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Advance Review Copies: What and Why to Include in Book Marketing

One of the key elements of a professional book marketing and publicity campaign is the advance review copy (ARC)—also known as a galley—usually produced and distributed three to six months before the final book goes on sale.

ARCs get used for many purposes, but mainly:

  • To gather professional, publishing industry reviews, from sources such as Publishers Weekly
  • To solicit endorsements that will be printed in or on the book
  • To share with influencers who need to see the book before deciding on potential coverage
  • To send to important connections who might be in a position to write an influential, early review or offer some other form of help

Some authors rely primarily on digital advance review copies, usually in PDF form—similar to the file that is ultimately sent to the printer or uploaded to a service like IngramSpark.

Publishers commonly distribute digital ARCs using NetGalley, since it’s well known and often used by people inside the publishing industry—but it’s not necessary to use a formal service to effectively distribute ARCs. It’s fairly straightforward to use file-sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive if you’re sending the ARC selectively and to trusted sources.

You can also create print ARCs through a print-on-demand provider like IngramSpark or a short-run printer, but you should be careful to only send them to people you feel confident would seriously consider them and represent strong prospects for the book’s marketing and publicity.

What to Include on Your ARC

On the front and/or back cover: Add the words: “Advance Uncorrected Proof / Not for Sale.”

On the back cover: This is the most important part, because it shouldn’t be a standard back cover. While you want a brief book description (100-150 words) and a brief author bio, at least half of the back cover should have information on the book’s marketing and promotion plan, including:

  • Book Marketing Campaign: In a bulleted list, detail how the book will be marketed and promoted, both to the industry and to readers.
  • Publication Information: List all the details related to publication, including formats and price points, trim size, page count, ISBN numbers, and category.
  • Publicity Contact: Whoever is the primary contact for media should be listed, along with their phone number and email.
  • Ordering Information: Make it clear where and how the book will be available for sale, and especially if direct orders are possible.
  • Website: Don’t forget to include the publisher or author website.

On the cover or interior: Clarify, once again, that because the book is an uncorrected proof, reviewers should check all quotations against the final release.

You might wonder: If you’re using primarily a digital ARC, how do you include a “back cover” exactly? You could still include a page with the same information, but simply put it upfront, right after the cover, or you can include it as part of a cover letter or email.

Remember: An ARC is primarily a book marketing tool. Always label it as an ARC, and be sure to include prominent marketing and promotional copy that helps persuade recipients that the book is professional and well-situated to succeed.

Copywriting Book Review: Luv for Copyhackers Ebooks, Courses & Freebies

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Joanna Wiebe, Copywriter and Creator of @CopyHackers shares copy insights with us in this AMA with @copyhackers

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Nice Snippets of Even Nicer Recent Emails

“I just want to write some feedback and thank you for the best valued books I’ve ever read on copywriting. They are succinct, engrossing and precise. I love the fact you use examples of websites because, as a web developer and try-hard web design, it also helps there. I have all your books thus so far.”
– Mark from

“I have had so much good use out of your blog and books, without it I really don’t know where we would be with the development of our new site. One thing for sure – it wouldn’t sound half as good!” – Lisbet H.

“I’m getting copyhackers tattooed on my chest! I’ll be hacking copy till the day I die.” – Billy S.

“We are currently in the middle of consuming all of the Copy Hackers content. We love it! I watched your webinar the other day and immediately purchased the ebooks afterwards. It’s suddenly very clear to us that we’ve been suffering from most, if not all of the problems that you talk about. Typical early stage startup it seems.Keep up the great work!” – Luke B.

“You are one of my favorite websites.” – Brandon Y.

“I am hugely impressed with your work. It’s both phenomenally useful and practical, and very entertainingly written. You should be a copywriter! �� As of about 15 minutes ago I now have all your Copy Hackers books and have just started reading the latest.” – Michael P.

“You are nothing less than amazingly awesome and efficient when it comes to long winded customer requests with long run on sentences. Gracias.” – Thomas P.

“I love what you do. I read your newsletter each time it arrives. Your books are full of great ideas. I am excited to be implementing as many of the ideas as possible.” – Scott C.

“I already bought all your books, I’m currently reading the 3rd book which is, in my opinion, one of the most important ones. I got a notebook with spark notes because I will soon launch a new website and I want to apply everything I’ve learned from your books. This is a great thing, what you’re doing and that you take the time to answer questions. Thanks a lot.” – Andres C.

“I just had to drop you an email – I bought your first 4 books almost 4 years ago now and I’m still finding them useful today. I haven’t looked at them in quite a while but a good friend reminded me of your work yesterday when I was struggling with one particular bit of copywriting, and they are brilliant.”
– Rachel Shillcock, Founder of

“Thanks for all the awesome stuff you put out. My website is a copy trainwreck, and going through the worksheets/exercises in your books is finally pointing me in the right direction.”
– James H., Writer and Editor

“I bought both of your copywriting bundles (Starter Bundle and Advanced Pack) this week and I just subscribed to your newsletter as well. In a world full of freakin’ STALE copywriting, your ebooks, promo emails, and site pages are all a highly motivating breath of fresh air. Now I’m looking forward to some copywriting love every Tuesday as well. You have a new fan. The more value I get from your goodies, the more I’ll apply it for myself AND my clients. I’ll be happy to show-and-tell as the results and the $$$ roll in. ROCK ON!!”
– Sandy F.

“You and Lance are the best at what you do (teaching me to write better copy) and I find your products underpriced. Keep up the great work and I’ll be back to purchase your next ebook, so don’t wait too long to write it.” – Aaron B.

“Thanks for sharing so much, and making us think, week after week.” – Dorai T.

“Yours is one of the few newsletters I get that consistently has good, useful information. Much appreciated.” – Josh R.

“I’ve read your Copy Hackers books and they’ve completely changed how I write for my health coaching business. My husband attended your email marketing bootcamp back in February where I learned about all the awesome stuff you do. I found your books so helpful. Thanks for all the great work you do!” – Rachael R.

“I did make a few changes on my web page as you suggested.. it moved me up to first position organic search on most search engines for Deerfield IL… thanks so much.. love reading your stuff… ” – Gary W.

“You are creating the best copywriting material on the web: accessible, full of insights, and based on life data. Pure awesome.” – Hubert I.

The Dark Art Helps Big-Time… Even If You’ve Never Used Long Copy
“Before I found the CopyHackers ebook The Dark Art of Long Form Sales Pages, I dreaded sitting down to put together a sales page for one of my programs or services. I had all these formulas for writing sales pages from these online marketing gurus — you know the ones will all the red arrows and pictures of their mansions — that felt completely gross and inauthentic. Ick.

The Dark Art of Long Form Sales Pages completely changed how I approach writing every sales page from now on! Joanna doesn’t just give a one-size-fits-all formula… she really explains each core element of the sales page, why it’s crucial, and how to make it work for your business.

I’ve been teaching my signature program, The Yogipreneur’s Guide to Conscious Business Design, for 3 years and this is the first time I’ve ever had a sales page that truly reflects what I have to offer in a way that I’m really proud of. I’ve had SO MANY compliments on the sales page from my peers – and a record number of students in just the first few days of enrollment! I can’t wait to sit down and re-write all my other program sales pages!”

Racheal Cook, RYT MBA
Founder | The Yogipreneur

The Dark Art Helped Corey & Rob Sell “a Shit-Ton”
“I followed Joanna’s formula that she lays out in the e-book, pretty much word for word. She goes through every detail-from the anatomy of the page to a brilliant methodology for writing copy that speaks directly to the target audience on an emotional level. She explains it in an easy to digest and entertaining way that is just her style. This topic has dry and technical written all over it, but instead, I found myself flying through the pages of her e-book, leaning forward and engaged.

“As a result, I was able to sell a shit-ton of product from this page. Thanks Joanna!”

Corey Quinn, The End of Anxiety

Unedited Reviews from a Recent
Copy Hackers Appearance on AppSumo
(A perfect 20/20 5-taco score)

Just 1 Copy Hackers Lesson Paid for the Whole Bundle for Shiri

“I can already tell that Joanna’s materials have been a wonderful investment – just from the first eBook and within less than two hours worth of prospect interviews, I found some gems that could help me make more than the entire cost of all her eBooks put together. You won’t regret listening to her advice!”
– Shiri Dori-Hacohen

Eric Got 2x the Sign-Ups with 1 Email

“I just want you to know that your wisdom is making an impact on our business. We recently crafted email copy, landing page copy, and confirmation page copy for our conference in a way I never would have before reading your emails, blog, ebooks, etc. Our conference already has more registrations after the first email invite was sent out this morning than total attendees at our conference 2 years ago. Thanks for daring me to write differently.”
– Eric Guroff, InQuicker

Because Writing Copy Isn’t Like Writing Anything Else, Lucy Chose Copy Hackers

“I studied creative writing in college, but you’d be amazed at how hard it is to translate that into sales/website language writing. Your books really gave me solid methods to channel the writing skills I already have into non-cheesy, authentic brand language that has really helped with signups on our site.”
– Lucy Barber, checkAppointments

Want More Signups? Matt Got ‘Em!

“The Startup Guide to Differentiation and The Great Value Proposition Test helped me take my viewers from confused to excited. These ebooks taught me to narrow my focus, explain my value a lot better, and get more people signing up!”
– Matt Kress, Founder of Relately

Copywriters Like Julie Stay Sane & Sharp with Copy Hackers

“Thank you, Joanna! …For the inspiration to write better copy because it really DOES make a huge difference when it’s done right. Reading your copy makes me want to do better just for the joy of delivering to my clients’ readers the long, slow “Ahhhhh” exhale I experience when I read your work. It’s just soooo nice to read great copy. ��

… And for the hope that there IS a way to successfully serve the small business and startup niche with a service-as-a-product (eBooks and courses).

Maybe someday I’ll attend a conference and have the opportunity to meet you in person, but in case I don’t, I just wanted to thank you for the hope and the inspiration. Consider me a BIG fan with no agenda, just admiration. ��

P.S. In case you were wondering (I know I would), it was the Unbounce webinar and your email autoresponder that won me over.”
– Julie Ladd,

Jen Is Ready to Write Her USP Thanks to This Book

“I just wanted to let you know that I bought all three of your e-books on Friday and spent the weekend reading. I need to work on my own USP and get that on my website. Helping other people with words seems far easier than trying to frame my own business. Your books and the posts on your site have been incredibly helpful. Exactly what I needed! Thank you.”
– Jen H, Minneapolis, MN

The Advanced Pack Is a Great Follow-Up to the Starter Bundle

“I purchased your Copy Hackers Advanced Pack yesterday and have already started digging in. I’m already getting value out of the differentiation worksheet – the concise, to the point, actionable format is just what I like. I’ve relied on your four book bundle as a valuable reference for some time and it looks like I’ll get as much – if not more – value from this pack!”
– Mark H.

Clint Has Finally Found Non-Boring Copy Ebooks

“Your website has changed the way I build web pages forever. I’m blown away by the quality of your ebooks and free resources, and the way your personality shows in every line of your site. Thank you again for being awesome.”
– Clint S., Pensacola, Florida

Harry Got Laughs ‘N’ Learnin’ in 1 ��

“I haven’t finished reading the bundle, but based on all I’ve read – both that which you provide at cost and free – I knew I would buy the long-form ebook (so I did). My industry is insurance and I will attempt to use your copy writing principles in our web site (soon to appear) as we will be selling a range of insurance products on-line.

I’d be completely lost on the marketing side, but you have given me something to work with and over time, I hope to get it increasingly right. You are also very funny so thanks for the laughs and very serious – and much valued – guidance.”
– Harry H., Victoria, Australia

Dimitar Went from “Clueless” to Confidently Copy Hacking

“We (myself and my partner) bought your Copy Hackers bundle, and it was the one of best decision we made concerning our business. We really love what you’ve done with this books, and send you a big thank you. It’s wonderful how easy you explain simple yet powerful copywriting principles. We already started on improving our short copy for our marketing site with the tips in your books and hope to increase our conversion rates.

When we first started our business we were practically clueless about copywriting because we’re both software developers, and we wish we had these books from the start. Thank you again and stay well �� ”
– Dimitar Stojanov, Co-founder

Cody Wasted Time on Other Copywriting Books… Until He Found This Bundle

“I bought your ebooks and just want to send you a BIG THANK YOU! I got so much awesome info, I am amazed. [highlight]I am not sure I have ever been so pleased from an ebook.[/highlight]

Your focus on start ups and web copy is exactly what I was looking for after reading all sorts of copy writing books/blogs that like to only cover email or long form copy, your ebooks did the trick! Thanks again”
Cody Mecklenberg

Mike Sold 5x the Units He Forecast, Thanks to Copy Hackers Book 5

“I just launched a coaching program last week to my email list of 1800, for only 5 days (as it was something new, I wanted to close it so I could concentrate on delivering it). I thought that my best case scenario was about 12 buyers.

I ended up with over 60 buyers.

I can honestly say that writing that blasted sales letter was one of the hardest, most confronting things I’ve ever done, but well worth it. [highlight]Watching my Paypal account grow to over $15000 over 5 days was a surreal experience[/highlight], although a not unwelcome one. �� Anyway – without your help in Book 5 I probably never would have done it and would still be oscillating from niche to niche. I now have a business rather than a dream, and I’ve proved to myself (and my poor wife) that people want what I’m offering.

I’m amazed. All I can say is thank you.”
– Mike Monday
Start Now, Finish Fast

Naveen Calls Copy Hackers His “Best Decision”

“I’ve had a wonderful experience working through your books and can’t thank you enough for your help and insight with my first attempt at building sales pages. [highlight]Purchasing and studying your books has been the best decision I’ve made since founding my business in 2003.[/highlight]

Your step by step approach and the easy reading style of your books have been instrumental and empowering to the growth of my business and my ability to take on less client work so that I can focus on marketing my own products and gain independence from client work. I want to thank you again and am looking forward to chatting with you more on copywriting over the years.”
– Naveen Dittakavi

When You’re REALLY Ready to Optimize Your Copy for Conversions

“Joanna took the time to identify and really understand our tricky target market which is very specific within our industry. [highlight]She then presented us with an avalanche of great ideas, all recorded on video on how we could restructure our design and improve our copy and followed everything up with a friendly Skype call.[/highlight] I’ve never heard anyone so passionate about web copy!

You’re either a copy writing genius or an idiot if you have a website and don’t let Joanna rip it apart!”
– Nick, Director

Where Others Failed, Copy Hackers Excelled

“We were unsuccessful with previous copy consultants, so we decided to try the Copy Hackers site review. I knew immediately that Joanna was going to be a big help. [highlight]Working with her was quick and easy, and she exceeded our expectations.[/highlight]”
– Rick Stratton, President & Founder

Startup Founders Love Copy Hackers – Because These Books Are Written for Busy Non-Writers!

“Okay, you’re really good at this. Seriously. [highlight]This is amazing stuff.[/highlight] Can’t put it down.”
– Shereef Bishay
DevBootcamp, ClassParrot and BetterMeans

“Your first four books were absolutely amazing. I started with boring copy, spent days doing almost all your exercises… and wound up with [highlight]the best copy I had ever written[/highlight].”
– Eric Kidd
Kidd Software LLC

“I read the first 3 Copy Hackers books and headed to my site to make tweaks. [highlight]The headline formulas alone are worth the cost of a whole copywriting course.[/highlight] Every page is filled with info I plan to use right away.”
– Syed Shuttari

“Really excellent writing, easy to read and gives [highlight]tons of valuable information[/highlight].”
– Arvydas Ciupaila

Not Just Ebooks – Mini-Workshops

“I read the first three ebooks and [highlight]literally spent 2 days rewriting my home page headline and subhead.[/highlight] I’m also testing them with PPC ads to see which gets the best CTR. I’m an award-winning technical writer, but copywriting is an entirely different skill. Tough to transition to after writing so many instructions! BTW, your ebooks are incredible. Far more than ebooks – really more like mini-workshops. Just wanted to say thanks and I enjoyed the books.”
– Maria Peagler

Nick’s Sales Page Converted at 24% and Brought Him His First 5-Figure Launch

“Your long-form copywriting book is responsible for my first ever 5 figure internal launch (and I only have a list of about 5k or so). The salespage I created following your advice not only [highlight]brought in the most money of any promotion I’ve ever run[/highlight], but converted at about 24% and had an EPC of over $50. Oh, and I wrote it in one night.

Sure my list has been primed to follow me, but I’ve never converted on any other offer at higher than a buck or 2 per click. I owe it to your ebook.”
– Nick Quick

Using Copy Hackers Ebooks to… Land a Better Job?

“I just wanted to express how amazingly helpful your books have been. I’ve applied your principles to both my website and … resume. Each bullet point on my resume was turned into a value proposition, explaining why I am different and what benefits I bring to the table in one succinct sentence. Each line was formatted according to your guidelines, making my resume easy to scan. My call to action was to hint at employers to call me immediately or else I’d find a job elsewhere. The response rate was surprisingly high. As a recent college grad who thought he was screwed by the economy, I took a job at the Walt Disney Company. [highlight]Surprising how studying web copy can have unexpected applications.[/highlight] Looking forward to book 5!”
– Edward Junprung

Robert Replaced Expensive Courses with One $50 Ebook

“Nothing could prepare me for the amount of value I got from Ebook 5. It is literally an A-Z guide to long form copywriting. You don’t need anything else! I’ve been through several decent (and expensive) copywriting courses, but Joanna’s ebook blew everything else out of the water. It literally covers everything, from genres of long form copywriting (something I’d never come across before) to market research, to design, fonts and formatting. She covers each and every step of long form copywriting in great detail. Another thing I loved is that Joanna provides lots of examples to illustrate what works (and what doesn’t!).

On a personal level, it’s been an absolute pleasure interacting with Joanna. She has used her unrivalled expertise to help me answer my personal copywriting queries, and is really willing to go the extra mile for her customers. [highlight]I haven’t found this level of customer service or generosity anywhere else.[/highlight]”

Hans Could Have Saved Himself Hundreds of Dollars, If Only…

After I bought and read your 2 books on Headlines and Long-Form Sales Copy, I was upset…

upset because I could have saved myself the hundreds of dollars (my wife would say more than that) that I had spent on [highlight]other products that only promised what Joanna actually delivered[/highlight] – in an informative and entertaining style.

The free email Micro Course follows in that vein. The course got me to focus on creating a single goal for each of the pages of my site. I am also paying more attention to who my readers are. I’m 54 yrs. old and jumped into self employment 18 mos. ago. I have many responsibilities and no time to waste. I only wish I had your materials 18 mos. ago.

Learn How to Write Copy That Converts… and Why These Techniques Make It Convert

“Joanna does a great job of presenting the art of copywriting to hacker types. She not only focuses on the how, but also on why certain techniques work.

By reading her guides and putting the tips she outlines into action, you’re bound to [highlight]increase the conversion rate[/highlight] of your startup’s sale page.”
– Antonio Cangiano

Copyop Review

Have feedback? Can’t find your answer in our Help pages?

Proof Copies

Proof copies are snapshots of how your paperback would print before it goes through our quality review. You can check for grammatical errors, typos, and formatting. You can also review images or graphics to make sure they meet your expectations. Ordering proofs isn’t mandatory. If you order a proof, you can submit your book for publication right away or wait until you receive and review the proof. It’s up to you. However, if your submission doesn’t pass our quality review, you’ll need to edit your files and resubmit them.

Proofs are different from regular copies. They have a “Not for Resale” watermark on the cover and no ISBN. During printing, we place a unique barcode in the lower right-hand corner of the back cover. If you have images or text on this part of the cover, the barcode will cover them.


Order proof copies

You can only order proofs for books in “Draft” status, and you need to approve the book in Print Previewer first.

  1. Go to your KDP Bookshelf.
  2. Find the paperback you want to order.
  3. In the ellipsis (“. “) menu, click Request Printed Proofs.
  4. Choose the order quantity. You can order up to five copies at a time.
  5. Choose an Amazon marketplace. You can order copies from,,,,, and Choose the marketplace closest to your shipping location. For example, if your shipping address is in Canada, choose For addresses in Brazil, choose For addresses in the Netherlands, choose
  6. Click Submit Proof Request.

Within four hours of submitting your request, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your proof order. You need to complete your purchase within 24 hours of receiving this email.

After you receive the email and click the link to complete your order, you’ll be sent to the Amazon cart or basket. You can use your existing payment information and delivery addresses or add addresses to send copies to reviewers.

Issues ordering?

Troubleshoot common problems with proof orders:

  • Empty cart or basket. Common reasons why your cart or basket is empty or missing items:
    • Not signed in to your KDP account. If you add items to your cart or basket while signed in to your KDP account and then sign out, your items will seem to disappear. If this is the case, you should be able to retrieve your cart or basket by signing back in to your KDP account.
    • Expired proof request. Within four hours of requesting proof copies, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete the order. If you don’t complete the order within 24 hours of receiving this email, the request expires. If your request expires, you can submit another proof request.
    • Different marketplace chosen. When you choose a marketplace for your request, you’ll complete your order by going to the corresponding Amazon site. For example, if you choose, you need to go to your basket to complete the order.
  • No option to order. To order proof copies, you need to approve the book in Print Previewer. Also, if you already submitted your book for publication, you won’t be able to order proofs while your book is in “Review” or “Publishing” status. Once your book is in “Live” status, you will be able to order proof copies.
  • No proof request confirmation email. Within four hours of requesting your proof, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your order. After you receive this email, click Proceed to Shopping cart/basket to complete your order. If you can’t find the email or you deleted it, check your cart or basket for your proof order.
  • Browser issues. Sometimes you may have trouble ordering copies because of your web browser. Try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies. The steps for doing this different for every browser. Please check your browser’s help files for more information.

Supported languages

Proof copies are available in the languages KDP supports.

Shipping options

Proof copy orders don’t qualify for free or Prime shipping, but all paid standard and expedited Amazon shipping options are available. You can ship copies to multiple shipping addresses by placing separate orders for each destination.

Shipping rates

Amazon shipping rates depend on the selected shipping speed and weight or size of the items. You can see the applicable shipping rate for items in your cart. The total shipping and handling cost will be listed under in your order summary.

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Shipping restrictions

Certain restrictions prevent us from shipping proof copies to all geographical locations. You’ll be notified at checkout if we can’t ship copies to the address you entered.

For example, we can’t ship copies to addresses in territories that belong to the Swiss Customs Union. However, authors and publishers in these locations can order retail copies of their paperbacks. Learn more about international shipping.

Pricing and discounts

When you order proof copies through your KDP account, you pay the printing cost for your selected marketplace for each copy. The trim size, interior type and page count determines this price and doesn’t include shipping charges or taxes. For estimated printing costs, use our calculator.

This price is the lowest price we can offer for your book. We can’t offer additional discounts.


Proof copies are subject to taxes. On, any applicable sales tax is applied at checkout. For European orders, local VAT is applied at checkout.

You might qualify to make tax-exempt purchases. Learn more about the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.

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