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EZTrader Scam Review

Trading Binary Options can be quite profitable, if you are experienced enough. In an attempt to become even more proficient, you need a good broker that will not let you down. It is terrible when you do not know who you give your hard earned money. Therefore, we are here to warn you, which broker is imperative to be avoided – EZ Trader scam. To find out more, read our review.

Min. Deposit:

Trading Platform: Custom

US Clients: Not Available


EZTrader Reviews about the company

Does this company has something special when it comes to their history and regulation? Well, not really. EZTrader.com is owned and operated by WGM Services Ltd. It was founded not a long time ago – 2008. On the website they have provided just a little information. Their address is stated like: 11, Vizantiou Street, Office 401, 2064, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. The broker claims to be regulated by CySEC with a license number 203/13. Honestly? There is no surprise. Most scam brokers like EZ Trader scam have a tendency of showing such regulation, and CySEC nowadays does not guarantee a trusted and reliable options broker. Same with Mifid. Furthermore, there is no possibility to verify the information provided by EZ Trader. That is why do not deal with whom you do not know well. On a side note, they do not accept US clients.

Scam brokers try to position themselves as those who are just the №1 in the world and others are simply no match for them. As you might have guessed, EZ Trader is not an exception. In the “About us” section they claim to offer the best service at all times doubled with the phrase that they have started trading revolution. It is just ridiculous and thus avoid this broker. Just go for one of good binary options brokers .

EZTrader Scam Trading Account

At this broker, you are not offered any multiple account packages, but instead you have only one. EZ Trader review has found out that this broker requires $100 deposit. But here is what surprised us. In reality, minimum deposit evaluates $200 and only “nice” customer support notifies you about that. If this a broker you dreamt of? We doubt.

Scam EZTrader Trading Conditions

As the majority of scam brokers, EZ Trader has no diversity of binary options types to offer. There are only 4 of them. Let us take a closer look.

  • Binary Option
    EZ Trader review informs you that this an ordinary BO type, no special opportunity for an options trader. All you have to do is simply predict whether the particular price will increase or reduce in 30 minutes. The average payout is said to be 72%.
  • Long Term
    As for this binary options type this scam broker offers us, it allows you to predict whether the price will either be higher or lower than the actual execution price at the end of the month, in 3 month or in half a year. The basic principle behind this one: the higher return you expect, the higher the risk is.
  • 60 seconds
    Well, this kind of binary options resembles a lot the first type in the list, but with one distinction – timeframe. This scam broker claims to give you the opportunity to trade on short-term frames such as: 60, 90 and 120 seconds.
  • Daily/Weekly
    The last BO trading type is based first of all on the prediction of the price at the daily or weekly market closure. Your task is to predict the right movement to eventually receive payout, although you should not count on that as you are dealing with a scam.

EZTrader Reviews of Trading Platform

The first thing we should admit is that EZ Trader has designed its own trading platform, which operates directly from the browser. Nonetheless, it lets us hope for the best. The interface is not intuitive or user friendly, and will take a while if you try to adjust to it. Many EZ Trader reviews tell the same and ours is not an exception. Choosing SpotOption for example will be much wiser decision.

In a nutshell, the EZ Trader platform enables a trader to open up to four trading instruments simultaneously in a small mode. Beside that, there is a possibility to choose between 1 day, 2 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes timeframes. As for the order execution it is made after you decided on the amount and then you need to click call or put button. Even though simplicity of order execution is a good feature, do not be deceived because EZ Trader is a scam.

EZ Trader Deposits and Withdrawals

Since EZ Trader binary options is a scam that is only interested in personal greed and your money, it has developed a high variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Except for using credit cards, a customer can also deposit via online payment systems and the wire transfers. Indeed, the wire transfer necessitates contacting with the support. The deposits via online payments and credit cards are said to be immediate, while the wire transfer takes from 5 to 7 days.

As for the withdrawals, they hypothetically can be done via wire transfer or credit card. But there one huge pitfall. Withdrawals to the credit card simply cannot exceed the deposit amount made from just the same card. This is one of many reasons why EZ Trader is a scam. Moreover, there is a $25 fee on every withdrawal made by the wire transfer, whilst credit cards withdrawals do not have any fees. Both methods of withdrawals require 5-7 working days to be processed.

EZtraderCustomer Support

EZ Trader binary supports 10 languages, which close to be satisfying. The customer support of EZ Trader is performed via phone, e-mail or live chat. However, the live chat is not available for non-registered visitors, which is not very good. Generally, the live chat presence is an ordinary feature. But this broker considers it to be a premium one, which is strange at the first glance. But what else can you expect from total scam broker?

EZTrader Account Applications

EZ Trader has made account application simple than ever. Consider this an advantage? Well, it is not. It means that the broker is not interested whom it is dealing with. For EZ Trader money is all that matters.

EZTrader Review Conclusion

We do not recommend this broker to anyone. If your aspiration to keep your money safe and make them work, then you should definitely look for a trustworthy broker. Thereby, ignore EZ Trader binary.


EZTrader Binary Options Broker at a Glance

EZTrader (Financial Services Broker) started operating at 2008. Seven years may not be considered a long period for a financial business to operate, however, for an online operation that its main emphasis is Binary Options and Foreign Exchange (Forex), seven years is considered a lifetime. EZTrader launched its own unique (developed in-house) binary options trading platform with a very specific vision in mind: to make online trading as easy as possible (user friendly experience), highly intriguing and as profitable as possible for traders of all skill levels from all around the globe. Let’s find out more about EZTrader platform in EZTrader Review.

EZTrader Reviews of the Platform

EZTrader has recently upgraded its user friendly platform to accommodate the ever changing needs of its users & simultaneously updated its system with the latest and most advanced technological tools available. Safety wise, the Binary Option platform is 100% secure by using state of the art security measures such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for establishing an encrypted link from their servers to their clients and PCI DSS Security Standards Council.

EZTrader Broker Review of mobile apps

EZTrader also provides its loyal users/traders with an innovative & simple to operate mobile trading application for any and all available Smartphones & tablets, or in other words the means to keep on trading from anywhere using any and all electronic communication devices, at any time. As you know, there are several market places that are operating on different time zones, all around the globe. Eztrader provides its traders with access to all of them.

EZTrader Platform Details

Platforms: EZTrader created (in house) a unique and advanced web-based platform which was developed to accommodate traders of all levels. Same was developed for EZTrader’s affiliates and partners. The platform does not require a software download of any kind. It offers the possibility of placing positions that last 60 seconds (1 min.), several minutes, hours, days and weeks on assets such as: Commodities, International Stocks, Currency pairs and Indices from various geographical locations hence allowing its traders to benefit not only from a huge variety of items but also from trading on assets that are available in different time zones.

EZTrader Special Feature

In addition, EZTrader came up with an extremely unique feature that could only be accessed on its unique platform. The “SellOption” feature. What it does is it enables the selling of a traders’ option back to the broker before the option reaches its expiration time.

EZTrader Binary Options Extras

The company sets high standards by maintaining a solid level of profitability while offering the highest payouts available in the binary options Industry: nearly 95% profit from a single trade.

EZTrader provides the most thorough education center that is constantly updated with hundreds of articles on various binary options related issues such as tips, strategies, trading and investment techniques and financial information.

EZTrader Instruments

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to assets in today’s financial markets. EZTrader’s unique platform offer more than 100 (!) assets from across all major market places and business / financial sectors. This includes industries such as banking, technological and pharmaceutical mainly from the European and Asian Markets. Loyal EZTrader users can also trade on numerous leading indices and futures indices, commodities, stocks and currency pairs (Foreign exchange or Forex) that are available in a variety of expirations.

EZTrader Review Conclusion

EZTrader is a great binary options broker. Not only it is regulated by CySEC, but it also supplies it is own state-of-art trading platform that allows binary traders to experience a great sense of technology. EZTrader provides amazing support and competitive trading conditions.

Is uTrader Safe Or Scam Broker? Read Our uTrader Review To Find Out!


An overall reliable binary options brokerage service that is let down by a few minor issues. uTrader has the potential to become a major player in the binary options trading industry, but it will need to improve on a few aspects to reinvigorate traders’ interest.

uTrader Intro

We have reviewed multiple binary options brokers in the market, and have come up with a handful of genuine brokers, as well as countless scams. In the fairly unregulated industry, profits and success rates in binary options trading are purely determined by the authenticity and reliability of the broker. uTrader is one of the more popular names in the business and has been offering its services to traders around the world through its online platform. In our uTrader broker review, we investigate the company’s services in intrinsic details, so that we can provide you with the right information that can enable you to make a calculated investment decision.

uTrader Company Details

uTrader is a brand name that is trademarked by Day Dream Investments Ltd, which is a company that operates out of Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands is a popular tax haven that houses numerous financial companies and financial brokerages, owing to the relaxed regulatory regime and lower cost of business operations. However, Marshall Islands do not provide any types of protective frameworks or adopt any policies that protect investors from broker scams.

Nevertheless, there are reports that the company is pushing for a license in the European continent, and is looking to base its services out of Cyprus. There are also conflicting reports in the online media that uTrader already possess a Latvian regulatory license, but the broker hasn’t confirmed the same. Despite the confusion surrounding the regulatory licenses, uTrader claims to be one of the prominent brokers in Europe since the company launched its services in 2020. Since we are unable to verify the facts of European regulation at this time, mainly due to the lack of information, we do believe that the company still operates from its official headquarters in the Marshall Islands.

uTrader Financial Assets

Even though the company is not as advanced as its competition regarding the regulatory status and licensing requirements, the broker has indeed worked towards ensuring that its clients get the most wide-ranging market access that covers a Forex currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. uTrader is a mainstream binary options broker that faces stiff competition from both established and new companies that are becoming more prominent in the industry. Hence, it is vital for uTrader to put in the extra effort towards enhancing the trading experience that not only includes an extensive collection of tradable instruments but is also able to deliver on the broker’s promises.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the uTrader assets that are available for traders:





If you are looking for a binary options broker that can provide you with an exhaustive list of financial instruments, uTrader is one among the very few brokers that provide such an option. Be warned that trading in the financial market is a complicated and tedious process, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by a large number of choices provided by the broker. Always make sure that you understand the risks of investing in multiple assets, before choosing your preferred financial assets from the large portfolio provided by the company.

ROI, Payout Structure, & Associated Cost Of Trading At uTrader

uTrader provides a healthy ROI of 85% as the maximum payout for a select few financial instruments, which is the average payout for most of the binary options companies in the market. Realistically, you should expect some instruments to offer lesser payouts that may fluctuate between 60% and 85%, mainly due to the market conditions and volatility of the underlying asset. The only problem with investing with uTrader is the slightly higher minimum investment amount, which requires traders to invest a minimum of $10 per trade. In comparison, even the largest binary options brokers allow its traders to start trading from just $1.

As a uTrader client, you have to be careful about your money management strategies and risk appetite, as there is a significant chance for a severe drawdown if you are not careful with the frequency of trading during adverse market conditions. The broker offers the traditional high/low options, which signifies that there are no additional fees or costs involved in trading. Since all binary options are facilitated as contracts between the trader and the broker, the trader wins a fixed percentage of money for in-the-money trades, while out-of-the-money trades result in a complete loss to the investor.

uTrader Platform & Trading Features

uTrader joins the long list of binary options brokers and trading companies that have licensed the SpotOption software for web-based binary options trading. The SpotOption software has received positive praise and huge market response due to its ease-of-use, features, customizable options, charting capabilities, and a trader-friendly dashboard. SpotOption is also known to offer some of the most advanced binary options products, which include 60 seconds options, no touch options, one touch options, ladder options, and turbo options.

The payouts for the different options vary greatly from product to product, but some of the high-risk options may pay a maximum of 500% returns on the invested amount. Traders also have the option of choosing the expiry times at the beginning of a trade, or they can further increase their expiry times by using rollover or double up features. SpotOption also allows its traders to exit prematurely, but either taking a smaller loss or by settling for a smaller profit.

Trading Binary Options With uTrader Mobile

uTrader takes advantage of the flexibility of the SpotOption trading platform, which can be accessed on both desktops and mobile devices. Since SpotOption works through a web browser, it is easy for traders to point the browser on their smartphone or tablet to the web-interface to access their accounts. The responsive and flexible nature of SpotOption platform does ensure that traders can still use the full range of features on any device, without making any compromise.

uTrader may lose points for its single platform strategy, as most mobile traders are comfortable with the idea of dedicated mobile trading apps for smartphones and tablets. Several leading binary options brokers also offer the option of trading on iOS and Android mobile apps, which make it all the more inconvenient for uTrader mobile clients. Since we anticipate the company to improve its services in the near future, we also expect uTrader to address the issue of mobile trading apps.

uTrader Account Options – Minimum Deposit, Withdrawals, & Account Funding

There are five different account categories, each reserved for a particular minimum deposit. The most basic account is the Start account, which requires a trader to deposit a minimum of $300. $300 is a pretty high amount in the market, where brokers are known to offer a binary options trading account for as low as $1. The Start account is available for deposits up to $1000 and receives some standard account features such as analytical materials, tutorials, and a small introduction to the platform. Despite the high deposit requirements, the Start account does miss out on several trading features.

For a higher deposit of $1001 to $5000, the Silver account gives a bit more features such as a personal financial analyst and a couple of lessons in investment strategies. The third category of account is the Gold account, which requires a minimum investment of $5000, and is reserved for account holders who deposit up to $25,000. The Gold account comes with several advantages such as accelerated withdrawals, more access to educational materials, and a limited personal review of the trading history by an expert trader.

The higher Platinum account is incredibly expensive and is in the league of institutional investors, which require a minimum investment of $25,000 and up to $50,000. The Platinum account holders receive the highest priority for withdrawals, independent personal review of trading account at least once a week, a quarterly trading plan, and a personal trading strategy that is suited to the trader’s preferences. The fifth and final category of account is the VIP account, which is reserved for traders depositing more than $50,001 into their accounts, which receive all the advantages of the Platinum account, along with several other account benefits. The VIP account gets an individual review of the account on request (unlimited number of times), a quarterly and annual trading plan, a personal trading strategy, screen demonstration of real-time trading, trading with an expert financial analyst, and VIP hedging tools.

Although uTrader has certainly been inventive with its account products, it is only natural to assume that most traders won’t use the higher account categories at uTrader. In fact, for the investments required for these accounts, professional traders often choose to diversify their investments, and only dedicated binary options traders may choose to opt for such accounts.

uTrader Bonus

Unlike the normal regulated binary options brokers in the industry, uTrader provides a fair amount of bonuses to its traders. The bonus structure is dependent on the initial investment and the account category. The lowest uTrader bonus is 50%, which is offered to the Start account holders. The Silver account, on the other hand, qualifies for a highly attractive 100% bonus on all deposits. The deposits keep increasing with the rise in investments, as Gold and Platinum account holders can qualify for up to 120% in bonuses, while VIP accounts offer up to 150% in bonus.

Traders shouldn’t make hasty decisions of depositing more money for the bonus alone, as uTrader has specified numerous bonus conditions that may put a hold on your investments. You should complete a minimum number or volume of trades to make a withdrawal, which may be quite massive when compared to the bonus amount. No broker would be willing to let go of their money unless they can guarantee that the trader has transacted the required number of trading volume within a specified period.

uTrader Demo Accounts

There are usually three types of brokers, ones that offer a demo account free of cost, ones that don’t offer a demo, and ones that offer a demo account on request. uTrader falls into a fourth category, where you will have to open an account and make a deposit before being granted access to a demo trading platform. Therefore, traders will have to pay for a demo account option, which is not what we really expect from binary options brokers. Demo accounts must be free of cost, and traders shouldn’t have any liability to continue trading with a company if they are not comfortable with the demo account. Nevertheless, the company does offer a demo trading account, which can be used to practice before trading with real money.

uTrader Customer Interaction Channels

uTrader has a pretty ordinary customer support system, which does not aim to set any records in the industry. Of course, clients can contact the broker’s representatives through live chat, email, Skype, and phone numbers, but in case something goes wrong, there isn’t any credible authority that keeps the company’s actions in check. One of the main requirements of a binary options broker is to provide the best in customer service, and we do believe that uTrader needs to work on this aspect to be able to compete for a fair share of the traders market on merit.

uTrader Training Resources & Other Features

uTrader offers its trading resources, analysis, market research, and other analytical tools to traders according to their account category. Smaller traders don’t usually receive any significant assistance from the broker, but Platinum and VIP account holders get access to the full suite of trading resources that are developed by the company. For the vast amount of investment required for the Platinum and VIP accounts, traders can better utilise such funds for subscribing to third-party analytical services, and even use the remaining money to invest in the markets.

uTrader Verdict

  • Vast choice of trading instruments & binary options.
  • Tried and tested platform that is excellent for trading.
  • A great bonus structure for higher account holders.
  • Competitive payouts and acceptable returns on investments.


  • Not regulated.
  • Demo account is only available for traders who deposit money into their account.
  • Customer service department has lots of room for improvement.

Is uTrader A Scam?

uTrader is not a scam broker, as the company has been operating in the markets for quite a while. The broker has certainly been popular among a large number of traders, and despite some issues with traders, uTrader is still a genuine binary options broker.

What Are The Binary Options Platform Choices?

uTrader has adopted the SpotOption trading platform for both desktop and mobile trading. SpotOption is a web-based interface and can be accessed on any device.

Do I Receive A Bonus For My Deposits?

Yes, you can get a bonus on your deposit according to the magnitude of your deposits. Higher deposits qualify for higher bonuses.

Can I Opt For A uTrader Demo Account?

Yes, uTrader offers a demo account option for its clients, provided they open an account and make a deposit.



UTrader Offers Online Forex & CFDs Trading Platform
But is This Broker Scam or Utrader Can Be Trusted?
UTrader’s Account Types, Bonuses + Deposit – See Below!


Broker UTrader
Official Website URL www.utrader.com
Headquarters 106 premier building, Mahe, Victoria, Seychelles
Support Number 883 51000 8211 639
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Trading Platform $200
Minimum Account Size $25
Payout 85%
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Account Types Start, Silver, Gold, VIP
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets 150+
Account Currency USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, PLN
Overall Score 7.8/10

Full Review

uTrader is a renown and well-reputed Forex, CFD trading, and cryptocurrency exchange broker. It is still pending its CySEC approval certificate but the latter is due pretty soon. Nonetheless, it is widely regarded as a Forex and crypto investment platform that is capable to deliver the promised and satisfy users’ needs and requirements.

Its ability to provide users with some of the top trading conditions, available on the Internet. All existing user feedback suggests that this is true and that the CFD broker is not involved in any undermining practices.

Forex and crypto brokers are more often regulated and supervised than systems. This does not mean that every single one of them is legit. This cryptocurrency investment platform is created by a group of experienced software developers, programmers, and technical experts.

If you would like to find out all the reasons why we consider the crypto broker to be a safe and trustworthy choice for novices and sophisticated users alike, continue reading the review that follows.

SpotOption Crypto & Multi-Market CFD Trading Platform

This crypto mining alternative provides a wide variety of special features and tools which could help the user achieve financially prosperous results. Above all, we have to mention that it utilizes the SpotOption platform as it is a product of its development team.

uTrader cryptocurrency investment broker operates in several different markets. It works with over 150 different assets from the main Forex categories and with all of the main cryptocurrencies. The best part is that it also offers CFD trading for both of them.

Review Verdict: UTrader is Not a Scam
Visit UTrader Official Website

Users are free to keep their funds secure even in the event of a cryptopocalypse or when the exchange markets are crashing. Traders can achieve good daily results regardless of whether or not the Bitcoin value or that of other Altcoins is on an upward or downward trend.

The best professional Forex and cryptocurrency traders in the world pay more attention to the financial news than to charts analysis. Not that the latter is not important but an unexpected event can entirely change a particular asset price’s direction.

Special Features of the Forex & Crypto Trading Broker

Every legit and genuine cryptocurrency trading platform has to offer its users stable investment conditions and an abundance of special features if it wishes to keep clients satisfied. uTrader Forex broker does just that, meeting the needs and requirements of users who prefer to invest in different platforms.

Let us take a look at what they are:

  • No Additional Downloads: One of the best sides to the fiat and digital currency broker is that it is completely browser-based. It can operate just fine without a view of the utilized device or operational system.
  • Completely Browser-Friendly: Users can also invest on the go as it can be streamed on a tablet or smartphone. The only thing that is required out of the trader is to have a stable Internet connection. From thereon, everything lies in the crypto broker platform’s programming algorithm and its proven capacity to analyze data and forecast market movements correctly.
  • Lots of Learning Opportunities: One of the main reasons why newcomers can make such good use of the brokerage is that presents them with several opportunities for free training while they carry out their first investments. The cryptocurrency investment platform has an expanded Educational Center, which has Beginner and Advanced sections intended for the different types of traders. It also has a platform eBook, Glossary, daily market reviews, global news analyses and an Economic Calendar so that users do not miss out on any important financial events.
  • Reliable Customer Support Care: The customer care service of this currency trading broker is considered to be one of the best in the online investment industry. Commentaries about the support team generally agree that it readily provides useful advice and guidance. One can reach them via live chat, Skype, email, and telephone 24/7 from any country in the world.

Table of Contents

How to Sign Up for uTrader Crypto Trading Platform?

uTrader is a cryptocurrency investment broker platform which features over 200 assets from all the four main investment categories. Live news feeds will keep clients informed about recent movements in the Bitcoin trading, Altcoin investment, and Forex spheres.

Users can get started by simply filling in a short form. They have to give a current phone number and email address. A Personal Account Manager will get in touch with them in order to help them set-up a trading account and customize the details. An email notification, containing a link to the said, will be sent to traders shortly after registration.

The average daily results are good and consistent. It can be utilized to achieve a favorable financial condition. Another great bonus is that the CFD investment broker has a risk management program and offers free training to investors.

There is nothing hard in getting started with the Forex broker, all that one has to do is complete the following easy steps:

2. Open Account & Place Deposit

Solid & Consistent Daily Results

Thanks to its intelligent and sophisticated SpotOption platform, this crypto trading broker can accumulate above the promised average results on the initial investment. The current number of clients who have signed-up with the crypto trading platform exceeds 1,000,000.

The brokerage operates according to the schedule of the five main stock exchanges around the world – the ones in Tokyo, New York, London Shanghai, and Hong Kong. This makes its provided services 24/7. Cryptocurrencies can be traded around-the-clock.

Review Verdict: UTrader is Not a Scam
Visit UTrader Official Website

Low Minimum Deposit Rate

Clients can choose from a vast range of unique tools and account types. One would have to place a minimum required deposit of $300 in order to set up his trading account and begin acquiring earnings. This monetary amount is utilized for investment purposes only and can be withdrawn at any given time. There have been no reported delays of the said procedure. Users have issued only positive feedback in their crypto trading reviews.

Fully Legit & Genuine Crypto Investment Broker

Based on all our findings, our uTrader cryptocurrency exchange verdict would be that it is a legitimate and trustworthy Altcoin trading broker platform. It has a wonderful Education Center and Financial News section which help traders stay up to date with the latest happenings on the market which could trigger a shift in assets’ price.

The crypto broker’s CySEC approval certificate is still pending but it should be displayed on the official website of the brokerage pretty soon. User feedback has been more than positive and lots of people proceed to open an account on the platform. It complies with the best-established SSL 256-bit encryption protocols.

uTrader Offers a Wide Variety of Account Types

This cryptocurrency exchange platform lets users pick from five different account types. One can decide whether to start at the lowest possible and work his or her way up or start and the highest. The latter are best-suitable for more experienced investors.

Every higher account type includes the special features of the previous ones and builds on top of them. Let’s find out what they are:

  • Start Account: This is the lowest account type. The initial deposit ranges between $300 and $3,000. Users are entitled to standard withdrawals, market analysis materials, access to the Education Center, and an introductory course to the crypto investment platform.
  • Silver Account: Minimum investments can be anywhere between $3,001 and $10,000. A newly-added cryptocurrency trading tools are the Personal Financial Analyst and two learning sessions for trading strategies.
  • Gold Account: The most popular account type. One has to invest from $10,001 to $50,000 to open it. Additional features include the once-a-week individual review of the trading account with financial analyst and four investment strategies learning sessions.
  • Platinum Account: Initial deposits can be anywhere between $50,001 and $100,000. Advanced tools include a quarterly trading plan and individual lessons on the developing of a personal trading strategy.
  • VIP Account: Reserved for exclusive and long-term traders, one has to invest at least $100,000 in order to open this account tier. Users gain access to all of the lower ones’ special features and the additional screen demonstration of real-time trading, highest priority to invest online with a financial analyst, and VIP hedging tools.

User Testimonial

‘I opened an account with this cryptocurrency and Forex trading platform about two months ago and have experienced no troubles when trying to withdraw my earnings. All of the available account types present the user with great possibilities to have multiple income streams. I am even beginning to consider whether or not to quit my day job and dedicate my full attention to my family, friends and the many hobbies I have acquired.

This crypto broker provides wonderful grounds on which one can generate good and consistent daily results and deserves your full attention.’

Agnes Soerenson, 39, Sweden

Authentic & Reliable Currency Trading Opportunities!

uTrader is a reliable and legitimate crypto broker choice for both beginners and experienced traders. The interface is easily-customizable and users who open an account are granted a professional analysis, an opportunity to acquire further financial knowledge and insight for free, as well as risk management strategies, and comprehensive guidance in the cryptocurrency world.

The uTrader crypto trading platform is one of the best new additions to the online crypto investment and Forex spheres. One should not hesitate but make good use of it by signing up and beginning to trade. Generated daily results are not only satisfactory and consistent but often very impressive if one trades smart.

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    Free Demo Account 1000$!
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