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    Only For Experienced Traders! Review: Is BTC One Legit or Scam? Review: Is BTC One Legit or Scam?


Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020 @ 4:50 pm is a very popular site that claims to mine Crypto currencies for its users. The site is mainly popular in countries like India where majority of its visitors seem to be originating from. You need not to confuse with another popular site that claims to mine Bitcoin for its users. The name of the site is Bitcoinone and if you check Google for reviews, you will find a lot of comments on forums where people give mixed opinions regarding the site and its services.

Ordinarily, Bitcoin is abbreviated as BTC which we think is giving this site a good exposure and yet they do not deserve it. The reason for this line of thought is because we have clearly observed that Google is mixing up things such that when we search for Btcone review, what comes up is Bitcoinone reviews. Just to clear things and avoid confusion, Bitcoinone is a Crypto currency project that has its coin listed on Coinmarketcap. The coin in question may soon get listed on Mercatox as well. However, for Btcone, things are different. The site is clearly a scam and if you plan to start serious mining, we advice that you only deal with genuine Bitcoin mining sites as opposed to these shady cloud mining operations that tempt your greed.

Btcone review

Obviously scammers are capitalizing on the fact that if they can ride on the reputation of a genuine domain, they will be able to get a lot of free traffic, which has worked for them to some extent. The project that this scam took advantage of was announced in June 2020. When these malicious people heard that the project had been launched, they followed it up with their own version in October 2020. It appears that the scammers were learning about the project all this while before they could use their knowledge of SEO to leverage on the traffic that the genuine site was expected to receive.

In terms of what they offer, Btcone claims that they are providing Crypto currency cloud mining services. They proclaim that they are a leading cloud mining service on the internet, although it is hard believing these claims seeing that this website has already stole the name of another popular Crypto currency project with the intention of confusing victims to think that they are on a genuine domain when they are actually on a wrong website. These scammers even claim that Btcone was set up in 2020 but this is a big fat lie. If you look at details for the domain in question, you will find out that this is far from the truth. The truth is that the site in question is very new, having been registered in October 2020 to engage in fraudulent activities rather than in genuine BTC mining.

They claim to have invested in over 90k machines but it’s clear that the purpose of Btcone is not to invest in mining machines but to scam investors. There is zero evidence of the existence of these machines. Surely if this business had over 90k mining machines, they would do a walk through video showing us the inside of their data centers and the kind of machines which they operate for this kind of work. But this video is not available on their website. Besides, there is no other form of evidence that has been provided on the website to prove that Btcone is mining Bitcoin for their users.

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850,000 active users is a big fat lie

Whereas they may have leveraged on the traffic of a genuine site, we don’t believe that this site has any active users at the moment. It ranks well simply because it has a lot of visitors but once these visitors convert and get tricked to the point of losing money, they pull out and count their losses. For that reason, this number if a big fat lie. Also, if this number was real, then it would be quite obvious that the site was not started in October last year. Businesses that have this number of active subscribers are at least 2 years old. This one is just a couple of months old and yet they keep lying on their site to attract funds from naive investors. You cannot believe their bogus claims because these have not been backed by any strong evidence.

List of latest Bitcoin transactions

Btcone is one hell of a funny scam because they have even provided us with a list of users who have been allegedly paid using Bitcoin. While they are genuine Bitcoin addresses, you can rest assured that the information that goes into this list does not change. That means it is the same Bitcoin addresses and the same amount of money that is always being displayed on this suspicious list. In simple terms, this is a list of fake transactions that once happened on the blockchain but the site owner keeps recycling the list to create the impression that their site is paying. You cannot believe this stupid game.

How Btcone plans to scam users

They have a free plan and this is how they get to scam users. Once an investor is registered on the free plan, they will see mining activities on their dashboard, not knowing that this is just graphics and that no actual mining is taking place. With the minimum deposit requirement that has been set so low, most gullible people will just be tempted to upgrade their mining plans to one of the paid plans. This is how the site scams every user who gets tempted to pay some Bitcoin in hope that they will upgrade to a more powerful mining plan.

Our best advice for you

This is a very funny operation. It is aimed at fleecing you of your hard earned money. That is why they are so smart to use tricks that will help them generate traffic. By no means should you believe Btcone. If you want to mine Bitcoin, our advice is that you should find out what sites are providing genuine mining services and use them for this purpose.

Clout Bucks is a Scam [Legit Review]

July 16, 2020 By // by John 12 Comments

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Welcome to my Clout Bucks review.

Most people will tell you that this is legit even if this is a complete scam and I’m glad you did your research.

I’m sure you think or even feel that is the real deal but I want to show you exactly why they aren’t.

I don’t care who claims that they’ve made money, do not believe a single thing they say.

Even if they have a screenshot.

I would like to sit here and explain every detail but reviews like this don’t require that much time.

There are just a few indicators that will explain it all, so let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point.

Table of Contents

Clout Bucks Review – Product Overview

Name: Clout Bucks

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall Rating: SCAM

Cloutbucks is not a real site and they will NOT pay you either. Although they are free to join, please do not even signup or you will lose more than just money. They are a phishing scam that will take your information and use it against you. Unless you don’t want that to happen, avoid Clout Bucks at all costs. I do not recommend you join and I do not recommend you promote it like it’s legit either.

What Exactly is Clout Bucks?

Clout Bucks acts as a GPT (get paid to) kind of site like Swagbucks that will pay you to do simple tasks.

Take some surveys, visit other websites, and even watch some videos.

That’s how it works with any legit GPT site and that’s what Clout Bucks wants you to think.

The website looks great, it’s completely free to join, and the claims from others seem promising.

However, there are a lot of things that don’t happen and I want to show you what they are.

But first, let me explain how the scam actually works.

How the Scam Works

Clout Bucks is completely free to join.

They don’t ask for any money and heck, they don’t even ask for any credit card information.

So what happens?

You signup and have the comfort of knowing you have nothing to lose.

That my friend is exactly what they want you to think and that is exactly how you will get in trouble.

Once they get you to feel comfortable, you will go about doing things like you would with any other website.

You will provide your email address and a nice little password that is NEEDED in order to create your Clout Bucks account.

Then you will get your personal link and go out there promoting it like everyone else is doing.

From there you will have accumulated some money and you will think that you have just landed on a gold mine.

That’s how you’ll feel until it comes time to get your money.

Meet the minimum threshold, and it’s time to decide how you will get paid, with the two main options being through check or PayPal.

Most of you will prefer PayPal as it is safe and will get to your account a lot faster.

This is the time where the scums of Clout Bucks step in.

They will take the password you used to create your Clout Bucks account and then try to match it with the PayPal address that you are trying to get paid with.

If the password matches, they will try to transfer some money to themselves.

And if that doesn’t work, be prepared for them to try and get access to any other accounts you might have.

That’s all there is to it and you will not even notice that you have just been hit with a nice little phishing scam.

That’s the first part but do know that their overall site is working against you as well and that is what I will be going over next.

The Red Flags

Every single phishing scam website comes with the same tall tell signs and I want to show you them below.

However, Clout Bucks comes with one that might be a clear indication that it is a scam.

If you go directly to and you are using some kind of antivirus protection, you will see something similar to the screenshot above.

Infection type: URL: Phishing

If that is not a clear indication that this site is not safe, then you might just be that desperate.

Now if you were introduced to this site by someone else, you will have most likely clicked on a link that actually worked.

But if you try typing the URL in the address bar, you will see that this is clearly a site designed to take your valuable information.

The other red flags consist of the same exact nonsense you will find on sites like Kids Earn Cash.

As a matter of fact, is now being redirected to, so you can obviously see that the same scammers are running both schemes.

You will see the same poor grammar, the same “happy members”, and fake testimonials.

I know the site is really nice and looks professional but don’t let that fool you.

Will Clout Bucks Actually Pay?

There are members that love to take screenshots of their “earnings” but don’t believe them.

Not to say that they are lying but they simply just don’t know any better.

The screenshots you see are what they see in their Clout Bucks back office.

That’s about the only place it will be as it will never make it to anyone’s PayPal account.

No one is making any money, period.

Final Verdict: Phishing Scam

Clout Bucks is nothing but a big fat scam.

A phishing scam to be exact.

So unless you want your identity taken or something, you best stay away from this site.

Also keep in mind that there are thousands of other sites that look exactly like Clout Bucks so be careful the next time you come across one.

They look great, are most likely free to join, and they will claim to pay you for getting others to join.

If you can understand those simple signs, you can avoid other scams in the future.

My Recommendation

Don’t be desperate.

I know we all want to make money online but it doesn’t come that easy.

Sure you can do it for free with sites like Squishy Cash or other GPT sites but it will not pay you the type of cash that Clout Bucks claims.

Now if you want to make some real money online, not only will you have to pay but you will need to put in the work necessary.

Besides that, don’t ever think that making lots of money online will come as easy as Clout Bucks makes it seem.

If you have any questions about this or any other program for that matter, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading my Clout Bucks review and I hope it has been helpful to you in one way or another.

Until next time, good luck and remember to always do your research.

About John

I hope you enjoyed that post. I’m John and I am the owner of this site. I like to think I’m a normal dude just like everyone else but that wouldn’t make me unique. I do have 4 kids and I have gone through the hardest of times, most especially financially. With some learning and growing, I have managed to get back on my feet and live the laptop lifestyle most people only dream of. With that knowledge, I hope to align you with a real and legit way to make money online.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (3 Reasons It Is Legit)

by Mikael | Last updated Dec 30, 2020 | All Survey Site Reviews

But is Valued Opinions legit or a scam to stay away from?

This is something you need to know before joining any survey site as there, unfortunately, are many poor survey sites out there.

If you join the right survey sites, it is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and have your opinion heard, but if you join the wrong sites, you can end up wasting a lot of time.

This Valued Opinions review will give you all the details about this site, so you can easily find out if it works, and if it will be worth it for you or not.

What is Value Opinions and what does the site offer?

Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now that was founded in 1999. It has been around for quite a few years by now and is a reputable market research company that owns and runs several survey panels all over the world.

It is a member of several market research bodies like for example The Marketing Research Association (MRA).

I can therefore already now reveal that it is a legit survey site (as you probably also figured out from the title of this review).

That it is legit does however not mean it will necessarily be the right option for you. So let’s take a closer look at what it offers so you can find out if you should join or not.

I have made a video that gives you an inside look of Valued Opinions so you can see exactly how it works. You can also read all the details below the video:

Option 1 – Valued Opinions paid surveys:

Valued Opinions is a very simple site, and it is very easy to find out how to use it. It more or less only offers you to take paid surveys.

So all you have to do is to join, confirm your email address, and then you can start taking surveys and get paid for it.

To get more chances of getting surveys, it is a good idea to fill out your member profile after you join. You do this after logging into the platform.

The member profile you can fill out after joining.

These are questions about your gender, interests, preferences, and more.

It does not take too long to fill out. Be aware that you will not earn rewards to fill out these profile questions, but it can help you to be matched with more surveys, as they will then know what kind of surveys will be relevant for you.

You can however also start taking surveys without filling out your profile, but you might be offered fewer.

In general, Valued Opinions offers a good number of paid surveys. In some countries, you might even be offered daily surveys. And they pay decently in relation to the time spent compared to other survey sites.

Once you have joined, you do not have to do much. You will receive email invitations when there is an available survey for you but you can also log in and see a list of the current available surveys.

You can easily get an overview of the available surveys.

So it is a good idea to regularly check the platform itself, as you might sometimes find surveys here that have not been sent out via email.

You can right away see the estimated time it takes for a survey, the topic, and the reward which makes it easy to decide which surveys you want to take. Just becasue a survey is available, you do not have to take it. It is completely up to you have many of the survesy you wish to take.

As already mentioned, it is very easy to use, and it will only take you a few minutes to figure out how to navigate the site and find potential surveys you can take.

It is very easy to navigate on Valued Opinions.

The image above shows the dashboard of Valued Opinions. As you can see, it has very few options.

The dashboard is where you see available surveys, the rewards tab is where you can request to get your rewards, the badges tab will be explained a bit later in this review, and the explore tab is just an overview with info about Valued opinions and how to use it.

Very simple and straightforward.

Option 2 – Diary studies and focus groups:

The surveys are without a doubt the main way to earn on Valued Opinions.

At times, you might however also be offered to participate in diary studies or focus groups.

Diary studies are where you for example over a period have to fill out a bit of information about the topic the study is about every day.

Focus group interviews are a group interview, where you will be discussing a certain topic.

These kinds of studies are obviously a bit more involved than taking a survey. This does however also mean that they will pay more.

I have participated in several focus group interviews myself, and they usually pay quite well, and it can be a fun way to share your opinion and earn some nice extra rewards.

So if you are offered one of these two options, it is definitely worth looking into.

You will of course always be told the topic, the time it will take, and the reward before you say yes. So you can always decide from time to time if it will be worth it for you.

Option 3 – Membership levels / Badges:

What I have described above is what Valued Opinions offers in terms of earning opportunities.

It does however also have membership levels. These levels are called badges. There are five levels, Bronze for beginners, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the highest level is Diamond.

The more active you are, the higher membeership level you will get.

There are requirements for each level like for example how many surveys you have to take, how much of your profile you have filled out, and how long you have been a member.

The badges are, as far as I am aware, mostly a way to motivate yourself. You will not get higher rewards for a higher membership, but the badge is a way to show how active you have been on the platform.

With the highest membership level you will, however, get the added benefit of getting more tailored survey invitations.

How do you get paid?

Something that is very important for any survey site in addition to what it offers is of course how you will get paid.

On Valued Opinions, you earn money into your account in your local currency every time you participate and complete a survey.

You can then withdraw this money as gift cards.

Examples of Valued Opinions rewards.

The exact gift cards you can get as rewards depends on the country you live in. The selection will be different for each country. Examples of gift cards are Amazon, Debenhams, TakeALot, Zalora, KFC, Flipkart, and charity donations to UNICEF.

So in most countries, there will be some really good rewards.

At the moment, Valued Opinions does however not pay out through PayPal. So if you prefer getting paid in cash, you should instead check out the list of the best PayPal survey sites.

How much you need to earn to be able to get a payout can vary from country to country. But usually, the payout threshold is between $10-$20.

So it is not too high a payout threshold compared to some other sites.

How much money can you make?

One thing you need to know before joining any paid survey site is that it is not a way to make a full-time income or become rich.

It is a great, easy, and completely risk-free way to earn some extra money or rewards online, but you just need to do it with the right expectations.

Valued Opinions gives a good number of opportunities, so it can definitely be worth joining and the surveys are also often interesting to participate in, in my opinion.

You just have to be aware that you will most likely not qualify for all the surveys you are offered, so sometimes it can take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

This is, however, the case on most survey sites, so it is just something to remember so you will not give up after not qualifying for some surveys.

If you want the chance to earn as much as possible, it can be a good idea to also join other survey sites to get more opportunities.

You can, for example, check out the list of the best survey sites in your country to find some great sites to join in combination with Valued Opinions.

Can you use it on mobile?

Valued Opinions does not have an app, which would, of course, have made it very easy to use on mobile and take surveys on the go.

But you can still use it on mobile devices. As you will mostly receive survey invitations via email, you just need access to your email to click the links.

The website itself is also optimized for mobile and works well on most screens.

The surveys might not all of them be completely optimized for mobile, so in some cases, you might have to scroll in and out a bit. But overall, Valued Opinions gives a good experience on mobile.

Who can join Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is available in around 20 countries. Some of these countries are Us, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

You can see the exact list of countries the platform is currently looking for new members in by clicking the join button at the end of this review.

If you do not live in a country where Valued Opinions is available, it can be good to know that the same company also own Opinion World and the survey panel Opinion Outpost.

So you can check out these sites instead then.

Can you get support?

In most cases, you do not really need support on a survey site. But in some cases, you might need help, or you might have questions.

It is therefore important to know that there is a support function you can get in contact with.

You can contact Valued Opinions’ support through the support system on the website.

I have seen some complaints online that people have to wait a long time for an answer. However, I have been in contact with Valued Opinions several times myself, and I have always received a quick reply and helpful answers.

So from my experience, the support is great, but some people seem to have other experiences.

Final verdict

As already mentioned, Valued Opinions is legit and NOT a scam. I promised in the title of this review to give you 3 reasons it is legit, and I will list these as pros below.

However, I also know that just because a site is legit does not mean it is for everyone. Therefore, I have also listed the cons of Valued Opinions below to give you a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.


  • Reputable company behind it
  • Member of several market research governing bodies
  • You can actually earn on the site


  • You will not qualify for all surveys
  • You cannot get paid in cash

Valued Opinions does work, and it is a safe and legit way to earn rewards by sharing your opinion.

If it will be worth it for you or not, depends on mainly one thing – what kind of rewards you prefer to get from survey sites.

Gift cards can, in my opinion, be as good as cash, and if you would like to earn some gift cards and live in one of the available countries, Valued Opinions is definitely worth considering. If you only want to join survey sites that pay in cash, you should join other sites instead.

How to join Valued Opinions?

If you want to join Valued Opinions, it is very easy. Just click the button below, where you can see the countries the platform is currently looking for new members in.

Then click your country, and you will then have to sign up with your email address. It only takes a total of around 2 minutes to get started.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Valued Opinions yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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