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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 2000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2006
Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, 1510, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Contact: [email protected], +1 646 844 7187
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries:



Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading:
Mobile Trading:
Currencies: (330+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds



Deposit Methods: VISA, AdvCash, Bitcoin, ePayments, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Help2Pay, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney, RBK Money, Ripple, Tether, VLoad, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, MasterCard, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Help2Pay, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Payeer, PayTrust88, Payza, PerfectMoney, Ripple, Tether, VLoad, WebMoney, Yandex Money

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Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Please update your review to include your account ID so that we can look into your situation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

After opening an account of $488 with grand capital I did not receive the deposit bonus that they had promised. I did all they requested for the verication of my documents and was successful, but still did not get my deposit bonus. Again when trading with them, when you place the buy and sell stop orders they are tempering with my entry prices and changing them to ensure I do not make any profit at all. When I was trading the CAD news (4 march 17:00) I placed a buy stop order at 1.48450 and the current price was 1.48290. But when the trade was triggered I was surprised to find the entry price was changed to 1.48665. I don’t know who added the 200 points on my entry price or why this was done. This has been happening in my previous trades with them. Is this how grand capital operates? The CAD news trade moved about 1000 points (100 pips) but I was given a profit of just $13 on a lot size of 0.35 ($3.50 per pip) this is unacceptable. I made a screen shot of the trade it’s just that I don’t know how to attach it to this report. I wanted everyone to see what I am experiencing with this broker.

Feb 21, 2020 – No Rating After seeing the advert from Grand Capita that they offer 40% bonus on each deposit, I was attracted to them because their bonus offer was slightly above what other brokers are offering. Bit oncei deposited the money and the verication process completed, there as no bonus given . Right now I am Sending them Emails which they are not responding to. I feel the whole thing about Grand Capital is nothing but a hoax. If they are giving problems with just a bonus what more when I want to make a withdrawal?

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Options Broker 2020!
    Great Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account 1000$!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Only For Experienced Traders!

Reply by Grand Capital submitted Feb 26, 2020 Dear Progress!

Please update your review and include your account ID so that we can look into your situation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please update your review to include your account ID so that we can look into your situation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Service use: Live

Mike and his Partner Ronald Ameral of FOREX WEALTH GROUP / Elite Affiliates of GRAND CAPITAL are two Grade A Forex Scammers.

They Post heavily on craiglist. You can find them still posting in San Diego, San Fran and other cities across the board. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS :

Forex Wealth Group

Getting Started Making Long Term Profits

Note: * most people deposit 10k for Large daily profits VIP*35k deposits yields 2 to 5k daily ( we trade more which means more profits for you!) 100k to 1M * Premiere Profits 5% to 10% DAILY! On average trading. we are 50% partners with you profits paid weekly

Its your account and only you have access to your money,control and withdrawal ability. As your trader managing your account we only have access to the trading MT4 platform


When I first spoke to Mike his conversation was mild toned that spoke HIGHLY of their Trading Skill & How they are ELITE AFFILIATES of GRAND CAPITAL.

Mike sent me Video Clips and Screenshots of “Clients” that were making Explosive Profits and said that was typical when you invest on a VIP Level @ $30,000. Since i was referred he said I get a VIP discount down to $15,000. He said deposit a check in his partner’s Wells Fargo Account:

Now I told him I didn’t feel rite doing that because my money is not protected. He said they are able to purchase Bitcoin for free. If I do it myself I’m going to get hit with big fees. He instructed me to signup with GRAND CAPITAL.NET

This is the Broker that they use to Trade your funds ( supposedly ) Mike CONSTANTLY contacted me about when will I have the Money. When will my Deposit be in, Do I have an ETA about when will the check clear to make the deposit. I kept in contact with Mike. He was ALWAYS AVAILABLE! When I called, HE PICKED UP!

When I texted him, HE RESPONDED. I told him it should clear by the next week. He was so adamant! Telling me he NEEDS to get me in as a Client asap. He ask me can I give $2000 to “HOLD MY SPOT”. This was around Christmas and I just spent a couple of 1000s on gifts. I told him TRUST ME its coming.

He stayed on me, Never rested on asking me do I have an “ETA”? Are you making Deposit Today!! d**n, He was bleeding on me. He said I need to get the Funds deposited so they can purchase the Bitcoin and get started ASAP.

Now my funds cleared. I had to deposit 3 Checks! Each deposit I sent him a pic proof, Every deposit he responded. The last deposit Mike turned into the Guy who was NOW TOO BUSY TO PICK UP HIS PHONE. I called him and he SENT me DIRECTLY TO HIS VOICEMAIL! d**n phone DIDN’T even RING ONCE!

And hes so sloppy with his scamming that he left his Instant Messenger on so I would know exactly WHEN HE READ MY TEXT BUT HE WOULDN’T respond. Realizing that MIKE was ignoring me, I texted him and let him know where is all that energy he had when he wanted my investment.

He answered 100% of my Calls. As soon as that LAST DEPOSIT went thru MIKE DID NOT ANSWER NOT ONE PHONE CALL!! ZERO, ZILCH. I asked for a refund. NOW HE RESPONDS and says its a typical Friday, he’ll contact me Monday, they purchased partial Bitcoin and he’ll give me a call. NOPE, ALL BS. He did not CALL ME.

Monday night, I requested another Refund. He responded and said he will connect with me tomorrow afternoon they are finishing up buying the rest of the Bitcoin. If I “NOW”want a Refund he will contact his partner. Of course the next day, MIKE DID NOT CALL. I called him and AGAIN he sent me to voicemail

I spoke to an Agency that deals with FOREX SCAMS and they specifically told me Mike , Ronald Ameral and Grand Capital are SCAMMERS. So when he sent me to voicemail again I knew for a fact he knew I found out. I told him I was going to report him.

NOW he responded and said He will contact me today and he got me a $5k bonus. He will get with me by the end of the day. BS.

Again Mike did not CALL ME nor Text me. Absolutely NOTHING. I texted him about the Agency exposing them.. NOW he responds and says give me your email address and he’ll send the refund request to his partner. He said my Bitcoin was “purchased”. He said I will get an email about the refund

OK here goes that mountain of Scamming BS. The email stated that if I want a Refund they will take 40% of my investment. I either take that or continue to trade. I denied that crap because they didn’t trade a d**n thing! All they did was purchase Bitcoin WITH MY MONEY, NOT THEIR MONEY, MINE. But there’s no Proof of that purchase!!

I told Mike I was going to sue him and he BLOCKED ME. So i called their Bluff and said I’ll take the 40% hit. They NEVER RESPONDED!!

While at my Bank explaining the scam and closing my account, My biz partner contacted Mike. He asked him WTF is going on. Now the refund status has changed since I called their 40% bluff. Now they said to get a refund I need to bring them a client who will invest with them AND I will get hit with a 40% surrender fee.

Now why the hell will I bring someone to them so they can SCAM THEM. Then that person would say I set them up. They changed my login details and emailed me a bogus login and said they purchased bitcoin, A big Front trying to act like they’re trading. I checked my account and there'[s not a d**n thing in it except words.


These guys Mike 619-756-9277 and Ronald Ameral of FOREX WEALTH GROUP & Elite Affiliates of GRAND and SCAMMERS AND CROOKS. STAY AWAY



These Scums of the Earth Rip me off but I will make sure this hits all scam sites, search engines and blog site to protect anyone from investing in them. RUN FAR AWAY



We have investigated your situation and examined the screenshots of your correspondence with a certain Michael. We regret to inform you that you didn’t make your deposit with Grand Capital. You deposited your funds directly to an individual with whom we aren’t affiliated. You are likely to have become a victim of scammers.

We’re deeply sorry that you found yourself in such a situation, and we would like to urge everyone to be cautious!

Grand Capital enters top-3 most active brokers in Asia

Grand Capital made it to Top-3 at AtoZ Markets 2020 Awards in the nomination “Most Active Broker in Asia”.

Despite the global quarantine and crisis, our company keeps providing services of high quality, so that traders could trade seamlessly and achieve their best results in Forex!

We at Grand Capital are grateful to our customers for their high appreciation of our work in Asia. Currently, the broker’s offices operate in Vietnam, Armenia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Thailand. Most recently, in autumn 2020, the trading school Grand Capital Forex opened in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The results were determined by votes that had been cast daily on the website between 20th January to 20th February 2020 midnight. Each voter could choose only one nominee per category and/or skip any given category. Only one vote was allowed per one unique IP address, each voter could cast one vote in 24 hours. In order to avoid any manipulation with the results, the system was designed to exclude votes cast via Tor browsers, IP changing plugins and any other platforms providing temporary IP.

The competition for the nomination “Most Active Broker in Asia” was organized with multiple assessments based on the following criteria: trader survey, broker interviews, qualitative assessment of forum reviews, information presented on the companies’ websites.

AtoZForex (rebranded as AtoZ Markets) was established in 2020. The website is committed to providing unbiased information to all industry participants. In December 2020, the team implemented the broker approval process via its AtoZ Broker Review Directory, helping traders and investors to choose reliable Forex firms. The approval process is based on traders’ experience, AtoZ Markets questionnaire, and financial regulators.

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