millions? It just doesn’t make sense.

Let’s see the undeniable proofs that show how Blazing Trader is not to be trusted.

Proof 1 – Fake owner

I searched for the background of Johan Strand but didn’t find anything about him having been a professor of the National Institute of Technology of Zurich.

I’m 100% sure he’s an actor the scammers have hired, since I’ve seen he’s appeared on a YouTube video of someone who was promoting a scam called Lie Detector Millionaire (already out of business).

Lie Detector Millionaire scam video

Proof 2 – False testimonials

If you’ve watched the Blazing Trader sales video, you’ve listened to three people claim how Blazing Trader has changed their lives and all that amazing stuff. The truth is that all of this is fabricated to make you believe that Blazing Trader really works.

These people who claim appear in the video are Fiverr actors that the Blazing Trader fraudsterds have paid in exchange of positive opinions and comments.

Kevin from Chicago is really a Fiverr actor name Kraig Williams, as you can check out here .

Another thing these crooks have done is stealing or buying pictures/videos from other websites like Shutterstock, invent fictional characters and write fake reviews.

False testimonial Shutterstock video

Lies, lies and lies

Everything they tell you are lies to achieve their goal: make money at your expense. They tell you that you can only win trades, which sounds so unrealistic if we take into account that trading binary options is very risky and there’s no way to predict future results.

Even experienced traders lose money so if you can’t afford to lose your hard-earned money, avoid trading in binary options.

Apart from this, they also say that you can only access the Blazing Trader site with a special invitation link, which is clearly not true. Nobody sent me a link to that page, I found it by doing a Google search, so anyone can check it out.

Note that there are at least 10 domains (I posted them at the beginning of the review) that take you to the same page and all of them are public.

He also claims that don’t try to watch the video later to prevent you from leaving the page. These swindlers just want you to hurry up to join their crap.

“special invitation links”

They also prey on your dreams of not having to worry about paying the bills or being in debt and being able to do whatever you want. They do this to get you excited so you start daydreaming instead of questioning their real intentions so you end up falling for the scam. Oh, and he mentions “tomorrow” so you think you can make that vast amount of money overnight.

They play with your emotions

These scam artists take advantage of newbies or inexperienced people or people who believe that making money online is magic and that it can happen overnight. However, this is sooo far from the truth.

Can Blazing Trader make you money?

The answer is no, Blazing Trader won’t make you any coin. It’s a scam software designed to generate profits to everyone involved in it but you.

They claim it’s 100% free, but that’s just another lie. The truth is that it costs at least $250 to start trading, but they hide this fact until you give them your name and email.

If you fill out the form you find in the sales page, then they’ll tell you that you need to fund your trading account with $250 to set it up and start trading.

If you don’t fund your account, they’ll send you spam emails or will call you (they also ask for your phone number) to convince you to make the $250 investment.

If you do fund your account, then that money will be charged to your credit card and you won’t be able to get it back. Their recommended broker will pay the scammers vast commissions and you’ll be the only one who loses.

These con artists won’t accept any kind of withdrawal and once you’ve made the investment they’ll run and hide or will even try to steal more from you.

I’ve reviewed other scam softwares that are similar to Blazing Trader like the following:

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I hope this review has been useful to you and you never fall for online frauds like Blazing Trader. Feel free to share this review on social media so other people can know about this scam.

In case you have any questions or want to share your opinions about Blazing Trader or Wealthy Affiliate, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Whatever you do next, I wish you the best!

Blazing Trader aka Scam Review: is a new automated binary options trading app that has gotten a fair amount of attention all across the internet. Usually they say that any publicity is good publicity, but in the case of this Blazing Trader system, that is definitely not so. The Blazing Trader has gotten a really BAD reputation and that is for a darn good reason. This bogus binary options autotrading app is out to get you and they will get you good if you actually choose to invest money in this junk software.

The scammers behind this fake trading application swear that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars every single day and they promise us that there is no risk involved, none what so ever. Does this sound a little too good to be true? To us it definitely does sound too good to be true. We did some hardcore snooping around and we discovered some things which you should definitely know about. The Blazing Trader is NOT what it seems to be and that is a fact.

Fake Reviews & Testimonials

One of the first things that came to our attention about this scam trader app, specifically their official registrations signup website, is that they feature a bunch of really shady testimonials. There are a ton of good reviews and testimonials on Blazing Trader scam, where several dozen people claim that they were able to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in a very short about of time.

Sure it sounds convincing if you give it a quick read through, but the fact of the matter is that The Blazing Trader website is full of fake testimonials. We just had to look up who the testimonials were written by and of course we realized that they are all bogus.

The pictures of the people who supposedly wrote the reviews are all fake and they are nothing more than stock photos taken from Google Images. The testimonials were written by the very same people that are trying to steal our money from us and that is not nice!

Who are the People Behind The Blazing Trader?

At first the guy that we are told is named Johan Strand looks and sounds like a pretty reputable guy. He is the man in the presentation video that gives us the low down about The Blazing Trader. He tells us a bunch of things like that The Blazing Trader can generate $20,000 dollars per day for us, that there is no risk involved, and that we would be really stupid to not invest money with his awesome trading program.

Johan Strand also tells us that he is some kind of genius mathematics and economics professor who worked at The National Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Johan also speaks of how he worked with NASA, several massive transnational corporations, and several other projects which he supposedly helped become successful.

BEST autotrader (as claimed by our subscribers)

Naturally we had to do some research on this Johan character because if we are going to be investing money we want to know exactly who is handling it. Would it surprise you to find out that we looked up the employment records from the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland and could not find anything about a man named Johan Strand. In other words, Johan Strand is NOT his real name and he definitely is no high class professor.

Not only could we find nothing about Johan Strand at any Swiss university, but we could not find anything about him at all. Johan Strand does not bring up any search results on any major search engine and he has no social media profile either. This man does not exists and he is not who he claims to be.

There is one thing that we found out about Johan and it is the fact that he has already been busted for being part of another binary options scam. There is an old binary options scam named Lie Detector Millionaire and it features Johan as their spokesman, but of course he doesn’t go by that same name in that presentation video.

How Does The Blazing Trader Work? Can it generate any profits?

As far as we can tell this scam money making system does not really work. We are told that it uses some kind of algorithm that uses search engine optimization techniques to discover rising trends. Rising trends and fads mean that the prices of certain products and product categories will rise. With that information Blazing Trader makes trades according to the data that it gathers.

Apparently it can predict the future to see what people will start buying soon and can therefore make highly successful trades. Honestly we don’t really know what is going on here because the explanation we are given as to how The Blazing Trader works is very confusing, diluted, and convoluted too.

It’s more like the scam crooks behind this fake trading platform just throw a bunch of confusing terms at us, talk real fast, and have us so baffled with their economic semantics that we are fooled into believing whatever they say. They think that if they sound fancy enough they can fool people into investing money.

Can Blazing Trader Really Generate Money?

Johan Strand tells us that Blazing Trader app can generate over $20,000 dollars every single day and that this scam autotrader has a 93% ITM winning rate performance. Both of these claims are completely bogus. There is no binary options autotrading platform in the history of mankind that can generate that much money every day.

In fact Most Profitable Autotrading services can only generate up to $800 a day, a mere fraction of what The Blazing Trader scam promises. Moreover you can’t expect all of the risk to be taken away from trading just because The Blazing Trader says so. This is a complete joke.

Blazing Trader Scam Review: CONCLUSION

There is no reason to invest your hard earned money in Blazing Trader losing service, because the whole thing is one big scam. Every single aspect about Blazing Trader is a fake and bogus lie that is meant to trick us into losing our money. According to subscribers & users who actually used this fraudulent software your deposit money will be wiped out within 2-3 days. Stay safe and warn others!

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Warning, Latest scams:

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