How to Create Your Own Binary Options Strategy, Step by Step!

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How to develop your own binary options trading scheme?

Binary options, despite the financial prospects for potential investors, require in the process of profit making the solution of many technical and analytical problems. To effectively use binary contracts, traders use strategies that, thanks to specialized approaches, methods and tools, are able to give certain statistical advantages to the market, and also provide an opportunity to more clearly generate effective trade forecasts for the formation of market positions.

Today the network is full of various systems and strategies that can certainly satisfy certain requirements of investors in the process of trading options. However, if we talk about professional trade and the achievement of financial heights, it should be said that the bulk of well-known investors and financial market professionals have achieved success due to their own high-quality trading systems. Schemes of work on the market, which the trader has developed independently, are the most universal and profitable tool.

Of course for most private non-professional online traders with minimal experience in trading and only basic knowledge in financial trading it is rather difficult to independently develop an effective and working strategy, but it is possible! Against this background, we offer a useful guide to developing a trading strategy for binary trading, which will help you understand the technical subtleties of the process of forming trading schemes.

So, before embarking on the formation of a strategy, it is necessary to clearly understand the principle of the main trading instrument – binary options. What task should we solve for profit? Everything is extremely simple – the main condition for the profitability of the contract is to determine the direction of the market fluctuations or the forecast about the value of the price at a certain point in time. Hence the logical conclusion is that to determine the necessary indicators we need a system that will effectively determine the most profitable market positions for betting an option. In this case, the most attractive moments are the levels of origin of new trend movements or a stable market trend. Simply put, the most optimal conditions for binary trading is the work on the trend of quotations. In this way, you can achieve the most effective statistics.
To determine the trends and points of their origin, as, indeed, for the calculation of other indicators, there are two directions of analysis in trade:

• Fundamental, where as the indicators for forecasting the market are the fundamental statistics, political and economic news, as well as the activities of financial regulators and government bodies. On the basis of such drivers of influence on the market, the trader’s behavior pattern is built when working on the trading platform
• Technical – here traders evaluate current market indicators using a wide range of specialized techniques and tools: from patterns and cyclic regularities to the generation of signals using indicators of automatic analysis

A professional trader must master all areas of analysis in order to create an effective trading system. In addition, in the preparatory stage of strategy development, the investor needs to first understand what type of system suits him the most. Here you need to take into account a lot of indicators – a comfortable rate of trade, the choice of working assets, the preferred mode of forecasting and a list of tools that the trader understands.

Most professionals seek to develop the most efficient and simple systems, which include Price Action strategies or indicator approaches to generating forecasts. These types of trading schemes are characterized by simpler algorithms for estimating market indicators, efficiency, high level of performance and correct evaluation of short-term trading periods. Having determined the type of trading strategy that suits you for all indicators, proceed to the direct development. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

• Outline the list of trading assets

Trading quotes of various financial instruments are subject to a diverse spectrum of patterns and drivers of influence. If you open asset schedules, then you will not find two of the same. Therefore, for effective trade, you need to create a set of the most attractive trading resources. The fact is that some assets work perfectly on strategies of fundamental analysis, for example, “Trading on the news” – this includes commodity assets, gold, stock market instruments (stocks), others show excellent results using graphical or indicator strategies – mostly currency pairs. Therefore, the choice of assets for trading is an important factor in building a trading system.

• Determine the optimal trading time

Effective time management is also the foundation for the formation of a profitable approach to trade. Firstly, here there are several time periods for trading – night, which is characterized by low volatility of the market, minimal dynamics of trading, limited list of assets. Day, which is characterized by the activity of the movement of quotations, strong impulse movements of the trend, the maximum dynamics of trade operations. In addition, there are several additional time periods for trading – weekend trading, which uses specialized assets for trading or artificial trading quotes generated by the algorithm of the brokerage platform, as well as the time of the release of the fundamental data. Having determined the optimal time period of work in the market, the investor can improve the level of performance of his trading. Let’s continue, the next step is the direct development of the system.

• How to build a strategy

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So, you have decided on the assets for trading, set the trading time for yourself, now you need to create a system template. For this, it is necessary to analyze the quotation chart well and identify the most accurate and cyclical patterns. To informatively show the principle of system development, we take two simple and most popular types of strategies – indicator and Price Action.

В Indicator systems – to create a template for market analysis using indicators, select from your list of understandable analysis services tools with different modes and algorithms. Ideally, if you use a set of oscillators, trend indicators and auxiliary services, for example, volume determination tools. Expansion of the estimated market indicators will allow you to build a system with high efficiency and versatility. Next, analyze the performance of indicators on the history of quotations. This is necessary to determine the system of signals that can form an instrumental set of strategies. Having identified the necessary indicator signal indicators that can be used in practical trading, fine-tune the analysis services. This is necessary for a correct estimation of quotations of a particular asset. It is through the combination of indicators and experiments with their technical settings that professional indicator-type strategies are born.

Strategies for Price Action – this format of systems is more complicated in development. To form a system of this type, you need to have a relatively large trading experience and attention. The bulk of Price Action systems are strategies based on cyclical patterns and the identification of certain market indicators that can be used as signals for trading. A simple example is working on trend levels. The developers of this system simply noticed the regularity of the market, in which the price, reaching certain indicators, carried out a trend reversal. So the trading strategy was born. Another example is candle models. The chart in the mode of Japanese candles generates a wide variety of shapes, combinations and figures of quotations of quotations that are able to inform the trader about changes in the movements of the market. Having identified this model, you can draw up a lucrative rate. Thus, the development of the Price Action strategy is to monitor the market for the identification of certain cyclical patterns. It should be noted that such indicators are considered by professionals to be the most effective signals for trading.

• Calculation of expiration for trading by strategy

The second most important indicator of binary trading is the option redemption time. It is completely unimportant whether you predicted a market movement if at the time of the expiration of the option the price is not in the place where it was supposed to be according to the trade forecast, as the market can oscillate in different directions in a rather limited time range, and considering that the bulk traders trades contracts with expiration from 1 minute to an hour, then without correct calculation of this indicator, trading can be ineffective.

To correctly determine the optimal repayment range for bets, you first need to study the history of the market. Here you can simply calculate the candles of the chart with a certain period of construction (timeframe) to determine the most effective time range, which will effectively work out the signal of the strategy instruments.

Next, when calculating expiration, you should take into account the current volatility of the financial instrument market. For pulsed motion, it is preferable to use contracts with a minimum repayment range. At low quotes activity it is recommended to work with options with a longer range of repayment. A clear calculation of the time indicator of the action for each contract allows you to maximize the profitability and efficiency of trading.

• Managing

We determined the range of technical indicators that are necessary to create our own trading method for binary trading, it’s time for financial requirements for the work of the strategy. You should clearly understand that there are no systems with 100% efficiency. Each strategy gives a certain indicator of unprofitable contracts! Therefore, you must clearly understand what level of losses your strategy gives to properly manage your capital. Ignoring the calculation of risk management indicators can lead to a loss of capital even on the most efficient system. In this respect, you can use the classic limitations on the cost of options – it is usually recommended to use contracts that do not exceed 5% of the amount of capital. An alternative here is a test strategy on specialized services or demo platforms – in this mode, you must use the trade statistics to determine the number of unprofitable rates and calculate the level of the maximum allowable risks in trading.

• Testing the system

Undoubtedly, already during the development of the strategy you will test certain moments of its work. However, after the final configuration, the formation of the system template and the calculation of all the necessary indicators, it is extremely important to conduct a final test of the strategy’s work. Thus, you can finally make sure the system is working, evaluate its trading effectiveness in different trading conditions, and gain experience in its practical use. Believe me, this will definitely pay off in the form of profits!


Having passed all the stages of professional strategy development, you can create an individual and highly profitable trading method that will be optimal for your trading style. The optimality of all indicators of one’s own strategy is one of the main factors in achieving success by any trader in the binary market!

“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

Binary Options Strategies – Key to Great Trading

Many traders believe how binary options trading is nothing more than a mere guess: will the price of the underlying asset go up or down. Will I predict the movement correctly or not?

Of course, there is a certain excitement attached to this type of approach that involves high risk, but most binary traders prefer somewhat more reasonable approach. That is when the binary options strategies come in handy.

In this article, we will deliver answers to some of the most crucial topics:

  • What Are Binary Options Strategies?
  • Why are Binary Options Strategies important?
  • What are the Ultimate Strategies to Binary Options Beginners?
  • Best Binary Options Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading
  • 5 Most Important Binary Options Strategies
  • How to find Binary Options Strategy that suits You
  • Advanced Binary Options Strategies
  • Binary Options Strategies and Tactics for quick Implementations

What are Binary Options Strategies?

Binary options strategies can be defined as a set of measures or a plan, that will help traders minimize the risk, get a better overall picture and trade better in long-term. This is what makes binary options trading so much different than gambling: every trader gets an opportunity to execute an analysis and create a solid strategy.

Even though many believe how binary trading is all about luck and being in the right place at the right time, binary options trading is much more efficient when the right strategy is applied. Strategic thinking in binary options can be learned but requires a lot of dedication. However,, delivers all most popular strategies, guides and reviews in one place for better and easier management of the entire binary trading process.

Binary options strategies define what you invest in, how you invest, and how you can improve your trading success. This set of guides will help you to understand the characteristics of binary options strategies.

We always recommend using the demo account prior to real trading, so you can easily test your knowledge and strategies you want to apply.

Types of Binary Trading Strategies

Equipped with a binary trading strategy, you always know exactly what to do, and there is no guesswork in your trading.

Binary options traders know three types of sub-strategies. These types of binary options strategies are:

  • A trading strategy. This strategy defines how you find profitable trading opportunities and which type of binary options you use to trade them.
  • A money management strategy. This strategy defines how much you invest on a single trade.
  • An analysis and improvement strategy. This strategy deals with your past trades and tries to identify the aspects of your trading that make you money and those that hurt you, thereby enabling you to improve your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

All of these binary options strategies are essential elements to your binary trading. Neglecting one type of strategy or following it only half-heartedly will sabotage your trading success and is the surest way to lose money. A successful binary options strategy combines all three sub-strategies into one coherent main strategy.

Especially new traders often make the mistake of focusing on their trading strategy exclusively. In their minds, trading means finding profitable investment opportunities, but they do not know that there are two other, similarly crucial aspects they need to focus on.

Why are Binary Options Strategies important?

Let’s compare binary options trading to football: imagine you are on a football field with a bunch of friends. You can decide to manically run and kick the ball.

By using force and high-dense emotions, you will probably score a goal, but you may also loose, or even score an auto-goal because you basically have no idea what you are doing. If you stop, think, and act mindfully there are higher chances you will be able to act as a team and be consistent. Just because you have a simple strategy.

The same goes for binary trading:

  • Binary options strategy reduces emotions and stress in trading to the minimum
  • Binary options strategies allow you to repeat the same steps and to find where you made a mistake
  • Binary options strategies allow you to be in control

Importance of Binary Options Trading Strategy

Trading strategies can give traders a deeper insight into how certain trades roll out for you, and after a certain number of trades, you will be able to see some patterns and figure out whether or not a certain strategy works for you. This will give every trader the opportunity to find the lost opportunities and focus on most lucrative aspects of trading.

Importance of Binary Options Money Management Strategy

Also, good money management strategy will allow you to avoid overspending. It is not rare that traders force trades and want to succeed at every cost. Then they force trading and lose more and more. A money management strategy is just as crucial to your trading success as a trading strategy. By making sure that you always invest an amount that suits your account balance, a money management strategy helps you to grow your capital and survive losing streaks.

A money management strategy is a tool that allows you to accomplish this goal. With a money management strategy, you grow your capital gradually and avoid big setbacks.

Importance of Binary Options Improvement Strategy

Without such a strategy, you will become a dabbler. You will try many different things, make some money here, and lose some money there, but you will never find a strategy of which you know that it works. Instead, you spend your career always chasing the next new trading trend, trying to find a magical tool, but always buying into ineffective ideas.

Only a solid analysis and improvement strategy can help you to avoid this fate. It will help you to understand what is working for you and what is not, and to create a definite strategy that allows you to make money.

What are the Ultimate Strategies to Binary Options Beginners?

If there is a group of traders that is often unaware of risks involved in binary options trading, it’s beginners. They are often under impression how binary trading is nothing more than a game where they can’t lose because it is all online, on some nicely designed website that looks like they are playing some cool online game.

More responsible binary options beginners find it difficult to understand all the complicated terms and tools that are usually included in the binary options trading analysis and strategy development. This is not very surprising, as whenever we are new to something, we tend to get straight. Still, beginners should have the opportunity to really learn how to trade binary options and not only rely on luck. will provide traders with more than enough great binary trading strategies that are easy to understand and yet can be very effective when properly applied.

Importance of Demo Account for Beginners

It is hard to accentuate enough how important is a binary options demo account. Demo account can be defined as really virtual trading. Traders get access to the platform that looks just like the real binary options trading platform provided by the same broker. They can select assets, price direction, investment amount, use different tools and combine different expiry times. However, the money the invest on a demo account is not real, but only a preprogrammed virtual amount.

There are two main types of binary options demo accounts:

  • The binary options demo account that requires deposit
  • Free binary options demo account

Both types of demo accounts provide beginners with an amazing opportunity to simply and effectively test their learned strategies before they enter the real world of binary options trading. However, free demo accounts for binary trading are more accessible and require no deposit, which makes them more interesting for beginners in binary options who have no significant funds available for trading.

Even advanced traders prefer testing their binary options strategies on the demo account before they implement it in the real trading process.

Best Binary Options Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading

Most binary options strategies are based on either directional or volatility trading. This is very interesting and makes binary options almost an exception in the world of trading. Directional and volatility binary trading strategies are of crucial importance for every trader who wants to make a profit.

Binary options strategies for volatility trading are based on the premise that the trader should make a move, not based on the exact direction of the price movement of the underlying asset, but on the movement itself. These binary options strategies are a bit more advanced and require some knowledge as traders must trade on multiple positions. Binary options that have higher expected volatility will be, in most cases, more profitable to trade with.

Directional trading, on the other hand, is based on the trend. A trader can place trades based on the general direction of certain assets. It is advised, that in the case of an upward movement, longer trades should be placed, while in downhill movement shorter expiry times are preferred.

Binary options strategies for directional and volatility trading are very interesting and are the base for understanding all other strategies. There are several sub-types for each category, and traders have to do their research to find which strategies they prefer and consider to be best for them. Also, binary options traders should never neglect the importance of a good demo account, as it allows them to trade binary options and test their binary options strategies in a controlled environment and without the real risk involved as all trades are virtual.

5 Most Important Binary Options Strategies Revealed

There are many binary options strategies, and it seems that as if every website has their own favorites. Also, there is no doubt that every binary options trader has their own favorite strategies. All traders, including you, should keep in mind that there is no unique solutions for selecting good and appropriate binary options trading strategies. While there are some objective criteria for selecting the best binary options strategy, there is often personal aspect involved as every trader has a different style, goals, risk tolerance.

So, before accepting anyone’s recommendation, make sure to understand what the entire binary options strategy is all about. In this part of the article, we will reveal top 5 most popular binary options strategies and provide you with a brief description:

  • 60 seconds binary options strategy – this strategy is focused on fast paced trading that will help traders who are willing to accept more dynamic and somewhat riskier types of binary options trading strategies
  • Candlestick binary options strategy– based on understanding of candlestick charts that are often the preferred type of chart in the binary industry
  • Bollinger bands binary trading strategy – strategy based on technical indicators
  • Money management binary options strategy – essential strategy for every responsible trader
  • Technical analysis – one of the most important elements of successful binary options trading

How can I find the Best Binary Options Strategies for Me?

As you can see from this article, there are many variations of binary options strategies. Consequently, finding the variation that is ideal for you can take time, especially because every trader is different and it is impossible to recommend a single strategy that suits everyone.

This is a problem. Testing different binary options strategies while knowing that some of them are not for you necessarily involves some initial losses. You might make some rookie mistakes, and you might trade in ways that you feel uncomfortable with, which will result in lost trades. For newcomers in the binary options who trade with a limited budget, these losses can threaten to end their trading career before it has begun. This is why finding the right binary options strategies is the most difficult step in your trading career.

However, discovering strategies is of crucial importance in your development towards becoming a successful trader who knows what he is doing and how to make a profit. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut, but luckily, there are some tools and innovations that can help you in making progress.

Traders get the opportunity to use binary options robots and binary options signals providers in order to achieve the best trading results. Most of this software, either robots or signals providers, are allowing traders to select certain strategies that are automatically implemented in their binary options trading for the best and most reliable results.

Binary options traders should always to a thorough research on their service provider, whether it is binary options broker, binary options robot or binary signals provider, as there are many scams on the market.

Luckily, there is also a fair amount of good binary options robots and binary options signals providers, that will make binary trading with different strategies a piece of cake.

Advanced Binary Options Strategies

Of course, not all binary options traders are complete beginners, and there are more than enough traders who are either advanced or true professionals. Such traders want to know more about advanced binary options strategies, as they already know everything there is about basic strategies.

Advanced traders are looking for binary strategies that will take their trading to the next level either by trading gaps, oversold markets, advanced trends or trade swings while implementing an in-depth technical and fundamental analysis.

Advanced binary options strategies require more advanced approach and possibility to look at the complete picture alongside with understanding of possible future events. Most advanced traders never rely on guessing but are always looking for a new and lucrative trading opportunity they can use to make a profit.

Also, they understand all aspects of risk and money management and avoid relying on luck. They have a deep understanding of all assets, expiry times, binary options types, tools, indicators, different charts and can handle more detailed approach towards binary options trading in every moment.

Binary Options Strategies and Tactics for Implementations

Traders who use advanced binary options strategy understand the importance of the right timing on much higher level. They also have a winning mindset and plan ahead. They follow the news and market trends without hesitation. Binary options strategies are for them essential in every way.

Here are some tactics for successful Binary Options Strategies trading.

When the market moves up and down, it rarely moves in a straight line. Instead, the market moves in zig-zag lines, always taking two steps ahead and one step back. These zig-zag movements are called trends, and they are predictable, which makes them a great basis for a strategy.

The classic way to trade a trend would be with a high / low option. High / low options predict that the market will trade higher or lower than the current market price after a given period of time, which is ideal for trends. To trade an uptrend, you would invest in a high option; to trade a downtrend, you would invest in a low option.

Trading the News – Beginner Strategy

Significant news often have a big impact on the market. When a company exceeds the market’s expectations, its price will soar; and when the government publishes disappointing unemployment data, the entire market will fall.

Nonetheless, turning news into a precise trading decision is difficult. Unlike trends, which allow for mathematically exact predictions, news provides you with no indication for how far the market will rise or fall or for how long the market will rise or fall.

Knowing the Investment Amount – Intermediate Strategy

There are three types of money management strategies:

  • No money management strategy,
  • Martingale money management strategies, and
  • Percentage-based money management strategies.

Of these three types of money management strategies, only a percentage based money management strategy can create long-term success. Without a money management strategy, you will suffer the negative consequences we laid out earlier. You will keep losing money and sooner or later have too little money left to make an investment.

Understanding Binary Options Terms – Intermediate Strategy

Successful binary options traders always know what the experts are talking about, and they never get confused by some usual terms. They are willing to learn and improve their knowledge if that is something that will benefit them long-term.

Combining All Important Factors – Advanced Strategy

Once traders see a bigger picture, they can be sure they have enough knowledge t call themselves advanced traders. Of course, practice makes perfect, so no theoretical knowledge is worthy without good practice.

Good traders always know what strategy can be implemented and where in order to reach most lucrative results.


Binary options strategies are a crucially important tool for your trading success. Every trader should have three types of sub-strategies:

  • A trading strategy,
  • A money management strategy, and
  • An analysis and improvement strategy.

These three binary options strategies are the cornerstones of your binary options success. Without them, success is impossible. While it takes time to create three sub-strategies that work well for you, this is a process no trade can avoid. With a binary options demo, you can start the process for free and complete it without risking a single Cent.

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