Gominer.co Review Is Gominer Cloud Mining Scam or Legit

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Is Gominer Legit? — Company Review and Check

Gominer is a cloud based cryptocurrency mining company based on Ottawa, Canada that sells cloud mining contracts to anyone who wants to earn in cryptocurrency, specially in Bitcoin. The company also declared that they will be selling their own made ASIC miners called GMX R1 which is a multi-mining ASIC miner that can mine different coins such as Bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin and more. The said asic miner can be seen in some online shopping websites but the price is still unavailable at the moment due to the company has not released the ASIC miner yet.

The company has been gaining good reputation all over the industry of cryptocurrency and crypto community and even in social media websites such as reddit, facebook, twitter and more. The company has been featured on different conventions and has been a topic of numerous bloggers, writers, reviewers and well known publishers all over the world. That’s why people are getting curious what is this company and why most people are talking about them.

The company has been receiving a lot of praises during the last few months and upon checking the conversation of the people on forums and social media, most of the topic that they are talking about is the company’s features and services which are:

  • Multiple earning options such as:
  • Cloud Mining
  • Staking
  • Buy and Selling tokens
  • and their Social Media Platform

Multiple Earning Options

Most of the cloud mining company available today has only 1 option of investment which is cloud mining. The simplest explanation about cloud mining is investors are going to rent an ASIC miner on the cloud mining provider and will pay for the maintenance fee in return. Therefore, investors can mine cryptocurrencies without having the need of an ASIC miner with them, housing of the devices, and the maintenance of it.

On the other hand, Gominer has 4 earning options which are mentioned above.

  1. Cloud Mining — Investors can earn for up to 10% of their investment a day depending of the value of cryptocurrency being mined.
  2. Staking — Investors will receive a fixed amount of 2% of their investment everyday for 14 days.
  3. Exchange — Investors can list your tokens in the exchange for the value of their choice, therefore, their earnings may depend on how much they bought the tokens and how much they are going to sell it.
  4. Bounty / Referral — A user can receive a percentage of income by referring an investor in their company even without investment.

Social Media Platform

Another feature that made the company trending on forums, facebook, twitter, reddit and more is their own Social Media Platform. This platform enables the users to connect on each other by sharing a content and be a part of a social network. In simpler example, user may connect on each other by:

  • Sending messages
  • Posting comments
  • Posting a status update
  • Adding friends
  • Liking a post or comment
  • Send tokens to other users

Their social media platform is a little outdated if you compare it on Facebook, however, the platform is user friendly, responsive and useful for everyone who are using their services.

Legitimacy Check


  • Legitimacy Online Checkers
  • Trust Review Websites
  • Cryptocurrency Conventions
  • Website Check
  • Website Construction
  • Whitepaper
  • Road Map / Future Plans
  • Team
  • Services Offer
  • Customer Support
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • ICO Listings
  • Mobile and Desktop Application

Legitimacy Checkers Online

First, we will check the company with the help of legit checkers like scamadviser.com, islegitsite.com and scamvoid.net. We will also check them from topnotch trust review websites like Trustpilot and Foxyrating.

Upon checking Gominer from these 3 checkers,

Trust Review Websites

Upon checking the company on 3 legitimacy checkers, the company’s ratings are found to be safe. Next step is checking the company on trust rating websites like Trustpilot and FoxyRatings


Trustpilot has a very high reliability rate in checking companies so checking a company on this website is very advisable. Upon checking, Gominer company has 4 star ratings on Trustpilot.com and the reviews are mostly good. GREEN FLAG!

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Foxy Rating is another website with very high reliability rate for checking cloud mining companies. Gominer company has 4.3/5 stars rating and ranked as number 28 of all the cloud mining companies in the world at the moment. GREEN FLAG!

Gominer on Cryptocurrency Conventions

The company is featured on a cryptocurrency conference and convention in Canada and the CEO of Gominer Jack Ethan Mayler was interviewed and he Mentioned:

“We are going to change the world of cyptocurrency with Multi-Mining.”

(Multi-mining is the main unique feature that Gominer has in their cloud mining service. It simply means that multiple-cryptocurrencies will be mined in their cloud mining service. The feature has multiple benefits that will result in higher and stable profit)

A cryptocurrency journalist interviewed the CFO of Gominer, Cedrick John Maude and asked the CFO why they offer their services only now despite that they have been mining cryptocurrencies long time ago. He stated that:

“Mining cryptocurrency is hard and offering cloud mining service is hardest, that thing is on a different level, that’s why we have to develop and test run for almost 2 years before offering our services to the public to avoid complications, that way, we can give our customers the best service that a company can give “

Gominer’s Website

There are few things that you have to look for when checking a legitimacy of a cloud mining company’s website such as:

  • Website Construction
  • Whitepaper
  • Road Map / Future Plans
  • Services Offer
  • Customer Support

Website Construction

You can spot if a website is legitimate by checking the theme itself, the colors, the structure, words, font and most of all, the feeling when browsing the website.

Here is an example of a very poorly made scam website versus a legitimate website

We will not mention the name of the scam website for safety purposes. This website has very little information, and the website is very small, there are no team, no roadmap, No promotional video and so much more. Now, lets check the website of Gominer.

The website of Gominer has so much information, from team, roadmap, faqs, costumer support, calculator and so much more, actually, most of the answers for the questions thet people frequently need can be found on their website.


A whitepaper contains a very detailed information about the company, from services, future plans, location, history and everything. Scam company websites doesn’t have a whitepaper, plans and all. However, upon checking Gominer, their website have a whitepaper that can be found on their homepage or this link https://gominer.co/onepager/


A company must have an achievement list and future plans. The company lists the plans that they achieved and the plans that they are going to achieve. These details can be found on a company’s road map. If a company doesn’t have a road map, then you know the answer, they don’t have a plan. Upon checking Gominer, a roadmap can be found on their website.

The company stated their achievements from 2020 until today and their future plans. I just don’t like the thing that i put a circle with where the Road Map content overlaps the menu.


Investors must check if the offers of the company are legitimate. By checking if it is possible, If the company gives impossible offers, then the company has a high chance of being a scam. Also, check your possible earnings if it is too good to be true, then it is probably a scam also. Companies that has too much promises and very high return such as 30% and above daily income usually ends up as a scam. Upon Checking the Services that Gominer provide, i can say that it is very possible. ( Check Multiple Earning Options Above)

Costumer Support

A good and legitimate company always care for their investors that’s why a legit company has a costumer support that you can talk to if you have problems or questions. We checked both of the companies and found out that “cloud mining company A” doesn’t have costumer support, not even an email, so if you have any question or problem, no one will answer you.

However, by checking Gominer’s website, we found out that they have 24/7 live support, email address, phone number and multiple social accounts such as

We only listed important social accounts here but you can find more Gominer accounts on the internet that you can contact if you have any questions or suggestions.


Checking the legitimacy of a company is difficult, that’s why we need the help of other people so we need to consider other people experiences and opinions in their blogs and statements. We gathered some legitimate blogs and their final comments for Gominer Company.

According to Mr. Amir Sayed on a popular blog website:

Personal Conclusions
One of the things that we need to consider when identifying if a certain company is fake, one should check if the company’s platform is too good to be true. Upon checking their services, offers, and construction (stated above), I can say that their offers and services are very possible, so those things are green flags for me.

In my opinion, according to most reviews, articles and questions answered that we have read on the internet, and after seeing them being interviewed by well known people on a convention, I could say that their percentage of being legitimate is high, so i think i would give them a YES.

What i have said is only my own pure opinion because i myself would not waste my money on unreliable companies so we need to make a research first. If you are going to invest in some, i suggest that you must do some research as well yourself or check some personal reviews and blogs.

A popular blog with the name of minerhub.com also posted a topic about gominer, and his final words about this company is:

Short Conclusion
As an investor myself, If i’m going to invest in a cloud mining service like this, ill make to sure to research just like what i did just now to make sure that my precious savings are going to be safe and sound. Finally, i’ll give this company a green flag for now but it may change in the future or may not, but at the moment, i’ll just have to wait so that i could try their services and I will make sure to post an update about their company in the future.

You can gather more information scattered through-out the internet so i suggest that you make more research.

Press Release

In able to be listed on Press release websites, the main requirement for the company is to be legitimate. The company will undergo into multiple legitimacy check before getting accepted by the press release publishers. Being listed on press release websites has 85% and above legitimacy rate.

We checked multiple press released websites and found Gominer in most of the high ranking press release websites such as:

ICO Listings

Same with Press Releases, getting listed on ICO websites are extremely difficult and you must undergo in multiple legitimacy checks like phone calls, company visits, interviews and more.

We checked the top ICO listings available on the internet and also found their ICO which is Gominer Token listed. Here are the top ICO listings where Gominer can be found.

Mobile and Desktop Application

Their company mentioned that they developed a mobile application that will be available on Android and iOS. Also, gominer will be available on desktop application. Upon checking the mobile application on google play, we found out that they are telling the truth.

However, gominer is not available on apple store. The desktop application can be downloaded on their website at https://gominer.co/app.html

Final Comments

Upon doing days gathering information from different websites, blogs, personal opinions of different people, deep research and legitimacy check of the company and the services, we can say that this company is definitely legitimate. Now we quite understand why this company is being a trend in the cryptocurrency industry these days.

In terms of their investment options, we are moved with the multiple investment options and even people with no investments can earn by using their bounty referral system.

We would like to thank the people who helped us finish this article by giving their experiences and opinion.

Проверка и отзывы о сайте gominer.co

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Месторасположение IP: Соединенные Штаты Америки

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Gominer.co Review: Is Gominer Cloud Mining Scam or Legit

GPU miner for sia in go

All available opencl capable GPU’s are detected and used in parallel.

Installation from source

  • go version 1.4.2 or above (earlier version might work or not), check with go version
  • opencl libraries on the library path
  • gcc

See what intensity gives you the best hashrate, increasing the intensity also increases the stale rate though. ##EXAMPLES poolmining: gominer -url stratum+tcp://siamining.com:3333 -I 28 -user 9afafe46fbd4d2fc3f6dd61ae36686a8ce3d9ddd84a8c8fa72dddb5fe09e6e61f2e2e60f974c.example solomining: start siad with the miner module enabled and start gominer: siad -M cghrtwm gominer

Stratum support is implemented as defined on https://siamining.com/stratum

A developer fee of 1% is created by submitting 1% of the shares for my address if using the stratum protocol. The code is open source so you can simply remove that line if you want to. To make it easy for you, the exact line is https://github.com/robvanmieghem/gominer/blob/master/algorithms/sia/siastratum.go#L307 if you do not want to support the gominer development.

ERROR fetching work – Status code 404

If you are solomining, make siad is running and the miner module is enabled in siad: siad -M cghrtwm

ERROR fetching work – Get http://localhost:9980/miner/header: dial tcp connection refused

Make sure siad is running

Check the sia documentation

I don’t know how to set up siad or the sia UI wallet, how do I do that?

Check the sia documentation.

You have to help me set up mining SIA

If you really want to, you can support the gominer development:

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