Profits Bots Review 2020

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Profits Bots Review: This is a Dirty Scam

Profits Bots Review: This is a Dirty Scam


Last Updated: Jun 10, 2020 @ 10:51 am is a website that claims to help low income people earn money with really affordable entry package. They claim that when you join Profits Bots, you will earn passive income without recruiting anyone because the owners of the website have created two bots, one for trading in the casinos and another one for trading the Forex market place. They also claim that Profits Bots creators are intending to develop two other bots that will trade binary options and Crypto currencies.

The story behind the owners of this website is quite funny because for one, they claim that they are professional IT experts who don’t need an office and have no need of revealing their identity and that despite this, they can still be trusted with investor funds. They tell investors that the minimum that they can invest is $10 and the minimum for withdrawing funds is $10. They state the following on their website:

”Our plan is very simple, we have the software and our members have the funds that allow us to invest and earn a nice ROI for you and for us, it’s the perfect combination, you earn, we earn and everybody happy! There are only a few steps to get everything up and running.” In terms of how investors deposit funds, they give information as follows:

”Choose which bot you want to invest your money in, and withdraw your earnings twice a week or as soon as your investment expires.That’s all.” They also tell us that their back office does the following tasks:

”Apart from that, in your back office you can track all your transactions, your earnings, the performance of your personal bot as well as the performance of your direct referrals bots, so you know how much they are earning and you can calculate how much you are going to get in your Matching Bonus. Let financial freedom begin!”

�� Want to make money automatically with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies without the risk of trading yourself? Are you ready for self-custody of your investment funds? Do you like the sound of regular consistent results and profitable performance? Tired of the forex and crypto scams, false promises and games out there designed to separate you from your hard earned funds? Stop everything! ETBOT is for you! With the ETBOT software, only YOU are in control of your investment funds. The software works using API Key connections that only YOU set up and control. The ETBOT service and mother company EndoTech has been making investors hundreds of percent a year in proven gains since 2020! They use the volatility of the Crypto market to trade long and short using breakout techniques and strategies powered by real Artificial Intelligence. This year so far ETBOT has made over 75% for clients since January 1st, 2020 . If you are ready to leave the trading to the professionals and upgrade your monthly income, now is the time, head to ETBOT now and buy your subscription to get started. PS: ETBOT is a Profitable Forex/Crypto Trading Bot. 100% Verified and Recommended by

From what we can see, this is definitely a ponzi scheme. There are red flags everywhere and you don’t need to doubt one bit that these people have made up stories and are not really investing in the Forex market place. If you want to invest, you should be putting your money where it matters. You should be using the right tools to invest your money.

Profits Bots review

The first thing that we wanted to find out is the exact names of the operators, their location, their experience and other things pertaining to their expertise in what they claim to do. They are claiming that they are IT experts operating anonymously. If that is the case, there is no need to invest your $10 in this kind of thing because clearly you will lose money. If they do not trust you, there is no need to trust them. According to the sales page, this is what they want us to know.

”We have designed, built and tested two very precise and accurate softwares (bots) based on Artificial Intelligence or AI, one can operate and trade in Online Casinos and the other can trade in the Forex market and both have allowed us to earn consistently anywhere from 20-40% on a monthly basis.

Our IT department is in the process of designing two additional softwares, one to trade in Binary Options ad the other one to perform Arbitrage in the different crypto exchanges.

We don’t have an office, because we don’t need one, our whole operation is run in a room and our laptops, this the 21st Century!! There is no CEO or owner of ProfitsBots, we are a group of tech guys who are not interested in revealing our identities because we are competing against a very powerful market like the Casino Industry and what do you think it’s going to happen if they know who we are? Let’s be honest, 99% of the projects out there don’t have a real owner, they just post fake pictures and fake profiles, we are not like that, but you can be sure that your funds are safe with us and we are definitely going to make you earn a really good income for a very long time.”

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Options Broker 2020!
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The scam goes ahead to list reasons why they want us to invest with them. Profits Bots website is getting ridiculous. Here is what they are claiming:

Alleged advantages of investing with Profits Bots

ProfitsBots is an industry pioneer in the creation of software designed to bet on the huge Casino online markets. Millions of people place bets every day on this very profitable industry of online betting but only a few can say they have a winning record on a consistent basis. Part of our strategy is switching our bots on and off from time to time and also changing from one casino to the other in order to go unnoticed and make it harder for the casino’s security systems to detect and stop our bots.

Fake win rate

Profits Bots trading systems allegedly have a win rate of between 65% to 75%. All we needed to know is whether there is proof that trading systems exist within this website and that the alleged win rate is real. The problem is that there is no trading activity and what they are claiming to be a business activity is actually the act of collecting member deposits and distributing small returns.

An illegal business

Not only is this an illegal business (ponzi schemes are not a genuine way of investing one’s funds), but you will also end up losing your investment whether that is $10 or more. The minimum entry is quite low because the scammers want to win your trust so you can deposit a bigger amount and they can disappear with the whole of it. That is called thievery because if trading is not happening, then definitely Profits Bots intends to generate returns this way.

Our best advice for you

Profits Bots is an obvious scam because the operators are anonymous and secondly, no trading bots are involved in generating profits. Use these genuine trading tools if you want to make money.

Profit Whales Review 2020: Is It Best PPC Scanner Tool For Amazon ??

  • Quick and Easy Reports
  • Fast Scanning
  • Dependable Expert Service
  • Scalable and Optimizable Advertising
  • Use of Big Data and AI Technologies
  • Weekly Reports

You might often face difficulty finding the right keyword for your Amazon business. It is really hard to find the right keyword to rank your product in the search query. We have reviewed a number of tools in the past about the Amazon Monitoring and the tools for finding the keywords.

Profit Whales is the latest tool that I have explored for the Amazon PPC and Keyword research. The most important feature of Profit Whales is to find the mistakes in the Amazon PPC and advertising campaigns. Let’s have a look at the deep review of Profit Whales and how it is beneficial for your Amazon business.

Profit Whales Review 2020: Is It Worth Trying?

Profit Whales is amazing software that specializes in Sponsored Ads, Amazon Marketing Services for Amazon sellers. Started as the Digital Marketing Agency, Profit Whales created its own software for creating effective advertising for the Amazon sellers.

Not just the Amazon business, the company aims at creating successful business campaigns including the promotion and advertising of your business. Profit Whales uses its AI and Big Data technology to make it even more scalable.


Profit Whales helps you find a lot of mistakes for your Amazon marketing campaigns. Profit Whales comes up with this amazing feature called PPC Scanner which completely scans your Amazon campaign and lists out the mistakes.

The company has released the first version of the PPC Scanner which already is really worth. Here is what you can find here:

Finding Duplicate Keywords

P rofit Whales finds duplicate keywords among the existing keywords for the selected product . Why do we consider this as a mistake?

P rofit Whales finds duplicate keywords among the existing keywords for the selected product. If you are using duplicates in your campaigns, you are competing against yourself, and you can’t get the precise data for the keyword.

Thus, it saves you a lot of money by finding the right keyword and listing out the mistakes. The best part is that its AI rich software detects not only the same keywords but the keywords that Amazon recognizes as duplicates.

PPC Scanner finds bad-performing keywords like

Profit Whales effectively finds the keywords with big ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) , more significant than your Target ACoS by calculating your Target ACoS based on your product Net Margin.

ACoS is the ratio of the ad spends to the target sales. Amazon ACoS helps you find the profitability for your business.

What if you are getting a lot of clicks and views and still no sales. That’s frustrating!!

With this tool, you can also be able to find the keywords with a lot of clicks and no sales. Profit Whales calculate your Target Clicks based on your product conversion rate and your PPC statistic for a selected product.

Poor Semantic Core

It determines the overall quality of the keywords used in campaigns. It solves answers to various questions.

– Do you use your brand name in advertising?

– Do you use enough long-tail keywords?

– Do you use enough keywords to scale your business(maybe you are using only 20 keywords for the product)?

– Do you use negative keywords for Auto/broad/phrase campaigns?

Well! This software shows if you have good-performing customer search-terms that you are not using in your PPC campaigns and suggests you the best terms to optimize your PPC campaign.

Overall, it solves the problem for finding the negative keywords, finding the Brand Keywords mistakes and also if you are using the right long-tail keywords.

No PAT’s

. Product Advertising Attribute or PAT is a new and powerful way to target manual Amazon sponsored product campaigns.

It allows the sellers to target ads by either ASIN or categories (brands, prices, and ratings.)

This amazing PPC Scanner displays if you are using Product Advertising Attribute campaigns to target specific ASIN’s and categories

As per the company, they are currently managing over 1mn in Amazon monthly ad spent and this type of advertising campaign is working awesome now!

No Keywords Harvesting

Keywords Harvesting are really an important part of SEO. It helps you find the keywords that are valuable and SEO rich and friendly.

Profit Whales also determines if you are using Black Box (auto and broad campaigns) campaigns to harvest new keywords from your search term report.

You will also get the great search-terms from your reports that you aren’t using in your PPC campaigns.

How to Start with Profit Whales?

It is really easy to start with Profit Whales. You can start by registering for free for this tool.

After you are done with that, you need to connect the Amazon account with Profit whales. In the dashboard, click on ‘Connect Amazon MWS Account’. You will be redirected to the Amazon Market Web Service.

Copy and paste the Seller ID from MWS to the Dashboard and also the MWS Auth Token Number. Fin ally, click on ‘Link with Amazon PPC’ and you are registered with the Profit Whales.

The PPC Scanner is ready to use and you can begin:

  • Choose the product that you wish to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns. This product can be scanned for the metrics but you can only scan one product at a time.
  • Enter the product margin for your products so that it becomes more easy to analyze. After entering the Net Margin, you will be able to calculate required ACoS which will drive better results.
  • You can figure out all the mistakes that you are making in your campaign by looking at the terminal as well as the graph. The terminal shows the exact mistakes you are doing in your Amazon PPC advertising whereas the graph makes it even more scalable and easier to determine the mistakes.

Finally, click on Scan and you can download all your mistakes in a PPC report here. Isn’t that amazing??


Profit Whales Tool is completely free to use. You can start with zero dollars.

Once you have found the mistakes, you can hire a professional expert from Profit Whales helping you boost your sales.

The service agency of Profit Whales gives this service to achieve long term goals and get more sales.

While working with the expert, you can get the following benefits:

  • A full audit of your Amazon Advertising account.
  • Gathering a pool of relevant keywords to create a semantic core
  • Weekly strategy calls, so you can review the experts’ performance and adjust a strategy if needed.
  • Weekly or Daily reporting via email.
  • Create massive and structured Semantic Cores for each SKU
  • You’ll receive weekly reports with your PPC and Organic sales statistic to make better decisions

Why Choose Profit Whales?

Profit Whales is undoubtedly one of the most unique tools and serves the purpose of making your business advertising error-free and more scalable.

It comes up with three products:

Zero to Hero PPC

Analyze and Optimize

Automate your PPC

Need more reasons to choose?

  • Data-Driven Technology: The company uses Big Data and AI Technology to create and manage advertising campaigns for your business. That’s what makes it more valuable.
  • Saves More Time: Time is money!! Profit Whales saves you a lot of hours in a month and gives you excellent reports and data.
  • Make more Profit: As the names say, Profit Whales helps you make more money and make more profit. This software is tailored to save more time and focus more on profits. You get the statistics and graphs for your each marketing campaigns.

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MY Verdict: Is Profit Whales Worth For Your Business?

No doubt, Profit Whales is an amazing tool which would help you build the advertising campaigns. What I liked most about the Profit Whales is that it points out the mistakes accurately so that you don’t miss even by an inch.

The multi-feature PPC scanner gives an accurate report of the mistakes of your Amazon advertising and the expert service is even a plus to optimize your campaign.

It is an excellent choice for getting your business on the run and make more money and save more time without committing the mistakes. If you have used Profit Whales, leave feedback in the comment box.

Immediate Edge Bot Review 2020

Immediate Edge Bot is a fully automated trading robot that is very effective in helping users who trade on cryptocurrency to gain profits. Immediate Edge bot is very reliable in providing users with the much-needed platform to make money while dealing in cryptocurrency.

The use of automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms is a new invention that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, some persons hold some reservations and skepticism because it is entirely automatic, and its operation is controlled by the design algorithms.

For those who are ardent followers of cryptocurrency news on social media, you may have seen several testimonials of people who have benefited from using these trading bots and have made huge profits with the help of the Immediate Edge Bot.

There are over a thousand trading bots software where cryptocurrency trading can be carried out. However, we will be reviewing one of the best-automated trading bots available, of which the Immediate Edge bot stands out.

For beginners to cryptocurrency, you may find this review very educative. If you are used to trading in cryptocurrency, you may also learn new things about the Immediate Edge bot trading platform.

How Reliable Is Immediate Edge Bot?

Is the Immediate Edge bot reliable? The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” It is undoubtedly legitimate and highly trustworthy. The Immediate Edge bot trading platform has been tested by several users and has been certified reliable because they have made huge profits from this platform.

Results from users and industry experts reveal that the Immediate Edge bot has an 85% success rate in terms of generating profits for users. What this means is that you are likely to make profits on 85 out of a hundred bets placed.

The Immediate Edge bot software offers users excellent rates when compared to other trading platforms.

Some tests carried out on the platform showed that a user might make good profits from a minimum of $250 investment. The Immediate Edge bot is beneficial for both experienced and inexperience cryptocurrency trading.

How does Immediate Edge bot work?

Before the advent of advanced technology in the mobile industry, everything was done by hand. You have to scroll down to a number to make a call, send text messages, and carry out other functions. However, with Google’s assistant and other top features, things have become simplified. You may need to press fewer or no buttons to carry out specific tasks.

That same principle is how the Immediate Edge bot works. You may not need to carry out research on market trends or analyze the rates of cryptocurrency, which may take a lot of mental and physical commitment.

The Immediate Edge bot does the work for you. It provides far higher accuracy in detecting precise market rates with the help of in-built algorithms. You may not need to worry about losing your investment because the trading software may ensure that your investments are safe and yield interest.

Features of Immediate Edge Bot software:

· Verification

You do not need to go through a complicated verification process before you can begin enjoying the software. What you are required to do is to provide simple login and card details for deposit and Voila! You are on your way to using this efficient cryptocurrency trading software.

· Payout

Do you know that users of this software may be able to make up to $2200 daily trading on cryptocurrency? As unimaginable as it may sound, it is very true. All you need is to be consistent in placing your trades and let the robot do the work.

· Deposits and withdrawals

Some scam software allows for quick deposits, but they may take an eternity to withdraw your earnings. However, the Immediate Edge bot software is in a different class on its own as it allows for easy withdrawals. Withdrawals on this platform take about 24hours to process.

· Customer Service

A top-quality cryptocurrency trading robot should have excellent customer care support. The Immediate Edge bot software provides a highly efficient customer care service. You can chat with them live on their website or send them an email with your issues and be sure to get a quick response.

· Cost of fees

With the Immediate Edge bot, you may not be required to pay any additional fees for registration. There are no hidden charges and no other form of commission to brokers,

· Brokers

You are automatically matched with a broker when you make a deposit on your trading account. Your deposited amount is transferred to the broker’s account, and the brokers place a trade for you. Immediate Edge bot software has reliable brokers, so you have nothing to worry about.

How do you register or log in to Immediate Edge Bot App?

To register or login to the Immediate Edge bot app, follow these simple steps:

  • Head over to
  • You can click the Register button at the top right corner of the website and provide your name and email.
  • Provide a secure password
  • Click on submit
  • You have successfully registered on the platform
  • Click on login and provide your email and password if already registered

How do you start trading with Immediate Edge bot?

To begin trading on this platform, you are required to first of all fund your account by depositing a minimum amount of $250

You may make use of different payment methods by depositing funds through debit or credit cards that are supported b Wire Transfer, VISA, Klarma, Skrill, etc.

This provides users with different options, and it ensures the flexibility of payment across different platforms.


Having reviewed the Immediate Edge bot software, we, therefore, recommend this unique and fully automated cryptocurrency trading software. It is an ideal app for both new and experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market.

However, we advise that you begin trading with fewer funds. And in time, you may start to increase your deposit as you get more and more familiar with the platform.

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