Review Is Panama Golden Scam or Should I Invest

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Invest in Panama & Offshore

Invest in Panama or other offshore locations and gain the benefits of cross jurisdictional diversification in stable, growing economies with a variety of investment opportunities.

Why Invest in Panama?

While we can’t recommend all of the countries you should diversify your investments into, we can recommend investing in Panama for several reasons:

  1. Stability: Since 1989, Panama has had a stable democratically elected government with no political instability or civil unrest.
  2. Economic Growth: In spite of the worldwide economic crisis Panama’s economy has seen steady growth since 2005 with low inflation, low unemployment, and constant GDP growth. Panama’s consistent growth and economic stability far surpasses the United States in relative GDP terms.
  3. Close to the U.S.: Panama is only a 3 to 5 hour flight from most major U.S. cities including non-stop flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Washington, D.C. There are even direct flights from Toronto.
  4. Foreign Investments Protected: Panama’s Civil Code, Constitution, and its Foreign Investments Act all provide assurance that foreigners have equal rights as Panamanians when it comes to property ownership, investments, and commerce.
  5. Panama has some superb investment opportunities such as:

a. Panama Bank CDs offering from 4% to 5% interest in U.S. Dollars.

b. Panama Credit Union CDs offering from 5% to 8% interest in U.S. Dollars.

c. Panama Corporation and Government Bonds offering from 4% to 6% interest in U.S. Dollars.

d. Panama Reforestation Investments offer 2% median appreciation in teak hardwood, plus appreciation of the land, in U.S. Dollars. Panama teak reforestation had a return of 460% in the last 20 years at an annual 23% average.

e. Panama Pacifico Project rental property investments offer from 7% to 10% CAP rates, in U.S. Dollars.

f. Panama Beach Front Lots averaging from 10% to 15% annual appreciation, in U.S. Dollars.

g. Panama Agricultural Land averaging from 7% to 8% annual appreciation, in U.S. Dollars.

9 Investment Opportunities in Panama

Our Panama law firm provides Panama investment opportunities for investors seeking reliable offshore investments. We have a huge network of bankers, investment brokers, private sellers and other investment professionals providing unique opportunities for offshore investments, including:

1. Residential Panama Real Estate in Panama Pacifico Special Economic Zone
There is a housing shortage near the newly under construction small city called the Panama Pacifico development located near the Panama Canal Zone. It is being developed by the renowned London & Regional Properties company which is the biggest property developer in the United Kingdom. This 3,459 acre development contains an air freight airport with offices and plants occupied by over 125 multi-national companies with 50 more scheduled to locate by the conclusion of 2020.

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The Panama housing investment consists of 3 to 4 bedroom homes, town houses, and apartments. An estimated CAP rate of 8% to 10% with local bank financing of 4.5% makes this an attractive Panama property investment.

2. Offshore Life Insurance Policies
Offshore Life Insurance Policies are offered in the British Isle of Man which allows non-U.S. citizens a tax write off on their life insurance premiums with tax deferred or tax free investments in a variety of government bonds, mutual or direct funds, etc.

3. Foreign Private Placement Life Insurance
While being in full compliance with U.S. tax laws, this self directed life insurance policy allows U.S. taxpayers to make tax deferred investments.

4. Own Offshore Gold Bullion Accounts
Physical ownership of gold as a hedge against inflation is the preferred method over gold certificates or corporate stocks of mining companies.

We can recommend a solid 20+ year old company which can purchase the gold, transport it to a secure vault for storage, and assist you with selling the gold in a tax advantage manner. Continue reading about investing in gold bullion.

5. Buying and Storing Gold in Panama
A few Panama banks are offering gold coins and gold bars for sale and can store them in their vaults. We explain the advantages and benefits with buying, storing, and investing in gold in Panama here: Panama is a Safe Place to Buy & Store Gold.

6. Panama Credit Unions & CDs
We’ve prepared a detailed article explaining offshore Credit Unions, which describes how you can earn as much as 8% annual compounded interest rates with deposits in safe offshore Panama Credit Unions. Learn more here: Panama Credit Unions

7. Buying Rare Industrial Metals
Physical ownership of Rare Industrial Metals besides gold and silver is another way to hedge against inflation. The Swiss based company we recommend has different baskets of rare industrial use metals for sale. In 2020, one of their basket’s six metals increased in value by 51% while their Silver for industrial use basket rose 78%.

The advantages of owning rare industrial metals are explained here: Own Rare Industrial Metals

8. Invest in Panama Reforestation
We’ve seen Panama reforestation provide 23% annual returns, plus through the reforestation visa you can gain Panama citizenship for an $80,000 USD investment.

Green Investments are popular and Panama offers government certified Teak reforestation projects where a $80,000 USD investment buys 5 hectares of teak forest in its early growth stage where over a 20 year period (including thinning every 6 years with sale of those woods) the average annual returns are 23%.

This unique Panama investment is described in our Immigration section here: Panama Reforestation Visa

Contact Us for more information on investing in Panama & other offshore investment opportunities.

What happens if you only invest in the U.S.?
Too many investors make the mistake of having all of their investments in one country. If that country’s economy collapses so will the bank accounts, CD’s, corporate stocks, government bonds, treasury notes, and real estate investments.

When the worldwide economic crisis began in 2008 real estate prices in the U.S. plummeted. In addition, so did the U.S. commodities, stocks, government bonds, and banks. U.S. cities are still filing for bankruptcy!

The European Union (EU) has also been greatly impacted by the global economic crisis. Spain and Cyprus became the 4th and 5th EU countries seeking aid from the EU Bailout Funds during the week of June 25, 2020. 5 EU countries are broke along with their banks. Spain’s banks were recently downgraded by Moody’s. Slovenia may soon become the 6th EU country seeking EU Bailout Funds according to its Prime Minister. More EU countries will seek aid within the year.

During the same week, the city of Stockton, California filed for bankruptcy. On June 29 th 2020 the Federal Reserve reported that foreigners are reducing their holdings of U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Countries such as Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and Turkey recently bought gold to protect their reserves. Chile and a few other countries have agreed not to use the U.S. dollar and settle all trade debts with China in China’s currency (Renminbi). China plans to create a special zone in Shenzhen, one of its wealthiest cities, allowing full exchange and conversion of the Renminbi.

Invest in Panama and Implement Cross Jurisdictional Diversification

Cross Jurisdictional Diversification means diversifying your investments across different countries.

As an investor, it is best to avoid using just one fund manager. Additionally, Cross Jurisdictional Diversification stands for not placing all of your funds into one fund Management Company because that company could go bankrupt, simply close its doors and disappear, or be shut down by government regulators. If any of those should happen what will happen to your funds? A U.S. money management company called MF Global recently filed for bankruptcy reporting $1.6 Billion in missing customers’ funds. Don’t let this happen to you.

Geographical investment diversity makes sense. Putting all of your assets, your home, and your business under one government is putting all your eggs into one weak & frail basket.

Should I Invest in Silver?

In a turbulent economy, investors have always turned toward precious metals like silver for protection against financial instability. In today’s market, silver not only serves as a hedge against other types of investments, but also is a sound investment entirely on its own merits. While the economy has started to rebound, there are still many problems and warning signs that investors must consider. For example, the housing market is still troubled and even the most bullish economists admit that massive deleveraging is still unavoidable for several years at least. Problems with world currencies and the possibility of a currency war also favor precious metals like silver.

The United States Federal Reserve is printing money in a program known as Quantitative Easing designed to stimulate the national economy, but also pushing other nations toward possible retaliation to protect their currencies. The instability of the Euro is another primary factor when looking at the world currency situation. Many European nations are on the brink of bankruptcy. Greece and Ireland have already accepted bail-outs from the European Union and other nations like Portugal, Spain, Italy and even the United Kingdom are known to have serious debt problems.

In such an environment, World Bank group president Robert Zoellick has said that he was open to the possibility of returning to the gold standard. Any return to using precious metals to back currencies will favor silver prices. Even some national governments are buying precious metals as a precautionary measure. Historically, silver has had a relationship in value to gold, so it is a good bet that when gold goes up silver will follow.

Because of the current economic instability, a number of economic experts are advising people to invest in silver. These experts include Max Keiser, a financial commentator who has hosted shows for the BBC, Al-Jazeera and RT; Paul Mladjenovic, author of “Precious Metals Investing for Dummies,” and Jim Puplava, CEO of money management firm PFS Group.

“Gold and silver are the few investments that retain value,” Mladjenovic said in an interview with the CNBC satellite and cable business news channel.

Even when the economy is stable or growing, investing in silver is a sound way of diversifying one’s investment portfolio. Precious metals generally do not “crash” because they have their own intrinsic value and because they are seen by many as a safe haven. Unlike currencies, which have no real value on their own, metals like silver and gold have been used practically throughout history. When the currency and equity markets are volatile, people generally flee to the safety of precious metals.

Another advantage of investing in silver is that there is often an antique value to certain types of silver investments. For example, one can choose to invest in rare silver coins that in addition to their silver content are also valued by coin collectors. The separate collector’s value gives these types of investments an added layer of security since regardless of the volatility of the silver market; collector’s items tend to increase in value with age.

Silver, then, is always a good choice in diversifying an investment portfolio, but it is a very good choice during times of economic uncertainty. As today’s economy still looks weak with some upheavals still possible, investing in silver provides a hedge against any future downturns.

Yamana Gold Invest — скам (5.05.2020)

Проект остановил выплаты! Отработал отлично, активная работа была с октября 2020! НЕ ВКЛАДЫВАТЬ! 5.05.2020

Друзья, порой приходят в нашу индустрию такие проекты, которые не становятся легендами, которые не выделяются среди толпы, но которые дают зарабатывать, а это главное. В этой статье пойдет речь об одном из таких — среднепроцентный проект Yamana Gold Invest ( официальный сайт ). Но он даже не классический среднепроцентник, а по доходу приближен к низкопроцентникам, поэтому я по праву его назову долгосрочным, ведь здесь по минимальному плану мы получаем 2,3% в течение 60 рабочих дней вместе с депозитом, включенным в начисления. При более серьезных депозитах конечно ставка повышается, но все равно безубыток наступает приблизительно через 40-50 рабочих дней, а это фактически пару месяцев ожидания.

Сейчас конечно индустрия находится не в том положении, чтобы инвесторы «морозили» надолго депозиты, они и сами этого не хотят, но вероятнее всего администраторы специально запускали свой продукт с прицелом на более консервативных и дальновидных инвесторов, вкладывающих средства на перспективу. В любом случае, у каждого проекта есть свои плюсы и минусы, поэтому с удовольствием о них поговорим в этой статье. Также скажу, что по этому проекту наш блог дает хороший бонус от вклада в размере 2,5%. Как работает бонус от вклада можно прочитать здесь.

Детальнее знакомимся с моим видео обзором и полным описанием инвестиционного проекта Yamana Gold Invest, нажимая «Читать далее».
Yamana Gold Invest Дата старта проекта — 20.10.2020

Этот проект перенесен в раздел рекомендуемых за хорошие результаты! «Рекомендуемые» — это раздел, где находятся проекты, которые мне понравились, я уверен в них и готов рекомендовать любому партнеру.

Согласно моим наблюдениям и опыту в индустрии высокодоходных инвестиционных проектов, я отмечу, что подобные долгосрочные среднепроцентники почему-то остаются в тени и довольно часто долго работают, не привлекая к себе внимания. Вероятнее всего, это связано с тем, что инвесторов, особенно среди новичков, привлекают больше не сами проекты и их оболочка, а именно высокий процент начисляемой прибыли, где подобные игроки проигрывают фастам. Но не всем быть фастами, тем более в том сегменте такая высокая конкуренция, что у игроков глаза разбегаются, хотя и здесь тоже не «непаханое поле».

Здесь мы имеем дело с проектом, который позиционирует себя как реальная британская компания с документами, офисом и телефонами, которая занимается инвестициями в золото и золотые изделия: коллекционные, инвестиционные монеты и слитки; обезличенные банковские счета, обеспеченные золотом; электронные деньги, обеспеченные золотом; зоны, свободные от налогов на драгметаллы (отсутствие налога в некоторые странах помогает выигрывать на цене золота при их продаже в другой стране); акции золотодобывающих компаний. Тема уже не нова, но почему-то золото всегда зажигает глаза людей, причем не только тогда, когда они держат золото в руках, но и при возможности инвестировать в него.

Остальные тарифы я добавлять не буду, потому что для нас они не несут смысловой нагрузки. Итак, что мы имеем в так называемом «сухом остатке»:

    1 тариф — 2,3% в течение 60 рабочих дней = 138% вместе с депозитом, безубыток через 44 рабочих дня (

62 календарных дня);
2 тариф — 2,6% в течение 80 рабочих дней = 208% вместе с депозитом, безубыток через 39 рабочих дней (

55 календарных дней).

Немало конечно по нынешним меркам, но если учитывать бонус от вклада 2,5%, то получается чуть меньше срок выхода в безубыток.

Видео презентация проекта:

Ввод и вывод средств:

  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Advcash
  • Bitcoin
  • Visa/Mastercard

Минимальный вклад — 10$, минимальная сумма для вывода — 10$

Для удобства покупки/продажи электронной валюты есть множество обменников.

Выплаты: ручные, обработка до 48 часов (по Visa — до 5 дней).

Партнерская программа: 5% — 2% от вклада приглашенных.

По данному проекту я даю бонус от каждого вашего вклада в размере 2,5%! Пример: вы вложили 500$, создали заявку на бонус, я вам выплатил еще 12,5$ дополнительно к вашему вкладу. Заявку составлять нужно в течение суток здесь.

Отзыв о проекте Yamana Gold :

Трудно предсказать перспективы проекта, который только запустился сегодня и о нем никто не знает. Судя только по тарифам и инвестиционному предложению, здесь складывается впечатление, что администраторы настроены на более серьезную публику, которая сейчас находится в режиме ожидания или изучения индустрии из-за большого количества закрываемых проектов.

С другой стороны, консервативных инвесторов должна привлекать возможность заработать за каких-то 2-2,5 месяца около 38% чистыми, если конечно они не начнут лезть в фасты, как это часто происходит, потому что «там процент выше».

В общем, поизучаем проект, посмотрим за его развитием, а я вхожу на самом старте с суммой 400$ на перспективу:

После регистрации обращайтесь в скайп andrew_investor и я вас добавлю как партнера в свой чат и официальный скайп-чат компании.

Также можно оценить статус компании на мониторе ( посмотреть ).

Любые вопросы можете задавать в Skype andrew_investor или пишите на e-mail: [email protected] . И не забывайте подписываться на наши группы в соцсетях:

Можете оставлять свое мнение под этой статьей или скриншоты выплат — я буду благодарен.

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