Hybrid Reserve Review is HybridReserve a Scam or Legit Broker

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Hybridreserve Reviews

28 • Bad

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Write a review

Reviews 28

Help needed for recovery of lost fund…

Help needed for recovery of lost fund can be entrusted with the right team.

View bio and contact for recovery

for help and fast recovery of your…

for help and fast recovery of your money visit the address of the litigator under my title and in my profile, they will assist you with all you need.

Keep the trust with us with the…

Keep the trust with us with the recovery of your lost funds.

Contact us on the bio

Low life Ukrainian thieves

Low life Ukrainian thieves. That’s what they are. I made A LOT of money trading yet they didn’t allow me to withdraw them. F*** you all Hybrid Reserve!!

My advice is to stay far away from this…

My advice is to stay far away from this firm. They make you invest big and then leave you hanging. Only a few people have been able to reviver money from these people and I am one of the few, they are really tough to deal with and a lot of people are taking advantage of scammed victims out there. If you genuinely want to get you money back you can reach out to me on matt.wright074 (at) gmail.com and I will give a detailed explanation about my process and point you in the right direction.

Stay clear of Hybridreserve

Stay clear of Hybridreserve, they are thieves. They tell you exactly what you want to hear and before you know it your life savings are gone, BOOM.

Thanks to Mr Daulton and his team, I was able to recover my money but I must be honest with you it was a long battle, it went on for longer than I thought, so if you want to go heads on with Hybridreserve, you need to be patient. Contact liam.daulton(at)consultant, com if you truly want to get your money back from these scumbags.

Scam! Scam!! Scam.
They ripped me off 11,453usd within a shot period of time even demanding for more money, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I had to contact a recovery expert recommended for me from Australia (Cindy)
She did all she could to get my money back now I’m so happy.
If you’re experiencing similar issue you can contact her too for assistance via her mail address:[email protected] gmail . com

Well they left my deposit sit dorment…

Well they left my deposit sit dorment since August 2020 after it made $20 and now trying to get my investment back they say takes 10 days and has to be approved by the accounts dept. But I havntt heard from them any time Ive tried contacting them

Scam. read the ABC (Australian) stories on these grubs

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they asked me to deposit 250 and then…

they asked me to deposit 250 and then they asked me for another 5000 which i did but when asked to withdraw the money they started asking me for for a copy of my passport,credit card,drivers licence and home utility bills
i have since requested for my money but have had no success
i have not heard from them for over 6 weeks, then I had to report them to the UK FCA and also a recovery expert, I fortunate enough that the recovery expert helped me recover my funds out of their portal.
If you’re also a victim you can contact her for assistance via her mail address: [email protected] gmail .com

This company would not cease from…

This company would not cease from ripping people off their money, I got scammed by this company over 31,401€ was deducted from my debit card, but I was rescued by God through a recovery expert from Germany,she helped me get my funds with ease, if you’re also a victim and you’ve been finding means to get your funds back,you can as well reach her via [email protected] gmail . com for assistance.

They won’t allow you withdraw anything!

You won’t be able to withdraw anything if you try to withdraw your money.
I complained till they blocked my IP address from accessing my account but, I was able to get my money off their site through an agent I hired. Write to Cardinalrecovery(at)protonmail(dot)com.
I hope this helps someone.

Does anyone know of a company who works…

Does anyone know of a company who works on a no win no fee basis, we have lost Euros 30,000 with this company and we are unable to retrieve any money back, we are reluctant to pay any more money out so we are looking for a no win no fee company

I lost a huge amount of money, i am afraid to tell how much because i am so ashamed of it.

This company has to be taken down by government because they take advantage of peoples trust.

What they do:
1) they gain trust by hypnotic talk, creating the yes-set used by salesmen also
2) they make you do a small payment so they can show you how they work (creating trust)
3) start asking questions how much you can spent, then calculating how much profit you can make
4) trying to convince you to pay more
5) trying to convince you youre money is save, european laws etcetera. Complete bullsh*t because when you make a banktransfer, you are not backed by any law
6) they keep saying they will deliver
7) keep convincing you to put more money in.
8) making money for you. Don’t know if the orders are real or fake. 9) your account is growing
10) first small payment withing 6 weeks to gain trust
11) when they notice you won’t put more into the account, making one trade. and ALL your money is gone.
12) Then. they’re out. Don’t respond to email, you can’t reach them by phone, what’sapp is blocked

13) Your money is whiped out and they are having a GREAT GREAT holiday.

This is how they work. Be prepared and get out! Or better, don’t get in!

Absolute Scam!

Having read the stories of others on here, I have to say, mine is very tame in comparison. I wanted to ‘dabble’ in the market, having listened to a work colleague about a friend of his. I started by looking up various brokers, Hybrid Reserve being one of them. To cut a long and boring story short, I was contacted by a guy who called himself John Morgan. He sounded very professional and seemed to know his stuff. I explained my situation and, eventually, I agreed to ‘invest’. He said that ten grand would be a good place to start. I told him I could only just about afford two thousand, (if I had ten I wouldn’t need to invest!). He accepted this, saying they would ‘top it up’ to five, then take back the three grand they had ‘lent’ me once the account had reached eight thousand. Within three months I received another call from him telling me to look at my account. Indeed it had risen to just over eight grand, very impressive. I had effectively made three thousand in as many months. Then he said they would take back the three and that I should invest more. I wasn’t in a position to do so. I checked the account for the next three months and it seemed to rise but not as quickly as it did in the first three months. During this time I received calls from various people who allegedly worked for Hybrid Reserve, each time it was a male and each time saying that John was on other accounts etc. They each attempted to get me to invest and each time I refused. I then emailed asking for my initial investment to be returned. No reply, no calls. I emailed two or three times with the same result. I then emailed telling them that I had two people who wanted to invest eighty thousand but, due to their lack of response to me, I had ‘steered’ them away from Hybrid Reserve. I received a call within the hour, funny that isn’t it. Despite repeated requests, I still have not received anything from them and, like others on here, my account was ‘locked out’. I wouldn’t trust these people. DO NOT put your money into them, you’ll never see it again. This has put me off of investing in the future.

NEVER use hybrid reserve

NEVER use hybrid reserve. They do not have licenses, there website is fake and they don’t even trade your money in the market. I’m furious that I was scammed 6k! I will do everything in my power to destroy this company and get MY MONEY. If anyone wants to get involved reach out at ash.j.carter @ gmail.com

HybridReserve is a total thieving share…

HybridReserve is a total thieving share trading scam do not go near
this criminal mob you will lose every cent it is a total fraud .
They set up a fake trading account in your name it is not real they
have complete control .They will suck you in with profit making trades at first then when you ask for money back they will suddenly lose all your funds on losing trades and then try to get more money out of you.
Dont go near these share trading scum .

A very great untrustworthy

A very great untrustworthy . A Account Manager incharge had twisted tounge. All my investment money gone ( USD 3500) .Unable to get refund. Had to bear the owing of maximum charges of my credit card. May God give the person concern a major punishment soon.
In shaa Allah. Aaamiin.

One Big Scam!

This company is just one big scam. Please do not trade with these guys! First they ask you to deposit at least 250$ to the account. If you do that, they will start trading on behalf of you. This way they can make lots of profit for you, so that you would put some more money into the account when everything goes well. In the end, when you ask your money back, they will either not answer your request or invent some stories like you need to send them pictures of your ID card, credit/debit card and driving license. You would be crazy if you send these personal data to them and if you do so, they will still not pay you back, so in the end, all your money is just left behind with them. Some governments already gave several severe official warnings with regard to this organisation after receiving a lot of complaints of victims. So please think twice before someone is calling you with some nice stories, and never send any money to these guys, because such scam organisations know how to manipulate and rip off their clients!

this company is one big scam.

this company is a scam. I would say to anyone trying to withdraw their money to keep sending them emails. It had taken me 3 months to get my money returned and all this nonsense with sending them copy of passport, bank account is just a scam. I have lost money after being told my money would increase, then the agents who deal with on phone become unavailable after all the lies they have told. PLEASE THE REVIWES ARE GENUINE. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY OR SEND THEM £250 FOR BITCOIN AS THEY SUkH YOU IN REGARDING MORE PROFITABLE DEALS, SO THEY SAY.

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About HybridReserve.com

HybridReserve is a forex broker. Hybrid Reserve offers the Mobile forex trading platform. HybridReserve.com offers over 20 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, cfds, commodities, gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

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Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

PLEASE — DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY .. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU. They will take your money and never return it.

They will acknowledge people write negative reviews and use excuses like

– Other Brokers are out to get them
– It’s their competitors
– Couple reviews are bad, no one writes good ones

Trust the people writing these reviews .. not the cons in Hybrid Reserve.

My bank blocked my payment to HBR because they were recognized as insecure and their excuse for my bank doing that was because the banks don’t like them because the banks rip you off and Hybrid are the Good Guys.

After you have been conned for the $250 they do not leave you alone until you then hand over the “next level” amount. Once you have done that they introduce the next level con man who will explain the great opportunity available. Like all cons, they then try to make you feel guilty because you are not investing more.

I will be posting far more detail of their scam so “would be” victims can recognize the sales pitch and not hand over any money.


Scam ALERT: MySafeMarket, Crypto Binary Trade, HybridReserve, and Icon-Bitpay Added to Warning List

The Financial Commission has been notified by concerned traders regarding the companies and associated websites of MySafeMarket, Crypto Binary Trade, HybridReserve, and Icon-Bitpay.

Upon reviewing the submitted information from potential customers of these brokers, the Financial Commission has determined that the indicated companies and associated websites may be used to scam and defraud traders and investors. As such, the Commission does not recommend to do business with any of the above-mentioned companies neither individuals purporting to represent these brokers on social media and in private messages on popular messaging apps. Given this information, MySafeMarket, Crypto Binary Trade, HybridReserve, and Icon-Bitpay placed on Financial Commission’s Warning List.

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