Trades at Boss Capital for June 23, 2020

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Boss Capital Review


Boss Capital is a binary options broker domiciled in London, UK with satellite offices in close to 30 other countries across the globe. Boss Capital Options, launched in 2020, is a relative newcomer to the binary options industry and has already gained quite a following in this market.

Boss Capital clients have a choice of almost 200 assets to trade, multiple ways to trade them and an opportunity to benefit from extremely profitable returns.


Traders have a choice of 4 different account types at Boss Capital. Their Bronze Account is a basic package with a required minimum deposit of $1000. It gives traders a 20% sign up bonus. The Silver Account requires a deposit of $4,000 and a welcome bonus of 40% is offered. An initial deposit of $5,000 opens the Gold Account, where a 65% bonus is awarded. The Gold account also benefits from professional trading analysis and 24/7 customer support. A maximum of 86% payout is offered on winning option trades in the Gold account.

The VIP account is geared more for experienced stock traders and licensed hedge fund Forex professionals. A $100,000 deposit is needed to open this account. Additional information about the VIP account is obtainable by contacting the broker’s corporate division.

No deposit is required in order to complete the registration process. However, an initial deposit of $200 is required to begin trading.

Boss Capital Trading

Boss Capital Demo Account

The Boss Capital Demo Account is a free feature offered by the Boss Capital for registered traders so they can try out all features that Boss Capital is offering. This is a very good way for traders to see how successful they can be trading Binary Options, how fast and stabile Boss Capital platform is and use the services offered by Boss Capital when they transfer over to a real account.


One of the unique features at Boss Capital is its access to U.S. based traders who can employ many banking options to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.

Boss Capital account holders can trade indices, such as FTSE-100, NASDAQ, major Forex pairs such as EUR/USD, commodities including Silver and Gold and stock options such as Vodafone and Lloyds.

Traders can select from multiple ways to trade and have the opportunity to make quite profitable returns. Each one of Boss Capital’s traders is provided with an individual account manager and access to senior market analysts. Boss Capital offers easy-to-use tools to make trading interesting and easy and offers up to 86% payouts, one of the highest payouts in the binary options market.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges imposed. Boss Capital is not regulated.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

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Education is important at Boss Capital and at their Trading Academy traders can make use of the many educational tools provided.

At the video academy, a host of informative videos on a variety of financial topics awaits all traders. These video courses teach traders everything from trading techniques to money management tips. Trading experts can take advantage of our advanced courses while beginners can learn all the basics of binary options. Depending on their account, traders have access to these videos free of charge.

In addition, Boss Capital offers an exclusive free eBook that can be downloaded in a matter of seconds to all of its traders no matter which account package they choose. This interactive guide gives an overview of binary options trading and explains the importance of implementing trading strategies. In addition, there is a full glossary of binary options terms.

Boss Capital is known for their extensive selection of online webinars. The live webinars are available every day so traders have the opportunity to choose what type of webinar they wish to view. The webinars are led by senior market analysts and some of them are offered in different languages and are pre-recorded. Webinars are offered on the following topics: How to read Candlestick Charts, 60 Seconds: How to Trade, Advanced Analysis with our Senior Analyst and more.

In addition, a daily news update on each asset market is posted on the website.

Boss Capital’s Binary Options Affiliate Program uses to deliver the marketing tools needed to ensure their growing partnerships. The elements provided include up-to-date live stats, professional support, affiliate management and on-time payments.

Customer Support

The Boss Capital account management team is available to assist traders with all inquiries, provide assistance in their trading strategies and solve any customer service issues that may come up. Boss Capital offers support in over 8 different languages to customers on all continents. The Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Chat and telephone.

The website is available in English only.


Deposits to accounts at Boss Capital can be made by credit and debit cards as well as bank wires.

Withdrawals are made by filling out the withdrawal form and following the directions. Withdrawal charges differ by account type starting at $30; some are free. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100; the maximum is $20,000 via credit card.

There are no additional withdrawal fees or extra charges.


The Boss Capital site offers the full package to anyone looking to trade everything from Forex to Stock Indices and you will be hard pressed to find a trading platform that is easier to use. The Boss Capital website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I did feel when doing this review that some information was not readily available and needed to be searched for. Some items were not there at all.


Boss Capital offers a host of available trading opportunities. There are plenty of stock options, multiple stock indices and a wide selection of currency pairs. The return rates on standard trades are as high as 85%, which is excellent and there are plenty of assets to choose from, as well as plenty of account types. It is nice to see a TechFinancials platform that welcomes U.S. traders. Most important is that they offer what traders want and do so in a professional manner.


The trading platform at Boss Capital is driven by TechFinancials, one of the top three platform providers in the industry today. It is designed for both beginner and experienced traders alike and is user-friendly and simple to use. Traders can place trades in just four steps and all it takes is selecting an option type and an underlying asset, deciding on the direction they predict the asset will take and entering the monetary value of the trade.

Boss Capital offers four different trading methods: Call/Put, Short Term, Touch and Boundary option, an innovative method where traders can predict a pair of two price values that they believe the asset will be reach by the end of the trade. By predicting the correct boundary, the trade ends in-the-money and the trader wins.

Boss Capital’s options trading is now available on mobile devices. The Boss Capital mobile app is designed for ideal compatibility on any mobile devices and offers the opportunity to choose from over 150 assets. The app design is clean-cut and user-friendly as well as being easy to navigate and aesthetically appealing. Traders can check the progress of open trades, execute new trades and perform banking activities no matter where they are.

The Boss Capital mobile app is one of the top binary options brokers in the industry. It offers the following benefits: advanced, customized trades, simple execution of trades, simplified binary options the ability to trade numerous assets simultaneously, trading updates, full history of transactions and more.

The mobile app offers the same profit potential of Boss Capital’s advanced trading platform and can be downloaded within seconds.

Capital Asset Exchange and Trading Reviews

Updated Jan 20, 2020

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Your trust is our top concern, so companies can’t alter or remove reviews.

” Insane earning potential for the level of experience required ” (in 7 reviews)

” Gym membership to state of the art facility ” (in 6 reviews)

” I was hired 14 months ago with three other Traders ” (in 13 reviews)

” Crazy long hours, abusive management, really tough market which led to minimal sales, tons of turnover ” (in 10 reviews)

“CAE – Austin, TX”

I have been working at Capital Asset Exchange and Trading full-time for more than a year

1. Compensation (solid base plus monthly bonuses) 2. Training program 3. Management is highly involved in your work 4. Happy hours 5. Peers 6. Competitions / additional incentives 7. Company is growing

1. Hours can be long in your first year 2. No shoulders to cry on

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“Just Google Ryan Jacob’s name”

I worked at Capital Asset Exchange and Trading full-time for more than a year

They moved me to Austin

After you google Ryan Jacob, skip the blog’s that are posted with his name that were intentionally posted to make the negative press disappear from the 1st page of search engines. Worst Leadership Ever. If you want to work for a dictator sociopath that wants your life to revolve around him this is the place for you. They promise big bonuses only to tack on fines and find reasons not to pay you what is owed. The CEO is not only the worst leader I have ever known, but likely the worst human. Expect to work long hours and if you are one of the few that make it you will continue to be treated like absolute crap for as long as you are there. Very smart VP that tries to help, but his hands are tied by the CEO. I worked there for several years and my best day was the day I quit If you take this job you can expect phone calls and emails at all hours of the night, and they expect you to respond immediately. My advise to anyone considering working at CAE would be to pass and find something else. If you don’t you will find it difficult to find enough free time to find other opportunities.

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“Boiler room environment, only worse”

I worked at Capital Asset Exchange and Trading full-time for less than a year

Working in the Frost Tower in downtown Austin

Shady management. Sales people “traders” could do whatever they want and treated you like you were subhuman. Weekly employee turnover. Transactional deals, company is focused on grabbing low lying fruit and not building long term relationships.

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“Would feel bad if I didn’t share”

I worked at Capital Asset Exchange and Trading full-time

– $75k a year salary + an above average bonus structure – Management works hard at writing positive glassdoor reviews

– Depressing. The office is missing a ceiling, has white walls with nothing on them, and you are reprimanded for laughing. – Abusive treatment. The first meeting I had with my boss he told me “You are only relevant to me if you make me money” . I was told I could be forced to stay and not attend my sister’s graduation because “i hadn’t hit quota that month” . (one week into the month). If you take PTO, you will still get told to do work, make calls. The person in charge of trading will call you a f*cking idiot if you ever ask him a question, then get mad at you because you aren’t communicating with him. It’s a mess, this section could go on forever but you get the point. -High Turnover. They try and force people to quit here so they don’t have to fire them. In the last 6 months, 10 people have left / fired (maybe more hard to keep track), and there were

35 to begin with. This is a problem, because they pitch 1-2 years of development, send you a list of expensive apartments to rent, then kick you to the curb a handful of months in if they want. – Management will force you to be a mean to customers. As some other posts have said, CAE has a terrible rep in the industry. You will be told “they hate us, but they do business with us”. That’s low level thinking though. In a perfectly logical world, maybe that happens. In a human industry, people will be price insensitive in spots where they feel cheated, bullied, threatened, etc. and that’s the spot CAE puts pretty much all of their customers in. – No life/work balance. Most people just drown their sorrows. Seen people develop some bad drug/alcohol habits working here. You can’t do anything during the week, and by the time the weekend hits, your spirit will have been so thoroughly dragged through the mud you won’t want to do anything. -They lie to you about how much “you should expect to make”. If they tell you over $100k, tell them “show me all your first years pay stubs” I was in the same boat as you. I read the negative reviews and decided to still give it a shot. It is a flashy salary and you can write the “abusive” aspect off as part of the industry that is hijinxy in movies. It’s not like the movies though. It’s relentlessly depressing there. There is a reason they want people from out of state. The only way management can behave the way they do is if employees feel stuck and helpless. Do anything else besides work here. Search former employees on LinkedIn and reach out to them if you still need convincing.

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“Most Likely Not Worth the Problems – Preserve Your Sanity”

I worked at Capital Asset Exchange and Trading full-time for more than a year

As other reviews have stated, there is a possibility to make good money at CAE. This is the only reason I can objectively not give CAE the lowest possible review, because some people actually do value the possibility of money over their sanity and well-being. Some of the coworkers were cool. Benefits were fairly good. When you leave (you will), you can easily explain in interviews that you’ve dealt with great pressure and arduous hours under shaky management.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend to anyone that they overlook the glaringly negative reviews for the falsified positives, and join CAE. When you leave in 1/2-2 years, you’ll be in the same position you are now, but possibly with slightly more cash. Yes, there is money to be made, but it’s just as likely that you won’t make much. There is very little correlation between skill and compensation – unless you’re a senior guy with many accounts, success at CAE is mainly luck, by way of stumbling across a valuable deal. If you’re not senior, you’ll likely spend many long hours aimlessly pestering clients, sometimes even blatantly lying to them at the direction of the management. Sometimes, it’s right place, right time, and a client will hand you a great deal; more often though, they’ll beg or demand that CAE please leave them alone. (CAE doesn’t have a very favorable industry reputation, as it’s almost protocol to lie to/manipulate your clients. Many of the big industry end users refuse to speak to CAE at all.) Unfortunately, most of the negative reviews of CAE on here are true, and I have a hard time believing the positive ones were not written by CAE management to tilt the reviews in their favor. Management loves telling everyone how things have changed and will continue to, going forward. I saw no difference in my time there between what I had read of CAE before I was there and when I was there, and also from how I was told it would change when I began to how it was when I left. The more-tenured employees will tell you the same. This is a very materialistic, dog-eat-dog environment. Your coworkers will go behind your back to close a deal, if they can. And usually, if they do close it, there’s no recourse against them. The top traders are successful, but almost everyone else knows they’re expendable, and will be fed to the wolves when the CEO has one of his characteristic, unhinged temper tantrums. Make no mistake, you will be a pawn to them. There is almost no work-life balance, and “trading” here leaves you with very few transferrable career skills, going forward. The wiser ones in life will always tell you to pursue something you’re passionate about, rather than chasing money. CAE is a living, breathing example of how true that adage really is. As much as I wish I never joined CAE even though I did make good money, I’m glad I learned this.

Boss Capital Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

A common scam that is run all over the world is the binary options scam. Investing with offshore companies offering binary options should be avoided. Once offshore, it can be nearly impossible for you to recover your money. My subscribers have requesting I take a look at Boss Capital. Here is what I have found.

Boss Capital Scam Claims

Founded in 2020, Boss Capital is dedicated to providing its traders with a rewarding and enjoyable trading experience. We strive to be at the top of the binary options industry, providing our traders with the latest technology and most profitable options in the industry.

Boss Capital wants to make binary options profitable for every single one of our traders.

Our objective is to make the trading process as simple and profitable as possible for any level of trader.

Boss Capital Scam Reality

Boss Capital is not registered to operate in the USA or Canada. They still offer accounts in these countries.

Boss Capital is owned by Marblestone Partners Ltd / 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. The director of Marblestone Partners Ltd. is Oliver George Simpson.

Do not deal with internet companies that offer binary options that are not registered in your country.

Boss Capital is part of a binary options scam that is run under many different websites and many company names.

Oliver George Simpson is the director of Marblestone Partners Ltd., Running Forest Partners Ltd., Redtulips Consultants Ltd., and Triple S Capital Ltd..

Here are a few websites in addition to Boss Capital linked with this scam: – Marblestone Partners Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. – Running Forest Partners Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. – Redtulips Consultants Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. – Redtulips Consultants Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. – Redtulips Consultants Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL. – Triple S Capital Ltd. / 1A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, UK, NW11 7TL.

You will notice that all of these companies use the same address. Here is why this is the case. They use a company creation service based in the UK that allows you to hide your actual location and use an address of the company creation service: BC Business Centrum Limited.

For a few hundred pounds you can create a business in the UK with BC Business Centrum Limited.

Top 9 Lies Used To Defend MLM Scams

When the word gets out that people are losing money to this scam, they create another company and another website.

Here are examples for on how this scam works:

As soon as you sign up and put the minimum $250.00 to do some binary options online you will receive a call from a “SENIOR ANALYST” to invest more money for long term options. It’s simple you either predict that the commodity, currency or stock will either go up or down and if you are right you receive a certain percentage from the amount you “invested” so anyhow everything will work as it should in the beginning when you are just barely getting your feet wet, your testing it out you lose some you win some, you figure out the system and you start actually doing very well, surprisingly well, you will get another call with another amazing offer too good to be true and when you decline that again that’s when your account will go to hell and they will tamper with it by causing you to call the incorrect rates when choosing call or put on the option making it almost impossible to win. When I wasn’t winning it wasn’t doing that, as soon as I made couple thousand, they turned the losing on switch and that’s when you might or will lose all your money. Therefore I suggest to stay away from this website and do some research before investing money with these SCAM ARTISTS.

I deposited $500 to my account and they said they will match what I deposit. GREAT! right? WRONGGGG. They did not tell me you need to make 30x whatever bonus they gave you. which means for me….$500 x 30 = $15,000. Yes, that’s right….if I ever want to see my money again, I would have to make $15,000 to even THINK about making a withdraw. – Source YouTube

Their platform is rigged and you will lose your money, you can count on it. If you accept a bonus, well then you can forget about asking for a withdrawal. Their sales team is like a revolving door and I went through 4 account managers in less than 6 months. Another thing I learned while going through a chargeback process with my bank, they are not in Virgin Islands or British Anguilla as they claim, they are actually based in Israel. – Source

Traderush is the worst SCAM BROKER in the world. I had a very bad experience with traderush. I deposited USD 250, managed to grow that account to over USD 2100 within a month and half. They suddenly removed the profits I earned as bonus and they closed my account all of a sudden. – Source

TradeRush are in this game to make money, not to loose it. Don’t insult your own intelligence by swallowing their sales line “we like you to win because then you trade more and recommend others.” You are allowed to win just enough for them to encourage you, and to believe that any subsequent losses are just a bad spell of luck.

Getting you to invest MORE funds is the name of the game, and is essential revenue for sales staff, as they are paid a commission percentage of deposits only. Bonuses help to lock those deposits in for a decent term and chances are, they will be lost over time. Bonuses can only be retained after trading a minimum of 20x the bonus given. Suffice to say that only a small percentage of traders can achieve this without blowing up (you do the math).

Trouble is (for TradeRush), that some can, and do. As the threshold gets closer, the damage limitation increases. Imagine trading an instrument whos prices and movement bears no relationship to its actual market price, and is not only unique to TradeRush but also to YOUR PLATFORM! Your fill price and your expiry price will be their choosing. That is how far they will go to handicap profitable account holders…and then some: Timer clocks being changed, trades disapearing, options being suspended, filled prices being manipulated way off the screen price etc. Even this doesn’t stop an elite few making profit, so IP blocking is next in the damage limitation armoury. – Source

Here are examples for Citrades on how this scam works:

They let me first deposit $250 when I call to withdraw the person that I was talking to was sooooo rude when I ask him if I could talk to some one else he said you should go talk to your mama because you are pain in the A**** so anyway he told me to withdraw you have to provide to us ID and copy of the credit card so I did but still I can not withdraw the money …very very bad customer service, they are bunch of thieves and when u want to withdraw your money they don’t let you. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from Citrades.

Citrades is now threatening me if I don’t comply with what they say they will report my card as fraudulent. These guys are a real piece of work! – Source

Here is what is required to be sent to Boss Capital to withdraw money:

  • Updated Utility Bill with your current address.
  • Front and back photos of the credit card(s).
  • Official Photo ID.
  • Signed verification forms indicating that you are the one that individual that made the original deposit (If you have used a non-credit card payment method such as Skrill this form is not needed).
  • At times you will even be required to accept a phone call, particularly when large sums are being transferred.

From the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, here are three ways binary options companies scam people:

1. They refuse to credit your account or reimburse funds after accepting your money. You deposit money into your binary options trading account and are then encouraged by “brokers” over the telephone to deposit additional funds into your account. When you attempt to withdraw your original deposit or the return you have been promised, they cancel your withdrawal request, refuse to credit your account, or ignore your telephone calls and emails.

2. They collect information such as credit card and driver’s license data for identity theft purposes. If a binary options Internet-based trading platform requests photocopies of your credit card, driver’s license, or other personal data, do not provide the information.

3. They manipulate the binary options trading software to generate losing trades. The Internet-based binary options trading platform manipulates the trading software to distort binary options prices and payouts. For example, when a trade is “winning,” the countdown to expiration is extended arbitrarily until the trade becomes a loss. – Source

Boss Capital is on the list of online trading suspicious schemes provided by the AMF.

Boss Capital Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Boss Capital is part of a long line of binary options scams that have been running for years. They are typically unregistered in the countries they are offering accounts in. Many binary options websites and companies are opened so that if complaints are made they can just move on and continue to scam people. Avoid the Boss Capital scam.

Is iFOREX a Scam?

46 Comments Already

Do you still recommend Rebecca Goodwin for her services?

I have not heard back from anyone that has tried to user her. I am no longer recommending anyone that claims they can get your money back from any of these scams.

They are scammers.
I have lost trading through their brokers $20000.
My 8 months hard work.

They call you and make you invest.
You lose or win they always make money.
They don’t care about what all troubles people get after losing their hard earned money.

These guys do their full research before starting a company like this and research show that approx 95%people will lose money so the company or the owners will make millions or more.

And government is doing what?

I want to sue these guys.
I have proofs of emails and call recordings and call frequencies.

I need as many of you supporting me.

I had no luck dealing with with the company that ripped me of 88,000us. I have tried everything and nearly gave up, but by pure chance I found an Antoney how listened and handled my case and that was the game changer.

Can you give the info on this Attorney?

bosscapital is scam please do not invest with them I lost 2400 US dollars and there is only one guy changing his voice and name to different people telling you I’m your new account manager.
I was sick and borrow money from friend and all gone. If there is god he will punish these scambags otherwise they will continue cheating people like me and thousands of others I pray that the head of this company get cancer or hiv oh god it’s so painful to think about that money just gone for no reason.

I have received email from mr. Sydney baroso interpol email:[email protected] and mr. Chris newkirk(head of international) capital one bank london email:[email protected] .Her, have tell to me for clim funds $5.5M from capital one bank. But it of one scam email . I really hope can claim my funds $5.5M from capital one bank london PLC.

It sounds like you are dealing with a scam and there is no money to claim.

I just got a call now from boss capital to register and open my account because a spot i saved for me, but all i had to do is make a deposit of 250 Canadian dollars, but i am not sure if it is real or a scam. I would love and appreciate it if i can get any real info about them, are they trying to dupe me? Or should i go for it, thanks.

Do not waste your money. It really is a scam.

Please can you let me know if Rebecca Goodwin is legit? Has anyone here used her before?

Hi I’ve just been scammed by Banc De Binary. What is your opinion as to whether Rebecca Goodwin and winchargeback is whether legitimate or just another side of the scam.

Rebecca Goodwin seems to be legitimate. She claims to only charge a fee after you have received your money back. If you want, I can have her contact you and you can let me know how things go.

Hi to have been scammed and trying to get my money back for almost a year. I would like you to have Rebecca Goodwin to contact me please as soon as possible. I greatly appreciate it. Lana

Have you been contacted by Rebecca?

Beware of Boss Capital!

I’m 71 years old and no Newbie to trading. With my Dad’s help, I bought my first stocks (a mutual fund) when I was 13 and I’ve traded off and on, ever since. Just before the 2008 crash, I got out of stocks and didn’t trade for several years. For several reasons, I became intrigued with the Forex market and began exploring it and eventually Binary Options, when they appeared on the scene.

At some point while trading FX, I noticed a semi-regular price pattern that occurred and began developing a template with indicators to focus on the pattern. It soon became apparent that this system would be a great candidate for Binary Option trades and I began delving into the murky world of Binary Option brokers. After several false starts with several different brokers, I settled on Boss Capital. They were rather new, but I couldn’t find any strong negative reviews or reports about them and while their platform wasn’t as flexible as others, it would work for my testing.

One of the lessons that I learned, early in my 50+ year business career, was that one should never just tell lawyers, accountants, politicians, and brokers to just do what THEY think is best — because they will eventually end up with all the money you allocate them. In my dealings with Boss Capital, I don’t know why I ignored that old axiom, but I unfortunately did.

So, soon after I opened and funded my account in order to further my system testing with Boss Capital, the phone calls and fabulous touts from their brokers started. Alex Cortez was the first to phone and I attempted to explain to her that, for many reasons, I preferred to use email and did not like to discuss my trading over the phone. I didn’t give her my reasons for wanting to primarily use email, but the main one is that I want a “written record” of who told whom, what. She seemed rather dismayed that I wouldn’t talk to her, but called again a few days later – AT THREE IN THE MORNING. Now, since my wife sleeps with the phone next to her bed, this call woke her up from a deep sleep and caused a real damper on her next day, when she had to give a rather critical presentation.

So, after Alex had pretty well blown her relationship with me, I assume that my account was transferred to Jacob Becker, because he was the next Boss Capital broker to call. After I requested that we rely on emails and not the phone, he started a barrage of touts that made statements like, “Guaranteed Profit Trade . Insure your investment and the Profits.” Now tell me, fellow trader, who could resist at least not exploring that greed driven prospect? As it came to pass, I couldn’t and thus began my spiral down into Boss Capital’s Trader’s Hell.
Jacob’s reply to my reply started with this:
“Hi Terry,
Thank you for your mail.
Yes, if the trade expires out of the money – your investment and the expected profits will be payed back into your account (as a bonus).
It’s very important to point out that guaranteed profit signals ( issued rarely by Boss Capital) are highly unlikely to expire out of the money,they have extremely high success rates otherwise the company will not be willing to insure the investment and the profits!”

So, I took the hook and after more than a dozen emails that were required to negotiate an additional $5,000 into my trading account, Jacob again mentioned that the earnings report was coming out and since time was of the essence I needed to do one more thing and immediately sign the attached contract, “ASAP” so he could give me the critical tout. I hurriedly skim read, signed, scanned and emailed their “Guaranteed Profit Agreement” back to him/them. The critical couple of sentences were, “The Client receives _1___ Guaranteed Profits Trades in the sum of _5000__ each. If these trades are unsuccessful, the client will receive a bonus equal to the investment lost and the expected payout amount with a trading requirement of bonus x30___ starting from the date the funds for the Guaranteed Profit Trades are added.“

Now, I KNOW that I should have had one of my lawyers take a look at this, before signing. However, time was critical, because the earnings reports were due out any minute and I know that none of my lawyers could possibly take time to evaluate this before my greed driven opportunity was lost; or so went my in the moment rationale. Besides, when it was all said and done, my legal fees would have probably eaten up most of another $5,000, anyway.

As soon as they had my signed copy, they gave me the tout and I opened the trade, just as they told me to. However, the “highly unlikely” turned out to be highly likely and the trade didn’t end up in the money. So, after some time and a several gentle email reminders, Jacob had my account credited with the full amount of my trade capital ($5,000) plus the 70% return ($3,500) that I was supposed to have made, for a total of $8,500.

So, at this point I’m feeling pretty good! Even though the trade lost, my account balance has increased by $3,500 and I’m ready for the next “Guaranteed Profit Trade.” At some point, when I email Jacob and asked him to include me in the next trade with a similar opportunity, he told me that I’d have to put up a minimum of another $5,000 for another trade. When I asked him how Boss Capital could afford to keep making such agreements, he said that they anticipated making up for their loses through future trades.

Sure enough, another “Guaranteed Profit Trade” deal came along and since I couldn’t use the funds in my account for new trades, I ponied up another $5,000. This time, the trade went in my favor and there was no need for the guarantee to be activated. Then came the third trade and I started asking about why I had to come up with a “fresh” $5,000 and couldn’t just use some of the funds already in my account and that was when THEIR reality began to slightly creep into MY reality. Anyway, not to worry, since Jacob was going to give me solid touts that would explode my account balance.

Even so, I really began to press them to tell me if I could even withdraw ANY of my funds. No, that wasn’t allowed until I satisfied all of the terms of my “bonus.” It finally came out that the 30X meant that I had to “repay” not just the bonus money of $3,500 times 30, but my “buyout” to access ANY of the money in my account was 30 times MY $5,000 plus the $3,500 for a grand total of $255,000! If, at any time I tried to withdraw ANY of my funds without first creating a balance of $255,000, then I forfeited ALL of the money in my account!

By this time, my account was passed along to another “broker” who declared that he – Josh Miller — was not just a broker, but a Senior Analyst, and he had a diversified plan that would make me rich. At this point, I was being worked over by three of Boss Capital’s best and it wasn’t fun. I was now no longer working on my system, but trying to figure out how to “liberate” ANY of my invested $15,000 by earning $255,000 by using THEIR touts, the last of which had gone bust, too.

By now, my account is at about $12,000 and I go into partial Beta mode with my nearly completed system and I start really noticing some of the problems with their trading platform. On several occasions, I had observed that some of my trades were slow to fill, but just took it to be the result of heavy traffic. But then, one day, the little chart and live numerical readouts, started freezing up. I complained and they reversed the trade, the first time it happened. However, with several other trades that followed, they (their support personnel) stopped reversing the trades and claimed that I needed to change browsers, which I did. Then they claimed I needed to clear my cache before each session, which I did and still the screen freezes kept occurring and finally, a trade – which I was simultaneously monitoring on my MT4 platform – was WELL into the money and their system finally even declared that trade a loss, as well. I haven’t even bothered to complain – as it doesn’t do any good, anymore.

As for the three brokers, well they kept sending me touts and showing THEIR alleged winning results, but never any major losses. When I called one of them on it, asking why they didn’t show their considerable losing trades (which I took the time to follow up and plotted from their touts), asking if their trades were made with House money and not their personal funds and even if their posted results were perhaps Photoshopped – they all three promptly stopped responding to any of my emails, as I’m certain that, since they consider me a skinned, drained and now useless former client.

I’m taking the time to relate all of this to you, my fellow traders, in the hopes of providing you with enough information to dissuade you from doing ANY trading with Boss Capital. I certainly would like to retrieve all, or even some, of my money, but don’t see too much help on the horizon, for that to occur. If you would like more details to confirm my story, including emails, documents and screen shots, let me know and I’ll gladly forward them on to you.

Hi Terry, I also had Jacob Becker and Josh Miller and many others. They told me every time that they were no longer with the company. My experience is exactly like yours. I’m a single mother that invested and was promised so many things on the phone and they have ruined my investment. I have been dealing with this for over a year and praying to get my money back. Please I would appreciate any help because I rather never get my money back and fight for what is right than to just give up. I was a newbie trained with them and as soon as they had to start helping me they just passed me around. I am on my sixth account manager. I am in financial ruines and so upset at listening to them and their promises. I’m just sick. I am very thankful you took time to tell your story. Sincerely, Lana

Hi Ethan, I have a real problem. I need a letter from an organization like Maxoptions who can say that they were not operating on legitimate terms with me. Or, my credit card company will not be able to hold Maxoptions for the charges they made on my card. I am so sorry I got involved with this company and have now seen that many such companies are equally scammers. Can you help me? I just need a second opinion letter. Thanks, Sandra

Thank you for your message. You will need to contact a lawyer for a professional letter. I am just an independent person that shares their opinion on scams.

I have received a phone call from booscapital today, and what they offer is too much to believe, Is hard to believe and I prefer to keep my account on a website that I’m trading for some time and I trust a lot on them… Even because a serious company usually not make call to any people look for clients in my opinion, and another one interesting thing is that they are offering plans for me, but they not accept members from my country

Hi People for your inform I got scammed by boss capital with a fake signal from an account manager but with the help of a lawyer who knows a lot about binary brokers I got all my money back in my account. Please visit Or find Rebecca Godwin on skype. She nailed boss capital and I got all my lost fund back in my account. A good way to spend my holiday.

Would you be willing to share your experience privately with me? I have also been scammed and I am considering using Rebecca’s help but I want to hear a real account of someone who has dealt with her.

Isabel hi like Harry I got scammed. Unfortunately it was not one of my better decision. I have alot of money I need back. Please if you are willing to share I would gladly use Rebecca Godwin please anything will help. I greatly appreciate you, Harry, Ethan and Terry this has given me hope! Thank you, Lana

BossCapital is a scam , they made me loose over 5000$ of my hard earned money , give me wrong signals made me loose over 4000$ and they are refuting to send me back the remaining balance in my account , 20 or more mails requesting approval for my account before making a withdraw , although they didnt need the approval to take the money and make me loose it
all sites claiming that its legit are affiliates , trying to take commission if you subscribe through them total waste of money and time

You are correct. The websites that are recommending this scam are affiliates.

I have been with Boss Capital for almost 3 months now and have been lied to and made promises that were never kept. They are holding over $25,000 of my money and will not let me transfer back to retirement account as promised. I was pressured into withdrawing my retirement funds & depositing the money into my Boss account on that very day.I crossed out the part on the document where it said I had to make 20-30x the amount in order to have my accoiunt liquid and be able to withdraw any funds. When I spoke to me “Account Manager” (who is no longer there) he assured me over and over numerous times on the phone that I would be able to withdraw my funds and them some by end of month and replace them into my personal retirement account. I am 68 years old and cannot replace this money, it was my retirement money… I am fractures, cannot go on with life. Who can I connect with to see that this money is returned to me. there has got to be some justice here! This is total FRAUD.
Who can I turn to that is at the head of Boss Capital & GOptions. They are both liers and Frauds.
Please have someone contact me …[email protected] directly.

I have been through the same suffering by them.
Did you find any solution.

I can’t believe I fell for this scam. I’m out of job yet I used my credit card and all the money has been wiped out. These people are heartless and I don’t even know what to tell my wife. I have had sleepless nights so far and the banks are on my neck. I’m about to loss everything I ever worked for. Please someone should put an end to this madness and report them to the regulatory body.

Boss capital is a scam! Please avoid at all cost.

Why isn’t this site up before all these other fake reviews….. I have already lost 2000 dollars …. My stupidity of course for trusting a guy that called me and told me my money was insured
I hope more people read this page
I don’t know how many out there have been scamed with this site…..
Why isn’t anyone talking about this .

Share this page with as many people as possible and soon it will be above the fake reviews.

I’m having the same withdrawal and crazy loss issues with B.C. that you outline here . Is there any recourse to either get your money back or at the very least let people know what is really going on here? I’ve been trying to withdraw my winnings for weeks now and all they returned to my CC was the initial $200 that I invested. there are companies out there recommending this company as affiliates who don’t even trade on the platform! How can we stop or at least hurt these thieves? Really pissed!

The only thing you can do is contact your local regulators and share the truth with as many people as possible on the internet. They do not share what country they are actually located in, so there is almost nothing you can do. Many of the people saying good things about these types of scams are affiliates that are looking to make money from people.

200 that’s bad but think I lost 2000…. Last week they just closed my account without warning while it was still with a trade on the go….. This scammers

I have been totally scammed out of over $25K where do I go to report them and get my money back.

i was planning on having a corporate account, but things were definitely not adding up when I got forms to sign and where to send the money. I couldn’t understand why there were so many companies at that address(thanks to quick google). thank you for your article. I think your saved me from a big loss. don’t understand why a few websites are promoting BC with recommended BO programs.

I think some of these sites are in on the scam or are affiliates of BC. In my opinion, that is the reason they are promoting it.

I saw today that they no longer accept US clients.

That is good news.

What is your opinion about Brokerage Capital??

If they are not registered in your country, do not trade with them.

How about cherry trade, it has good reputation all over the Internet?

Did you not read my post above? Cherry is listed.

So is there any reliable, trusted companies in the binary options business out there?

Yes. Nadex is a trusted company in the USA.

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