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Bitcoin Revival Review – Is It Scam Or a Legit Trading Software?

December 24, 2020

Trading online financial assets has become a significant source of income for probably millions of people across the globe. Financial assets, such as currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities, are being traded on exchanges and platforms. The fact is, the global financial markets are worth trillions of dollars and they have presented people with many opportunities to make money.

The cryptocurrency market is the latest to become mainstream and has made a lot of people millionaires over the past decade. In addition, the rise of cryptocurrency trading has seen the creation and development of several effective trading tools, designed to make trading activities easier and more profitable for traders. One of these trading tools is the automated trading software. These automated trading software solutions have become popular due to their ability to make it easy for anyone to make money trading cryptocurrencies, even with little to no trading experience.

However, not all auto trading platforms work as they are advertised. As a result of this, we made the decision to test and review the services and features offered by the different auto trading apps available in the market. We open live trading accounts and fund them with real money. We then proceed to trade the assets present on those platforms and monitor how the system works and the results obtained.

The latest auto trading platform we reviewed is the Bitcoin Revival software.

Most people are eager to know the results of our research, after our in-depth review of the system’s features and services. We have rounded up our review and we are confident to say that the Bitcoin Revival software is one of the leading auto trading robots for cryptos that is currently available in the market. If you have heard about this intuitive software and wish to invest in the crypto market with the help of the Bitcoin Revival, then this is a great time to do so. You can safely trade cryptocurrencies with this bot and make money in the process.

From our tests, we were impressed by the features available on the Bitcoin Revival platform. My analytics team confirmed that the site operates in a transparent manner and is accessible to both new and experienced traders. Several of the current users of the Bitcoin Revival platform are making massive profits trading cryptocurrencies every day and many online testimonials confirm this.

Conclusion: After testing the features of the Bitcoin Revival software, we believe it is 100% legit.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Bitcoin Revival: A Lucrative Way to Earn Passive Income Trading Cryptocurrencies

ROBOT: Bitcoin Revival
RATING: 5 Stars
PROPERTIES: The Bitcoin Revival software is easy to use and to navigate which means that even beginners can trade Bitcoin profitably. It presents users with a high-profit ratio, which means that most trades will end profitably.The automated mode of the software ensures that you do not need to be in front of your computer in order to make money. The withdrawal process is easy and swift, ensuring you get quick and hassle-free access to your profits.Bitcoin Revival only partners with reputable and regulated brokers that provide you with direct access to a powerful trading platform.

The Bitcoin Revival software has received many positive reviews from its users. We went through these reviews and also tested the features available on the platform. Based on the results we achieved, we are happy to say that our test outcome confirms that the reviews are authentic, and the platform makes it easy for people to make money trading digital currencies.

While carrying out our test, we had to be sure that the processes on the Bitcoin Revival platform are fully automated and that the algorithms perform certain transactions on behalf of the traders, including market analysis. The good news is that the Bitcoin Revival really works and is the perfect solution to trading cryptos profitably.

The cryptocurrency space has blossomed over the past decade, and there is so much money to be made from the industry. We are delighted to say that the Bitcoin Revival is one of the best and most effective trading software that is available for anyone to use. If you wish to start your journey towards financial freedom, then the Bitcoin Revival software is for you.

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  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Is Bitcoin Revival Legit? Yes It Is!

One of the most important questions by potential traders is if a software solution is legit or not. The legitimacy of a platform ensures that a trader’s personal and financial information are safe at all times.

The fact is, Bitcoin Revival is a legit auto-trading cryptocurrency platform. We used high-level parameters to confirm that all the features and services available on the Bitcoin Revival software fulfill the promises and expectations of the traders. There are hundreds of trading platforms currently available, which makes it tough to know which one is legit.

Here’s what we revealed out about the Bitcoin Revival software in our research:

  • Authenticity – 95%
  • Responsiveness – 96%
  • Ease of use – 98%
  • Customer service – 91%
  • Online Safety – 99%

After assessing the Bitcoin Revival auto trading software, we went through our results and metrics listed above. From our data, we concluded that the Bitcoin Revival platform has a high success rate of over 96%. This result is impressive and it makes the software one of the best and most effective trading platforms in the industry.

What is the Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that makes it easy for people to earn money while trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Revival makes it possible for people to invest and trade cryptocurrencies without having specialized training or technical skills regarding the market. From our research, we realized that most of the users on the Bitcoin Revival platform are making daily profits. Based on this, it is evident that Bitcoin Revival software is designed for anyone who wishes to make passive income and to grow their investment.

The developers of the Bitcoin Revival platform have made it easy for anyone to get started trading in the financial markets. To open an account with the Bitcoin Revival platform is easy to do, plus it is free of charge. To start trading cryptocurrencies, and to enable the software to automatically trade for you, all you have to do is deposit the minimum amount of $250, and you will get immediate access to the trading robot and all the available live trading features.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

While testing the Bitcoin Revival software, we were impressed by the overall features and how the site efficiently responded to our requests. The fact is, if you also ant to get in on the cryptocurrency trading action, the Bitcoin Revival is the ideal choice.

How Do Investors Make Money With Bitcoin Revival?

The success rate of the Bitcoin Revival is 96%, which is very high and impressive. The high success rate confirms several of the positive feedback we have read regarding the software and its trading accuracy. However, we had to be sure that the Bitcoin Revival is able to achieve the 96% success rate that it promises to. Our personal tests of the software quickly confirmed that the Bitcoin Revival is accurate and most of our trades ended profitably, ensuring we make money in a short space of time.

All the traders and investors who use the Bitcoin Revival software benefit from a system that operates with intelligent robots supported by a smart system and algorithm. The bots are designed to analyze massive amounts of data from the crypto market. Afterwards, once trading opportunities are found, the software will execute fast trades on behalf of the trader and in this way, profits are made. According to my tech team, the developers of the Bitcoin Revival platform have used high-level Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence to design their winning system.

We were impressed by the fast trading processes executed by the trading robot on the Bitcoin Revival platform. In addition to this, we were excited to realize that investors who start with the minimum deposit sum of $250, were quickly able to grow their capital and make huge profits in just a few weeks. Those results were obtainable because the trading algorithms function accurately. In addition, the trades are executed on reputable brokerage platforms who are affiliated with the Bitcoin Revival. It is these brokers that also offer you access to other vital trading tools such as educational resources, secure banking options, professional customer support and much more.

We spent a few days running tests on the Bitcoin Revival system to ensure that the results obtained were accurate. After all, we wanted to prove that all users who invest in the Bitcoin Revival can make massive profits. Thankfully, we were able to confirm the profitability and success rate of the software. This is a must-have solution for anyone who is serious about making money from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Analyzing the Results

To properly review the services offered by the Bitcoin Revival software, we opened an account with them. The account made it possible for us to experience how the trading platform works and the features they have to offer. We conducted a live trading session after depositing a minimum of $250. All through the process, we recorded our observations of the platform and how it works.

Here is the detailed analysis that looks into the Bitcoin Revival platform and how it performs:

Authenticity – 95%

The first test we carried out was to determine the authenticity of the Bitcoin Revival software. We were able to confirm the legitimacy of the site and get the identity of the developers behind this software. We also obtained other crucial data, such as hosting information and their security protocols. We went ahead to take part in a live trading session and initiated a withdrawal process to withdraw our money out, after earning profits with them. All these processes were swift and smooth, which led us to give them the above score in authenticity.

Responsiveness – 96%

In terms of responsiveness, the Bitcoin Revival platform scores excellently. While conducting a test of their features, we noticed that the platform works seamlessly. The Bitcoin Revival platform is glitch-free and responds to requests instantly. This makes it straightforward for anyone to access the cryptocurrency market and to make money trading the available assets.

Ease of Use – 98%

Perhaps, the most significant benefit of the Bitcoin Revival platform is its ease of use. The developers designed the platform intending to make it easy for anyone to access the cryptocurrency market and to make money trading the digital currencies. They succeeded in this aspect as the Bitcoin Revival software has a simple and effective user interface. It is easy to deposit funds, set trading parameters, initiate trading, and withdraw funds. We believe that the simplification of these processes is key to attracting more people to sign up and to use the Bitcoin Revival to trade cryptocurrencies.

Customer Service – 91%

Effective customer service is key to the success of cryptocurrency traders. We tested the customer service at the Bitcoin Revival on different occasions, and they performed excellently in all our evaluations. The customer service system here works flawlessly, and the agents are available 24/7. This makes it easy for traders to contact them at any time with an issue. We reached the customer service team via email. They were responsive to all our queries and were eager to assist us. In addition, we tested the customer service of the broker we partnered with and we were really impressed with their service. They were also available on live chat, making it quicker and easier for us to get assistance.

Online Safety – 99%

The Bitcoin Revival software has put in place excellent security protocols to help protect investor funds and personal data. All communication and transactions that are carried out on the platform are encrypted, and the funds are kept safe at all times. Each user is allowed to choose a secret password only known to them when opening an account. This is to reduce the chances of unlawful entry into other user accounts.

Registering a Bitcoin Revival Account

One of the simplest things you can do is to open an account with the Bitcoin Revival software. In addition, it is free of charge. The developers have made the registration stage very easy, making it accessible to anyone.

Simply follow this guide and learn how to open a new Bitcoin Revival account:

STEP ONE: Registration

The first step to using the Bitcoin Revival software is to open an account with them. This is easy as the registration form is available on their homepage. We were prompted to provide personal information, such as phone number, country of residence, name, and email address. Afterwards, we created a strong password to help us protect our accounts from hackers. The registration phase took less than a few minutes, and we received a confirmation email that our account was activated.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

After opening an account, we proceeded to fund our Bitcoin Revival account. The software requires trading capital to open profitable trades on your behalf. The minimum deposit amount is $250, and this was what we loaded into our trading account. It is excellent that the Bitcoin Revival accepts multiple payment systems including MasterCard, Visa, Payoneer, Neteller, and Skrill. We opted for the MasterCard option and loaded our Bitcoin Revival trading account with $250.

STEP THREE: Demo Account

The demo account has been made available to help traders to get familiarized with the trading dashboard. It is recommended that you know how the auto trading system works and the best trading strategies to use before you start trading with real money. The demo walkthrough gives you the opportunity to view all the features of the trading software.

STEP FOUR: Live Trading

After trying out the demo trading account and you are satisfied with your knowledge of the platform, you can proceed to use the live trading account. You are required to spend just a few minutes a day on your computer to set the trading parameters of the software. This includes the strategies to use, the stop loss and take profit orders, the amount to invest per trade, the risk level and more. The Bitcoin Revival software takes over from there are trades automatically on your behalf. The money you deposited serves as your trading capital and will be used to trade cryptocurrencies. Afterwards, you can withdraw some of your earnings and allow your remaining capital to continue being invested and making you more money.

Is Bitcoin Revival Legit? Our Conclusion

Yes, it is. From our observation and the tests we carried out on the features of the Bitcoin Revival, we can confidently say that the platform is legit. We tested several features under the live auto trading account, and we were able to experience the best auto trading platform in action. We are impressed by the overall system and the chances they offer investors to make money trading digital currencies. All users are required to do is to deposit funds and activate their live trading accounts. The auto trading robots take over from there are and execute trades on behalf of the traders, ensuring that they make massive profits in the process.

The fact that the minimum deposit amount is $250 makes it even more appealing. More people can afford to trade cryptocurrencies comfortably with the help of the Bitcoin Revival platform. With as little as $250, traders now stand a chance to experience financial freedom.

FAQs – Bitcoin Revival

Is Bitcoin Revival legit?

Yes, it is. After the in-depth tests, we conducted on the Bitcoin Revival and the features they offer, we can safely say that they are a legit auto trading platform that provides everyone the opportunity to make a profit trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How much can investors make from using the Bitcoin Revival?

The developers of the Bitcoin Revival platform are dedicated to ensuring that everyone stands a chance to make money trading cryptocurrencies. This is, therefore, the reason why they made the minimum deposit amount affordable for everyone. The minimum deposit sum is $250; however, you can deposit a higher amount, with the maximum limit currently at $15,000.

How much knowledge is required to start trading with Bitcoin Revival?

The best thing about the Bitcoin Revival platform is that you don’t need to have vast knowledge of the crypto market or the trading industry to start using the software. The developers have ensured that the software takes care of everything for the trader. All you need to do is to deposit money and active your live trading account. The trading robots take over from there and start making money for you from trading opportunities in the markets.

How fast is the withdrawal process on the Bitcoin Revival platform?

The Bitcoin Revival has put in place a streamlined payment process to ensure that both the deposit and withdrawal processes are easy and swift. The withdrawal process on the Bitcoin Revival takes less than 24 hours to be completed. This ensures you can access your profits quickly and without any hassles.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

AAFX Trading Review

AAFX Trading

Reason to avoid: Offshore company. Negative Reputation.

Listed Date: October 3, 2020

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  • Our Review
  • AAFX Trading User Reviews
  • AAFX Trading News

Beware AAFX Trading is an offshore broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

AAFXTrading Company LTD. AAFX trading Capital.

  • Registration Address/ License:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Representative offices in Honk Kong and Malaysia.

  • Registration requirement: 2,000$

AAFX Trading is an investment company specializing in stocks, commodities, CFDs and currency trading through its incorporated and registered office in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). However, SVG is a known area for its very liberal zone with a slight regulation of the financial companies comparing to other reputable authorities that requires a way more strict compliance that ensures a higher level of clients’ protection.

Moreover, the broker claims its incorporation and registration in Malaysia under the business solutions company SDN BHD and operation of the office in Hong Kong. Yet, there is no any other regulation that the company does comply with, therefore the company chooses the easiest and cheapest way to perform and deliver its financial services to international clients. Being unregulated in Hong Kong, the company appears in SFC warning list that prevents clients from an investment with the AAFX Trading company (check warning here).

In addition to that, there are numerous negative reviews about the company services, along with the guilty verdicts about scam operation. The AAFX Trading clients faced typical fraud issues while tried to withdraw profits, the company gave numerous excuses why the request can not be performed. As well as the issues with trading manipulations, faking the facts of the requests, etc. Overall, these issues do not give a positive opinion about the company and just causes suspicious questions in their regards that might cause significant capital losses.

That is why we do always recommend to invest only with the regulated brokers only that are located among the reputable jurisdictions and offer respective overseen investment services. These companies are overseen and reporting regularly about every step they do or treat the client, which protects investors by many means.

I cannot agree with the fact that this broker has a bad reputation, all because I have a lot of friends who trade here – and everyone is happy with the cooperation. I’ve been working here myself for a long time and I rarely come across any technical issues, and I’ve never had any major complaints about the aafx over the years. I just do not know what kind of complaints can arise directly to the company, which gave us a normal terminal and gives us the opportunity to work with a large set of assets and indicators, in addition, there are excellent adjustable settings that allow you to adapt everything for yourself. If we talk about the procedure of withdrawal of funds, it is notable for its simplicity and at the same time, everything is loyal with commissions and spreads.

It’s both truth and misleading in one sentence. Yeah, AAFx Trading is off-shore registered brokerage and company never hide this, it’s clearly stated in the brokerage official website. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that brokerage isn’t safe. I think everything is determined with brokerage reputation – AAFX Trading has good one. Let’s be fair, each trader understand that offshore registration is because of taxation, not because brokerage wants to be a scam. Moreover, just keep in mind that regulations are about making restrictions – for deposit, for minimum deposit or for minimum lot, nevermind for what, but regulations take a part of traders’ freedom, promising us safety. It’s approach that’s accepted by many traders – trade with a lot of restricitions, but with understanding that your brokerage is regulated, but it doesnt’ mean that it’s 100% right. I think all this regulations in nothing good for traders, they bring restictions only and aren’t useful at all. It’s always better to be guided with reputation. I came to AAFX by my friend suggestion and I trade there for 2 years. Everything okey, broker always withdraw money, has a fast support service and all benefits, but also provides huge leverage and 100 dollars min depo, much lower than all ‘regulated’ brokers. Spreads are also lower, so think twice about this!

I can’t even catch why people can adhere to such articles. Let’s be fair, regulations very ofthen simply don’t work and if brokerage will be unfair, regulations won’t secure your money and you will lose tham, that’s true.. So what the point to care about this? AAFX Trade has registration in Saints-Vincent and Grenadines. I can agree, that’s not the best jurisdiction to be registered, but many brokers simply don’t have even such registrations. That’s first point, so AAFX is mb better than other brokerages in this regard. Secondly, AAFX has good reputation, that’s go without any doubts, if you will search the internet, you’ll find that there are a lot of positive reviews and extremely low amount of negative. As for me, that’s much more important sign in my opinion. Of course, I can’t say that article’s author isn’t right, from technical side he (or she) is 100% right, but in practice that’s not so important and that’s what I’m talking about. My (as well as many of my friends) experiecne proves that AAFX is good broker and that’s the most important point. Of course, we can seek for the regulations or other points. But from the logical point and people’s experience it’s importance is extremely low. That’s like people that overestimate chance to get seek cause of coronavirus, but underestimate other probabilities.

Okey, I understand that there is informational era and author is free to post anything what he or she wants. But I don’t understand what’s the point to create review only from one end. it seems, if we read this text, that AAFX has nothing positive to offer its clients, as author simply doesn’t mentioned nothing. What’s correct in this article: 1. Company name 2. Registration and Malaysian license info 3. AAFX description (brokerage for stocks, CFD and Forex) 4. Explanation that SVG is liberal zone What’s wrong: 1. Claiming that SVG registration is something bad (that’s the main point of this article). That’s not true and that’s mislead. There are some scam companies under the US or EU registration and there are fair companies under off-shore registration. Just remember OFF-SHORE registraion is about TAXATION, not about company quality. Regulations means nothing, but reputation means a lot 2. There was no mention that AAFX won prize as Asian BEST brokerage in 2020 3. Registration in Malaysia is additional feature and it’s not the cheapest way. Malaysia is perspective market and that is ADVANTAGE, not disadvantage. 4. I can’t find ANY fraud verdicts, there are only pre-payed reviews from competitors with no proofs, or complaints from people that think that forex is a way to earn with no skills So, as I said, regulations means nothing and I can claim AAFX to be 100% reputable and safe. For my 2 years of trading there was no single situation when brokerage acts incorrect. By the way, lets reader decide, I just express my opinion.

Since CySEC and other European regulators not even speaking of american ones have started limiting brokerages with strange rules like “do not provide enough leverage for retail customers” – since those times all these talks about regulations and licenses stopped having much sense. You either let customers have what they want or go for regulations and licenses. This is basically the choice brokers have got nowadays. In this light AAFX is just another broker who has chosen to follow the demand, not the rules of politicians.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but I have an economic background, I traded with a very famous American broker at one time, so I can explain everything in detail. To begin with, I’m not personally trading with AAFX, but my brother is and he is very pleased. When he read this article, he asked me to explain everything, because he already wanted to withdraw money and find other broker. I will now write the same thing I told him. Shortly – statement that offshore registration equals to unreliable broker is wrong. Let’s start with the basics of economics – rich countries have more money. According to the law of competition, they want to protect their dominance. If the country has more money, the prices are higher, but the income is also higher. There is such a thing as Purchasing Power Parity. If we compare the USA with a less developed country, we can see that it is 1 PPP in the USA, and in less developed countries it is from 2 to 4. This means that in these countries you can buy 2-4 times more goods than in the U.S. for 1 dollar. But the salaries are 6-10 times lower there, so people live poorer. This has always been the case. People from poor countries simply couldn’t get into the rich ones and earn as much As americans or Europeans do. Now everything has changed – we have the Internet. Look, traders in Kenya or Malaysia trade in the U.S. stock market, earn the same money as traders from the U.S., but live in countries where almost everything is 2-4 times cheaper. It turns out that the US or EU lose their money, that goes to less developed countries. They don’t want to lose their money, so limit that in every possible way. As a result, for many brokers it is simply impossible to get a license. More precisely, they can get it. But it costs money, a lot of money. Millions. Taxes in the U.S. are actually about 45% on financial services. The AAFX takes a fair commission. But if it registers in the U.S., it will have to take twice as much money to compensate for the taxes. Add to this the fact that each trader will have to pay 40% of what he or she has earned in the form of taxes or deal with bureaucracy, proving that he or she will pay taxes in another country. Interesting prospect? Would you like to trade in this way? There are also about 1400 SEC instructions that regulate each transaction, so in order to make a deposit or withdraw money, you will have to wait not for 1-2 days, as in the AAFX, but much longer. I hope you understand why the AAFX isn’t trying to get the US or EU license?. The broker wants to be convenient for the client, not for Uncle Sam (or for aunt Merkel).

I’ve been working with the company for two years and haven’t seen any problems. Thanks for the article, I was interested in reading it. However, it speaks about numerous complaints and lawsuits. But there aren’t any. I would like to see concrete examples of court cases. I will only speak for my own, but I think many traders will agree with me. There are very few problems with the AAFX, and payments don’t take more than a few days. So I can’t understand where the negative comments for this broker comes from, as me and my friends never faced such troubles.

Kinguin Review: Is Legit, Safe or a Scam?

Kinguin is a platform that says “its mission is to provide sellers and buyers all around the world the possibility to trade video games at a fair price with no hassle”. So basically, Kinguin is a secondary market for video games. Their promise is that you can get your games at fair prices and with no hassle.

Yes, Kinguin is legit. It is not a scam because they will never steal your money or credit card details. And you will receive the game keys you purchased without a problem.

Getting games at fair prices and with no hassle are good selling points; but do Kinguin really offer that or is it another advert-speak? In the first place, is Kinguin legit? Is Kinguin a place that you really should be heading for the next purchase of digital codes and game keys?

This Kinguin review will shine the spotlight on Kinguin in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

Kinguin review at a glance

  • The website is
  • Kinguin was found in 2020 and is a 100% legal company registered and headquartered in Honk Kong
  • Kinguin operates as a secondary market place for game keys; that is, a place where buyers and sellers from all around the world meet to buy and sell game keys to each other
  • You’ll find game keys for unbelievably low prices
  • You’ll find that the sources of some of the game keys sold are untraceable, and sometimes reek of fraud and misrepresentations
  • Customer support available 24/7 through email and live chat

What is Kinguin? – Background

The platform is a secondary market place for games keys. It is owned and operated by a private company (Kinguin Digital Limited) registered and based in Hong Kong. In just over 6 years since its establishment in 2020, Kinguin has grown to become the largest alternative market place for Steam, Origin, and Battle.Net; and they now have over four million members worldwide.

The website is available to users from anywhere in the world. You only need to be 16 years and above to create an account; and if younger than 16 years, you’ll need the consent of a legal guardian for the processing of an account. The website is available not only in the English Language but in seven other international languages including French and Portuguese.

Mode of Operation

The mission statement of Kinguin says everything about the company. They simply provide a platform where buyers and sellers from around the world come together to buy and sell video games. Thus, Kinguin is just the marketplace, and not the seller of the digital codes and keys that you’ll buy in the platform. You’ll simply be buying codes from another user of the platform.

All the negative reviews you’ll find about Kinguin stems from them being a market place. The important considerations are: who are the sellers; and most importantly, where do they get the digital codes and keys that they sell?

Scandal after scandal has hit the game keys market places including Kinguin. The market places have been known to be a beehive of fraudulent activities; keys gotten through stolen credit cards and other fraudulent means make their way into the market places.

Kinguin even acknowledges this in their terms and condition. They say that there are a lot of transaction risks associated with buying from a market place like them; and they went on to list some of the risks as misrepresentation of products and services, illegal acts, poor quality, failure to meet required specifications, defective or hazardous products, illegal products, delays or erroneous deliveries or payment, incorrect cost escalation, warranty problems, and accidents during transport.

Illegal acts and illegal products stood out to us. You’re more likely to find illegal products in the market places than in authorized dealers or business entities. Should you care where the keys you buy come from as long as you’re buying them legitimately and they work? An ethical mind will, but even the less ethical mind should because they could end up losing their money.

Take for example a particular case that rocked Kinguin; many gamers who bought keys in the platform were left frustrated when their games keys were revoked by the games company (Ubisoft). The reason for Ubisoft’s action was that the keys were obtained by stolen credit cards before they made their way to Kinguin. As a result of the keys being revoked, innocent buyers who had bought in Kinguin could not launch their games remotely. Not only were they then deprived of exciting gaming action, but they also lost whatever money they’d spent on buying the keys.

The risks associated with buying game keys in a market place like Kinguin are well documented. Kinguin states it clearly in their Terms and Condition that because the identity of internet users is difficult to verify, they are unable to confirm and does not confirm the alleged identity of users (including but not limited to sellers). They conclude that you should use various means, including common sense, to assess who you are going to deal with.

However, it should be noted that Kinguin takes some steps to limit insidious activities in the platform. For example, a C2C (customer to customer) seller is not allowed to sell more than five keys at a time. This is something similar to a bank limiting the amount of daily withdrawal that can be made from your bank account so that if the account is hacked your losses will be limited.

Also, the funds earned by any C2C seller in Kinguin will be available on the seller’s account only if the buyer of the product confirms that the product works. It is only when the customer who bought the product does not report an issue within 7 days of the purchase that the funds will be released and made available to the seller’s account. Another check is that C2C sellers cannot withdraw funds obtained from selling a key. They’ll have to use the funds to buy another key in the platform. This rules out quickly selling keys to get a little money.

Also, being a merchant in Kinguin is not the free-for-all that it is in some of the equally big keys resellers in the industry. While some market places will admit users as merchants without verifying their credentials; in Kinguin there is a full application process, where you’ll have to provide a valid ID and even explain the source of the codes.

Kinguin Buyer Protection

You already know that the games keys secondary market place (be it Kinguin or any other market place) is a shady, or at best gray, business environment. There’s the real chance of getting fake keys that won’t work. Yes, you could also get keys that work well, but many of those will be stolen keys or keys bought with stolen identities and misrepresentations.

Thus, when you see a feature like “Kinguin Buyer Protection”, it sounds like the protective divine hand that will help you walk through the valley of the shadow of death unscathed. Kinguin advertises the “Buyer Protection” with the slogan “Shop safe, stay happy”; saying that you’re guaranteed a good experience when you add the buyer protection to your purchase. However, the Buyer Protection is an add-on that’ll cost you a little extra. By adding it during checkout, you’ll be charged about 10% or more of the cost of the product.

Kinguin advertises that with the buyer protection: you’ll be the first priority for their customer care support; that’ll you’ll get a 100% refund on “Random Games” if you already have the title; and that they’ll defend your purchase against fakes, cheats, and trolls.

However, it would seem that the Kinguin “buyer protection” effectively “protects” only on paper. Customer reviews gleaned from multiple independent platforms shows that the Kinguin buyer protection is effective only in correspondence with Kinguin, but less effective in protecting against fakes.

In a particular case, a gamer bought a key from Kinguin which didn’t work. Yes, the purchase had buyer protection; after contacting Kinguin about it, they requested a proof the key didn’t work, proof of purchase, etc. Lots of screenshots went through, and the correspondence with Kinguin was surprisingly smooth. Kinguin then requested that the gamer goes to the game publisher (Bethesda) to get the activation date from the key. Of course, the game publisher will not help with that because the purchase was from a secondary market place (Kinguin). Finally, Kinguin’s position is that they can’t do anything to help except the required information is provided. Needless to say, the gamer lost his money (about 40 euros).

So it’s clear that a fake is in the picture, and Kinguin has all the proof of it (a fake key sold by a seller on their platform). But even with their buyer protection and its promise to “defend your purchase against fakes, cheats and trolls”, nothing was done.

Is Kinguin legit?

Yes, Kinguin is legit. It is not a scam. If you don’t want to be ripped off, whether an online platform is legit or a scam is something you’ll want to determine before using it. There are many scammers on the internet, and they are coming up with new ways to scam people. Creating a scam platform that’ll lure people into placing orders for items that will never be delivered is something that has worked for these scammers. So before placing any order in Kinguin, the big question you should ask is whether Kinguin is legit or a scam.

Many netizens use the words “legit” and “scam” casually; they’ll rapidly label any platform that they have a little inconvenience with as scam, and they’ll glowingly call legit any platform that they have smooth sailing in. We will take a different approach because it’s a fact that even the bests of platforms can present an occasional inconvenience. Also, the worst of platforms can present an occasional smooth sailing. Take it from us, even the pure-scam sites will sometimes clear some small orders to convince people into coming back for a big order.

We’ll look at whether Kinguin is legit from two perspectives; the first is legality. There’s no doubt that Kinguin is 100% legal. The website is owned and operated by Kinguin Digital Limited, which is a company that is duly registered in Honk Kong, with company number 1664967, and with registered office in the Hing Building, Central Hong Kong. They also comply 100% with local and international laws in every major jurisdiction including the EU Directive 2008/8/EC. Suffice it to say that scam platforms do not seek legal recognition through company registration; also most often than not, scam platforms exist only virtually with no physical trace of a place of business. Thus, in terms of legality, being a 100% legal company with a registered office building lends a voice to the argument of Kinguin being legit.

The other perspective we’ll look at in determining whether Kinguin is legit is whether products you’ll get there are functional (that is, work as intended). Whether products are functional is greatly influenced by Kinguin’s status as a market place. It is not Kinguin that sells keys to you in the platform; instead, you’re buying from fellow users. Thus, even Kinguin does not totally know where the keys come are sourced or whether they will work.

As has been documented, though Kinguin takes more security steps than some of the other secondary markets in the industry, there is a very big chance that the keys you’ll get in the platform will not work. And where keys work fine initially, there is a chance that you’ll wake up one day to find that they’ve been revoked and no longer work. What is more, you’re not likely to get a refund; and you’ll find yourself losing whatever you committed to buying the game. That said; because of this very real chance of getting keys that will not work (or that might be revoked), in many review platforms, Kinguin is not considered legit.

However, it should be said that Kinguin is just a marketplace; and a market place is not just filled by cheats, trolls and fakes. Though you’ll definitely find these elements, there are also legitimate resellers trading functional products. You may visit, if you are looking for other sites like Kinguin.

Is Kinguin Safe?

Kinguin is safe. Safety in this context is the ability of the platform to safeguard the information that you share with it, in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting and accessing the information. When making any online purchase, you’ll share personal information as well as sensitive information such as your credit card details. You definitely don’t want that information to leak to cyber fraudsters who are very eager to get it in order to defraud you.

In this regards, there’s no doubt that Kinguin is safe. Kinguin states that they take technical and organizational measures to protect data; though, we’ll like to know the details of the technical measures to be assured that they are relatively fail-proof, we can be boosted by the fact that of the negative reviews that have been hurled at Kinguin, not one has to do with a data breach complaint.

We can say that in Kinguin, all the pages where you are required to enter your credit card data or sensitive information are secured. We can also say that Kinguin does not see or store your credit card information. The information can be seen by only their payment services which will enable the processing of your payment. That Kinguin does not see or store payment card detail means that even if the systems of Kinguin are breached, the hackers will still be unable to access your payment card details.

Thus, it’s safe to say that Kinguin is safe in that there’s no chance of your personal information or payment details leaking into the hands of unauthorized persons.

What can you buy in Kinguin

You’ll find that Kinguin has a wide product range. You can get keys for the following platforms: Android, Battle.Net, EA Origin, Epic Games, Free2Play, GOG COM, NC Soft, and Nintendo. No matter your game preference, you’ll find something for exciting gaming action. The game genres include action, adventure, anime, fighting, hidden object, horror, indie, and more.

Apart from game keys, you’ll also find keys for a lot of software including Windows software, MS Office Suite, and Antivirus suites.


The very first consideration in any purchase is the price. No matter the satisfaction you’ll derive from a product, you’ll be hesitant to go ahead with the purchase if you perceive that the product is not reasonably priced. Thus, the ideal market place should feature items that are reasonably priced.

In fact, the games secondary market places exist because of gamers need to get cheap games. With all the documented risks involved in getting games from market places like Kinguin, if you’re wondering why anyone will still go to these market places to purchase their games, it’s because the games are offered at mind-boggling discounts. You’ll find that the prices of games quoted by games publishers or their authorized sellers will be significantly higher than you’ll find the games in Kinguin, sometimes by as much as 80%. No white market price (game publisher or authorized reseller) can beat the prices of Kinguin. QED.

Even in the gray market itself, Kinguin holds some of the lowest prices you’ll find. You’ll find games in Kinguin for less than they’re listed in many of the other secondary market places. Thus, if you’ll really have to shop in the secondary marketplaces, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look at Kinguin.

Payment method

Part of the no-hassle service that any online store promises are easy payments; and it is no different for the game keys resellers. The ideal reseller will provide easy payment process; and the first step to providing that is supporting a wide range of payment options so that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll not have problem with paying for your order.

Kinguin support ticks the box in this regard by supporting options such as PayPal, credit and debit cards, PaySafeCard, and BoaCompra. They also accept bank transfers and Smart2Pay methods, as well as methods that are available locally in only specific countries such as DineroMail, Boleto and Gpay. If you have joined the cryptocurrency movement, you’ll also find joy in Kinguin as they also support Bitcoin.

With support for global payment options as well as local (region-specific) options, finding a method to pay for your orders will not be a challenge, no matter where you are resident in the world.

Lead Time

Another thing that you should consider is how long it takes after paying for your order before you’ll receive your game key. Except you’ll be okay with waiting for long before you’ll start playing your game, you’ll want a place where keys are delivered rapidly.

In this regard, Kinguin is not the Usain Bolt of the industry, but they do relatively okay. Dispatches in Kinguin will not take more than 15 minutes after creating an invoice. Like all the keys resellers dealing on digital products, you’ll receive the game key you purchase via e-mail. However, it should be said that the 15 minutes lead time does not apply to pre-orders. When you buy a pre-order, you will receive the product key around the release date of the game.

Returns and Refunds

It would sound like simple logic to be able to return defective products to the seller. In fact, because of the fact that online purchase is characterized by blind purchase (that is, completing the purchase of an item without first physically assessing it), it’s almost criminal for online stores do not allow returns and issue refunds. However, it’s a whole different story in the world of digital codes reselling; and it’s so for two reasons.

The first reason is the nature of the product being sold. With physical products, you’ll simply mail the item back to the reseller, who will repackage it to be resold. However because CD keys are digital products, there’s no physical “returning” of the product to the seller. The only way you’ll be without the product after having received delivery of the order is for the keys to be revoked. That brings us to the second reason, which is the “power” of the seller.

In the world of digital codes and keys reselling, the sellers do not have the ability to revoke keys. Thus, once the sellers deliver the keys to you after you pay for your order, and you have tried/ used the keys, there’s really no way to “return” the product. Even when you buy from a seller than can revoke a key; once a key is revoked, it cannot be resold. Thus, the returned product is useless to the seller, who will have to absorb the cost. For these reasons you’ll find that resellers of CD keys do not offer refunds.

So returns are technically not possible in Kinguin. It’s clearly stated in their terms and condition that they reserve the right “not to accept any returns of already delivered items/ game keys”. However, if you add Kinguin Buyer Protection to your purchase, you become a “VIP customer”, and you’ll be able to get refunds for unused products.

Cancelling orders and returns

There are times when you’ll change your mind about a purchase right at the point of (or immediately after) making payment. If that is the case, you’ll want a place where you’ll be able to cancel the order so that the transaction will be stopped; and delivery of the product halted, and you’ll not be charged.

However, because game keys are digital products, and delivery is usually swift, cancelling an order is not something that is seen very often in the industry. However, Kinguin allows for cancelling orders depending on the status of the order. If your order status is “pending payment”, it means the payment was not finalized. If you’ve changed your mind about the order, you only need to go to your purchase history and cancel the order. If the order is paid for, but its status is “processing” or “on hold”, you’ll have to contact customer care through live chat to request its cancellation before it is dispatched.

However, if the order status is “completed”; it means that the purchased items have been delivered, and cancelling the order is no longer possible. You can only return the product (if unused) for a refund, and that is only if you have Kinguin Buyer Protection on the purchase.


Promotions allow buyers to get items free of charge or for less than their full price. Thus, the ideal seller/ reseller will be one that runs lots of promotions.

Kinguin ticks the box in this regard because you’ll find lots of promotions on the platform. For example, on getting to the landing page of their website, we were welcomed by a pop-up that told us to choose a lucky coin and win a discount. Of the three coins displayed, we clicked one, and got “Sorry! Try again”; we were lucky on the second coin and got a 3% discount.

Also, Kinguin uses an in-store currency called Krowns. If you buy with the digital currency, you’ll get an exclusive 10% discount applicable storewide

Customer Support

Just as we know that death is inevitable, so we know that complaints and problems are inevitable when using any platform. Thus, the ideal platform will make provision for addressing such questions/ complaints when they arise. That is where the customer support service comes in. You’ll want the platform to have multiple channels for reaching out to their customer support agents. Most importantly, you’ll want a responsive service that when contacted will provide you with needed assistance and promptly.

The channels that Kinguin provides for directly contacting them are email and live chat. You may send them an email using the online contact form that can be found in their website, or you may send the email directly from your email account using the email address [email protected] Kinguin promises to answer support submissions swiftly. We can say that you’ll get your response in a few hours which is relatively fast. You’ll even get faster responses if you add the buyer protection to your purchase.

However, if you’ll rather not wait for feedback when you contact the customer care team, you may use the live chat feature. Through the live chat, Kinguin not only offers instant feedback but also offer 24/ 7 support. While it’s good that Kinguin offers an instant feedback option, we like online platforms that add telephone support service to the armoury.


Kinguin is legitimate and one of the names you’ll definitely find if you’re looking for a place to buy game keys. Their popularity stems from their operating model, which is as a game keys secondary marketplace where you can get cheap games.

If your chief concern is getting cheap games, Kinguin is a place you’ll want to look. No authorized game seller can near the prices in Kinguin; and even in the gray market, prices in Kinguin are some of the lowest you’ll find. Not only are prices floored; with support for different payment methods, you’ll not have a problem paying for your order; and with an efficient delivery system, you’ll get your order in 15 minutes.

However, while Kinguin is a 100% legal company, the platform is not considered legit in many review sites because of the resultant effects of operating as a secondary market place where individuals come together to buy and sell game keys to each other. It means that there’s no way of knowing how the game keys are sourced you’ll be buying in Kinguin. There’s the chance that the keys will not work; and even if they work initially, there’s the risk of the keys being revoked. The only good thing to come out of Kinguin’s status as a market place is that you not only can buy games in Kinguin but if you have game keys to sell, you can put them up for sale in the platform.

I liked:

  • You’ll find that Kinguin has a wide product range which includes keys for a wide range of games, as well as software keys
  • They have some of the cheapest prices even among the gray markets
  • They offer a wide range of payment option, and the payment process is fast and simple
  • You can sell game keys in Kinguin
  • For one to qualify as a merchant in the site, Kinguin has more stringent requirements than most of the other secondary game keys marketplaces
  • Customer support is available 24/7 through live chat

I didn’t like:

  • Kinguin operate as a secondary marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade game keys
  • There are lots of transaction risks involved in buying from Kinguin such as getting codes that do not work, or codes that were obtained through illegal means or misrepresentations
  • Their Buyer Protection feature (add-on) offers little if any protection against fakes and cheats
  • C2C sellers cannot withdraw funds from selling their game keys

Do you have any good or bad experience with Kinguin? If yes, you may use the review section below to give us your Kinguin review.

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