How to reload your demo account with IQ Option

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How to reload your demo account with IQ Option?

The IQ Option demo account (practice account generally) occupies a very important role in trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner who is still grappling with the demands of the business, the practice account helps you get a better understanding of how the trades can be completed.

You can use the IQ Option free demo account instead risking your own, real money on IQ platform. Trading has its risks, and it’s understandable if you want to be sure before you put your money on the table. As a matter of principle, you want to try out the platform, see how it works, and test a few strategies first before proceeding. But never forget that demo account can’t replace real accounts, because trading psychology works completely different when trading with real money.

In short, you are not required to fund your IQOption trading account instantly and with real money. You can first try a platform and trading without any risk. That’s good – Isn’t it?

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If you want to be successful in the trading, you should master the steps, create a plan, and execute it accordingly. And if there are strategies that do not work, you should be able to learn from these mistakes. A demo account can never replace actual practice and experience that you will learn from real trading. If you want to be good at trading you should definitely know fundamental and technical analysis, because these are very basic strategies.

A demo account is available to every trader that made a registration. The “demo money” can be replenished as needed, so you don’t need to worry about this. If you are looking to master the art of trading platform, like IQ Option and it’s demo account, is definitely a good step ahead.

How to reload the IQ Option demo account?

As we said – The practice account is available to everyone for free. Each free demo account comes with a $10,000 credit which you can replenish at any time you want.

Here’s how you can fund again your demo account with IQOption:

  1. Log in to your account and click the ‘Practice Account’. Now you will see the actual amount of practice money and money on your real account.
  2. To deposit to your demo account you need to click to ‘Top Up’ at the practice account. See image below:

Make sure that your free demo account has less than $10,000 or you will not be able to top up the account, because $10,000 is the maximum. In case you need more credits, you can contact the Support Team for more assistance.

What are the differences between the free demo and real money account?

You can expect the same functionality and tools on both the free demo and the real money accounts. This means that you get similar quotes which will allow you to plan out a strategy and execute it with the free demo account risk-free.

In the practice account, you can also order the Take Profit and the Stop Loss orders, the same actions you can use in the real money account. So the practice account and real account are 100%. Only one difference is the money you are trading with.

Can I collect my earnings from IQ Option demo account?

No. Although the free demo account allows you to execute a number of actions and strategies, there is no way you can somehow operate with this money. Since this is a practice account, the money that accumulates on the platform is not real thus cannot be withdrawn. The free demo account is just there to provide you with a platform to practice orders and your strategies.

Start trading with IQ Option today

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Create IQ Option Demo Account For FREE – No Deposit Required

IQ Option demo is the product by IQoption which has proven their transparency with their completely free iq option demo account. Before IQ Option, no other brokers would provide FREE demo account before doing any deposit. So now it is the chance to create a demo account without depositing a single penny. Don’t waste time to decide. Create a FREE demo account right now.

Or You can simply fill up the form below.

Create IQ Option Demo Account:

Creating IQ Option demo account is completely FREE. To create a free account, click the link above and then you will find an IQoption Iframe. Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Then click Start Trading. That’s it. You will be redirected to a trading page and you will find several assets to start trading with. Then you can start practicing.

Why Do You Need IQ Option Demo Account?:

It is needed for every trader. Without a demo account, you won’t be able to practice which is very important for every trader. So, if you want to learn to trade from scratch, it is very essential. You can understand the platform well before trading with real money. If you are not familiar with the platform, you can learn how it works. That will help you to protect you from any unexpected situation that can be caused by the ignorant about the platform.

Benefits of IQ Option Demo:

There are a lot of benefits of IQ Option demo account. It will increase your experience about the market condition. There are several special benefits of IQ Option demo. There are:
1. Completely FREE to open
2. Same as a real account.
3. No price manipulation like other scam brokers.
4. No deposit required to open an account.
5. No hidden fees and no obligation. Even there is no hidden cost.
6. Auto reloads system. The best feature of the demo.
7. Unlimited demo money. You can reload when you want.

IQ Option Demo Interface:

IQ Option demo interface is same as a real account. Just there is a hint to understand the difference between demo and real account. In the demo account, you will find a reload button at the upper right corner. But in a real account, you will find deposit button to deposit real money.

How to reload IQ Option Demo Account:

Reloading an IQ Option demo account is super easy. Just find the icon at the upper right corner and click deposit. That’s it. You will see that $1000 has been credited to your demo account within a second. That is fun. I have found it so helpful and so effective way to reload. No other broker offer demo money like that. That’s why IQ Option is the best broker in the binary options industry.

Selecting Trading Option:

Selecting a trading option is very important part of trading in binary options. You have to select a trading option. There are several options such as Turbo, Binary, Digital Options, OTC etc. You can select whatever you want. Among them, the digital option is the latest one and very interesting part of trading. Most of them found digital option very interesting. Check the picture below to understand it better.

How to start trading:

It is easy to place a trade. You have to predict the market. There are two options. Call and put. Call means Up and put means down condition of the market. If you think that the market will go up, you can just click Call. If you think that the market will go down, you can place put trade. That is the way of trading. If you are totally an ignorant about the trading, you can just do it several times and you will get a better idea about Binary Options Trading.

IQ Option Bonus:

Every broker has a bonus system. That means if you want to trade with the higher amount than your balance, you can take the bonus from the broker as your real money. Apparently, it seems good. But actually, the bonus is worst if you are a new trader and if you don’t have the proper idea about the bonus. You have to avoid bonus if you are not aware of their rules. For IQ option bonus, their rule is: you need to trade at least 40x of your IQ Option bonus amount to withdraw your money. That simply means if you take 100 bonus, the 40x of 100 is 4,000. That means you have to trade total $4000. It means trading volume. Winning or losing doesn’t matter, You have to trade that amount to withdraw your money. Unless you reach the trading volume, you won’t be eligible to withdraw your money.

IQ Option Login:

To login in IQoption, you have to visit the website address. and you will see a login box. Enter your Email address and password. You will see your trading dashboard once you logged in. If you use their custom app to use their trading tool, the login system is almost same. Just open the software and you will see the IQ Option login page. Then you can log in to their system.

IQ Option Download:

Download their software is easy. You have to visit the link and you will see IQ Option download option. You can download their software for Android, Windows, Mac Os, IOS etc. Their system is cross platform supported and you can trade from any type of devices.

IQ Option Strategy:

Actually, it is wrongly searched keyword. There is no IQ Option strategy. This word should be IQ Option Trading Pattern. Many people search with this keyword and they find some scam video playlist and then they become scammed from so called scammers. Just practice yourself and you will understand the market. That’s is the truth. There is no secret of IQoption and no IQ Option strategy. It is all about understanding the market.

IQ Option Robot:

IQ Option robot was their previous product. But unfortunately, they have stopped providing their service. IQ Option robot is no more available on their platform. But the good news is, there is another interesting product that is called Digital Options. It is very attractive to all traders.

IQ Option Withdrawal:

Withdrawal from IQ option is not any hard task. IQ Option withdrawal has proved their transparency already. But the bad news is that there is no space for the scammers. If you are a genuine trader and if you follow their broker rules, you can withdraw your money 100% safely. No other broker is so transparent like IQ Option. To withdraw your money, you have to verify your account at first with your national ID card or your Passport. If you another’s person’s credit card, you have to stack of withdrawal. You need to provide appropriate permission to use another’s persons credit card.

IQ Option Tournament:

IQ Option tournament is very popular to everyone. Many persons are joining their tournament and winning a decent amount. If you win their tournament, you can earn from their IQ Option tournament. It is 100% safe, trust worthy to participate in their tournament. Every IQ Option trader can join the tournament with a fee. The fee generally varies from $4 to $50.

IQ Option Tournament

IQ Option APK:

IQ Option APK file is also popular among the traders. Because many persons trade from their phone. As Android is the most popular device, peoples are using IQ Option APK file on their android devices. You can download the IQ Option APK file from google play store or IQ Option official website. It is a free software. But only USA, Canada, Australian and several banned countries user can’t use their software.

How to Replenish Your Practice Account with IQ Option?

Regardless of how experienced a trader is, the practice account is always handy and useful. You can use it before you start using real money on the platform. Trading is definitely risky and it is completely normal not to start trading with real funds immediately. First, you will definitely want to try the platform out, see how you like it and decide on your approach and strategies. So you do not need to deposit funds straight away.

You can find lots of useful information about trading in our blog and in the video tutorials, they are really helpful and are aimed to improve your knowledge. But nothing can replace actual practice and experience. It is important to learn to plan your actions and implement your trading plan, learn to lose and get used to the idea that trading is not always profitable. It is hard work and you need to treat it accordingly. Practice account can help you acquire valuable real-life experience.

Practice account is given to each trader on the platform. Moreover, the practice account can be refilled as many times as you want. We believe that this approach helps traders feel more comfortable and secure, as any strategy can be practiced on the demo balance first.

You can use the practice account for as long as you like for free. The initial amount you are provided with is $10 000 and you can fill it up if you run out.

How to reload the practice account?

Let’s do it together step by step.

1) Click on the balance that you are currently on and make sure it is the practice account:

2) Click the ‘Top Up’ button here:

Please make sure that you have less than $10 000, otherwise you will not be able to top the balance up. If, for some reason, you want to have more than $10 000 on the practice balance, you can contact the Support team.

Is the practice account different from the real one?

There is no difference in the charts on the real and the practice account. So all the quotes are identical on both accounts. This allows you to plan your strategy on the practice balance and then implement it to the real one, without making any adjustments. On the practice account, just like on the real one, you can use Take Profit and Stop Loss orders (Auto Close tab) and all the same instruments are available.

Can I withdraw money from the practice account?

While the practice account is made for your convenience and you can refill it as many times as you want, it is not possible to withdraw the funds from it. The money on this balance is not real, which means that it can only be used on the platform. You cannot withdraw it to your bank card or e-wallet or transfer to another account.

Enjoy trading on the practice balance and use it to the fullest. As they say, practice makes perfect and this is exactly what the practice account can help you with.

NOTE: This article is not an investment advice. Any references to historical price movements or levels is informational and based on external analysis and we do not warranty that any such movements or levels are likely to reoccur in the future.
In accordance with European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) requirements, binary and digital options trading is only available to clients categorized as professional clients.


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
87% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Demo Account

Demo Trading Account

Once you have registered your binary options free demo account, we recommend watching our video tutorials. These are a great way to learn about binary options trading, as they explain the process step by step. They cover how to use our platform, as well as trading methods and patterns worth familiarizing yourself with.

After you have watched the videos, you will be one step closer to starting trading.

Our practice account is designed to let you experience binary options trading without taking any financial risks in the process. It is set up exactly the same as a live account, and all the markets are real markets that are updated with real-time information, so you have the same information that active traders do. The demo is designed to give you the most authentic trading experience possible.

Unlike some of our competitors, IQ Option does not require a deposit when setting up your demo trading account. We are committed to providing a transparent trading environment for all of our users.

Practice makes perfect, and for binary options trading it really is the only way to learn. We know it takes time to master something, and we want you to get all the practice you need so that you can trade binary options with confidence.

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