Tradycoin Review is a Scam or Should I Invest

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Bitcoin Trader Review – Comprehensive Scam Test

Bitcoin Trader claims to have a unique trading software that wins trades with 99.4% accuracy. Is this, however, even possible? Find out in the following Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a software that focuses on Bitcoin and its trading. On their homepage, they have a short introductory video where famous people talk about Bitcoin and how innovative the currency is. It really is possible to make money by investing in Bitcoin, but I hardly think that is is possible with Bitcoin Trader. They promise unbelievable results with just a 250$ deposit. Bitcoin Trader looks just too good to be true.

Emails – who are you, Dzhordzh Barker?

The first impulse for creating this review was a short email which was sent to me by Dzhordzh Barker who is associated with BitCoin Trader. I tried to find whether he is the creator of Bitcoin Trader, but there is no information about him on google or on the Bitcoin Trader website. In the email, he claims, to have a system that can make you $100K per month.

Bitcoin Trader incredible results guaranteed!

I am always very skeptical when someone promises me something that looks too good to be true unless it’s beneficial for both parties. So when I first read the information on claiming I can become the next millionaire, I knew right away it’s probably just another scam. And with Bitcoin Trader, I was right. Again. Do not fall for false promises of high profitability based on someone’s unique system. It is almost always a scam. The Bitcoin Trader software claims that you will earn at least $1,300 per day. I can see that hardly possible with a minimum deposit of 250$.

Members of Bitcoin Trader Community? Fake!

The testimonials published on the Bitcoin Trader website are fake and I have a proof of that. Do you remember the displayed traders who are so damn successful? Well, they are not. Because these pictures are stock images, just have a look.

Approved by Antivirus software? Hell no!

BitCoin Trader wants to make its visitors think the software is highly trustworthy. It tries to do that using an introductory video featuring famous people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many others talking about how great Bitcoin is. Furthermore, there are icons of well-known antivirus programs (McAfee, Norton, BitGo) indicating that these leading security software companies support the Bitcoin Trader project. However, know that they are there just to make you believe that Bitcoin Trader is legit.

Conclusion from Bitcoin Trader Review

The information that Bitcoin Trader provide is a scam and you should most definitely not trust this software. Beware that this “unbelievable” trading system does not occur only on one domain, which means that the web address might differ. The name Bitcoin Trader and other information will be, however, always the same. If there was a system that would be ahead of the market by 0.01 second, all markets would almost instantly collapse. In the end, it’s a good thing that they promise such unbelievable results making it easier for people to recognize that Bitcoin Trader is not to be trusted.

Average rating of the Bitcoin Trader program

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Hi. Very interesting article. I did want to have a go and see if I could make small amounts regularly which I would pay into my bank but I’ve no idea where to start as I read the reviews and almost everything ends up being dodgy. Where do I start?

Hello Margaret,
It depends whether you would like to start trading binary options, forex, cryptos or CFDs in general.

Hi Michael, I’ve seen bitcoin trader advertising on facebook many times and have thought of opening an account with them.
Thanks to you I now know its a scam.
What’s your thoughts on a website called VIP-Crypto are they a good trading platform or is it a scam.

Hello Richard, can you please send me website’s address? So I can review it and tell you whether it is a scam or not.

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Hi Micheal I’m pretty new to this I started with 250 Euro on kayafx they come across as very pushy to keep investing do you know if IQ option or 24 option are better to trade on thanks

Hello Darren,
Most scams are pushy, because they want to convince people before they change their mind. If this is the case for kayafx, I do not know. Both 24 option and IQ Option have quite a good reputation. But personally, I think that IQ Option has way better offer.

The website address for VIP-Cryto is
I have parted with £250 and was put onto a broker who told a few things about crypto trading.
The web site looked good and was able to trade on it and then after a week I was asked if I wanted to make some money big time by adding a further £5000 which would eventually make me £100,000. Obviously I refused and then its all gone quiet.
I have asked to cash out but still waiting for my £250 back.
I think this one is definitely a scam.

Educate yourself and start trading on your own. Other people don’t care about your money, they only care about their profits!

Can you please help me by telling if the company CryptoNash is real or a scam. My dad invested € 2500,00 in the last couple of days, through out the bitcoin trader ad.

Hello Ginny,
I do not know the company CryptoNash, so, unfortunately, I can not help you with this. But if they are connected to Bitcoin trader, please be super careful.

Just look at Bitcoin Trader landing page and you’ll see that specified user names, their photos and “I’m happy with your software bla-bla” reviews are just fakes (they use to generate users info)

So it doesn’t seem to be a good to trust your money to a service that falsifies user’s data and reviews.

good day, I did not understand the iq option method, if you put a CALL and then a PUT this at the same time subtracts points even if the indicator is above or below your choice, if you can save me as it works since I was reviewing a bit and I did not understand, sometimes the amount went down and then went up or kept, I’m new to this and would like an orientation before making any deposit, and the price you ask for on deposit are dollars or Mexican pesos ??

Please check out our introductory article How To Trade Binary Options to understand how binary trading works.

Hi Miachel
Do you know which crypto software for auto trading of BITCOIN/ETHEREUM, does I Q option use/operate?
I like to join I Q OPTION but only for bitcoin/ethereum auto trading and not manual trading.
I will appreciate your reply.
Thank you

Hello Mohamed,
IQ Option does not operate any auto trading software nor do they support any. If I were you, I would be very careful with using an auto trading software because most of them do not work.

Hello Michael,
I see Peter Jones of Dragons Den has just made a huge investment in Bitcoin Trader. Would you care to comment, and pass on your thoughts? Many thanks.

From what I have read on the internet, that information is not true. There are even such rumors that BitcoinTrader stole their identities.

The first info I got on Bitcoin Trader was the news that in the UK it was started with two guys on the BBC show ‘Dragons Den’ showing Peter Jones and the others (very canny business people) investing and making money for one of them on 8 minutes. Peter Jones invested £2.5 million in it.

If it was a scam it wouldn’t be on the BBC and the Dragons Den team would have denounced it.

The above scam alert syas the pix are photo shopped and you can see that – no you can’t – there is no explanation of that at all! This lack of detail perhaps gives the impression that this site is a scam! I would like Bitcoin Trader to be a scam but I can find no proof of that here.

On the American site it says says there are no fees but on the UK one it says there is a 2% fee on profits. On the ‘How it works’ there is no info on how to withdraw your money/profits.

So there are indeed anomalies here.

Hello Dennis,
Please pay closer attention to photos provided in this article, there is a proof that they are stock images. So the traders are actually not real people who have experience with Bitcoin Trader. Gavin Duffy said. “It is a total scam. I contacted the BBC but trying to get these things down off websites, because it’s a paid for ad by the people behind this scam to give a sort of official veneer, then overnight people were kind enough to give me a heads up that it’s on the Guardian website as well.”. Fellow Dragon Eleanor McEvoy said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful that these things can happen… But what do you do when these things happen and god forbid anyone has invested any money in after seeing our names, god that would be terrible.” (Source). It is up to you make your mind to what to believe.

via AOL advert from I have just been ‘fooled into investing. Became suspicious when they phoned me and I then gave my details to take £250 and guy rang off very very quickly. Worried they will take more that £250 – is that the case of the scam?

Hello Iris,
What method did you use to charge your account?

I too read the Dragons Den story and ended up investing €250. I made the payment by debit card on their site. I received a call shortly after to set up a call for a broker to contact me tomorrow.
Having read previous messages, I now have no doubt that I have been scammed.

Hi Rob,
Can you tell us what happened in the end? Was it a scam?

Hi Tammy,
Shortly after I “invested” €250 l realised I had signed up to something completely different to the advert that had lured me in. I was really concerned I had been scammed so I requested a withdrawal of most of my deposit. They required me to fill in a form containing banking details, personal info etc which worried me even more. I received numerous calls daily from London, Zurich and other numbers which I terminated shortly after answering or ignored them totally. These calls are still ongoing and are ignored. Eventually my withdrawal request was processed and I have had most if my original deposit returned to me, thereby minimising my loss. I still get several calls a day which I ignore or terminate shortly after answering. I have received numerous emails demanding I answer the calls etc but have ignored these as well.
In short, I am convinced this is a scam. I have recovered as much of my investment as I can and have written off the balance.
My advice to you is to avoid this site and rather look into investing into a more credible and verifiable option .

This cryptonash look a scam. I see as well about dragons den invested for bitcoins and stupidly i did as well, did sign on and pay them 250 pounds, now they are asking from me 3 difference tipe of identity ( my passport details, my bank accont last bils and some another bill!).i fill only left to give them my door keys! Im a very upset. I did contact with my bank ready. They told me will try to help me. Thes cryptonash man name was daniel sanders, they were caling from Zurich .

Pity none of the Dragons have commented here – can it be they are unaware of this site?

Oh I’ve just googled ‘Peter Jones ‘ and got to his denial of his Bitcoin involvement – his legal team is on it he says.

It is vert strange that nothing of this has been on any BBC news item unless I missed it. What about ‘MoneyBox’?

I just to let people know I also saw Dragons Den advert for Bitcoin Trader sign up and invested 250 euros and got call from Daniel Sanders. He talked for a while the tried to get me to invest 1,500 euros, I informed him I didn’t have that kind of money. He tried to contact me over the next couple of weeks; I avoided his calls and emails as I was doing a bit of research on the site. He used different phone numbers eventually calling from an unknown phone number. I answered and told him what I had gathered from my searches but the strange thing was he was speaking with a completely different accent from the first time we spoke; it was obvious that he was a completely different person; I may be a pensioner but I am not senile. He had also promoted himself from an assigned advisor to being the owner of the company and became very agitated when I confronted him with what I believed concerning Cryptonash.

Does anyone have more info’s about ? I have received a message on Skype with the link and by curiosity I clicked on and understand is a trading website so i signed up but the swiss-methoden signed me up to this, after about 10 min I received a call from this women asking me to deposit a minimum of 250 then I told her I can’t risqué because for me 250 are important money then she said a minimum of 150 and she will assure me that I will see good progress in about a week time. Can I get some advice I do not know pretty much of this staff Ive only heard about bitcoin but thats all and need an insight! Thank you

Hello Cristina,
I do not know more information about, but anyone who assures you that you will see good profits is lying to you, especially since you have no experience with trading. I have checked also the swiss-methoden system and it has most of the signs that scams have (on the main page there are many testimonials how wonderfully the system works, but not a single one is negative). That is really odd. You can also notice that they have in their terms and conditions “there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.”. So they make you think by having the “honest” testimonials on the web that there are only people who profit from swiss-methoden, but as you can see, that is not true. I would be very careful with proceeding any payment, but it is your money. If you would be looking for honest and regulated companies where you can trade cryptocurrencies, let me know and I will try to point you out in the appropriate direction.

Hi I got sucked into the cryptonash scam and have made a proffit. I know they are blagging , so i pretended to be a business man and wanted to see if they could double my money as I didnt believe the software. They have deposited my original deposit and proffit. Im still 300 euros in profit. So im going to ask them to deposit that before I give them a larger deposit which im not. Play them at their own game.

Hi guys.
I got sucked into the bitcoin trader scam.
I saw the video and suddenly crptonash is ringing me.
I deposited 250 euro.
I have got that back and made some profit.
Now , I dont think there legit , they ring from different places and have english names and that does not add up.
I have spoke to the boss there as one of there workers openly said he didnt like what was going on after my pressing him about authenticity.
His picture and voice don’t add up and he was going to give me his personal phone number and email details.
Which never happened.
So they now want me to invest more money now they have proved to me they paid me back and some profit on that.
So I will now withdraw the other 300 euros profit I have to see if they will give it to me.
Im playing the role of a business man willing to put in only if they prove they can double my money and not before.
I can only win from this now.
But I will update you on the success of my last withdraw.
However Im more than aware this is a scam because of the way they jumped on the bitcointrader video scam with the dragons den rating it. They openly ommited to me they used this to get people in to trade with there money.
They must be pretty well organised working from an office bouncing numbers from around europe.
Perhaps they work in call centres?
Anyway if you’re unsure dont do it. Or dangle the carrot that you will invest more when you see you have made profit then just pullout.
They one thing they did say was that this is not going to make you a milliionaire which is about the only honest thing they have said.

Hi Cc,
I am also aware of the scam and am now testing the waters. 1st day so too early to tell.
How are you getting on? Did you withdraw your 300 Euros profit without any problems?

I first signed up with bitcoin trader and soon after I got a call from an account manager with Cryptonash, I have been working with them for 5 months now and honestly i was sceptical when i first started, but now I am sure they are a good company because of how we have been working together. I started with 350 euro and within a week i was told to put an additional 5000 euros, I never agreed to it as I am still very new to this trading thing. after two weeks i made a withdraw of 100 euro to test the system, i received it back in my account after 4 days. After several calls with the account manager I finally decide to go ahead and put my money into it (2500 euros) , you can imagine i was very nervous at that point, all I could think about was the money I had put and if I would see it back. In the past 5 months I’ve been able to withdraw 2764 euros. I will continue to work with them and see how it grows, the account manager has told me several times to put more funds into the account about opportunities in the market especially this season. I chose not to put anything because i saw these reviews and decided to get my money first and if that happens i will continue. So far I have taken 2864 euro from the account and I have requested another withdraw on thursday. I will keep you updated on what happens next, at this point i have taken all my money back and now will try to take profit. i hope they are good company because i have been scammed before and i do not want to be scammed again but so far they have been very nice to me and treated me with nothing but respect.

Hi FK,
How did you get on with withdrawing your money. Reluctantly I have started today, solely with the intention of withdrawing my original £250 as soon as I have that much profit. Once that has occurred, I will be at least satisfied that I haven’t lost any of my personal money. To date I have invested £250, with no intention to increase by way of deposit.
How are you doing? Are you earning more per day the higher the amount in balance?

I’m from the UK and found TradingBeasts after signing up with Bitcoin Trader automatic trading, but never mind, I knew the risk involved. I would like to share my experience to date and continue so that others can benefit or be wiser regarding my own involvement.
Probably against my better judgement, I charged my £250 to my Mastercard. Before I continue, this is £250 that I am prepared to lose!
Step 1: Bitcoin Trader leads me to “GCC Investing”. I filled out details but stopped before making payment. The next morning I received an phone call from Leeds. It wasn’t hard sell but the caller was definitely prepared to stay on the phone as long as it took! I asked many questions and of course the answers were positive, but like I said, I am not investing money I can’t afford to lose.
Step 2: After making payment of £250 I then received a call from a fund manager (for want of a better title), a Russian American. I became the feeling that he was hoping I would sign up for the personal management account. I repeated many times that I don’t have any more money to invest, just my £250 initial start up money. He didn’t try to hard sell me and accepted my decision. He said let’s talk in a few weeks time once I could see how the account is running. I repeated once again I will not invest any further funds, maybe only my profit funds.
He will now set my account up to run on their automatic trading system. I am now currently waiting for my account to start trading and I will keep this column informed what is happening, good or bad!
My intention is to withdraw my initial £250 investment as soon as it is realised!?
I can hear the oohs and aahs as I am writing this comment but like I said, it is £250 I am prepared to lose. If I was reading this comment from a fellow chat mate, I wouldn’t be thinking there will be a positive outcome. I might even label myself an idiot.
Let’s see, I will be totally open here good or bad.
I would also like to attempt the Free Demo Account of IQ to have a try myself at trading. We’ll see

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NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Bitcoin Trader Review 2020 » Full Scam Check

December 24, 2020

The cryptocurrency market has made a lot of people very wealthy over the past decade. However, due to the volatile nature of the prices of digital currencies, it is understandable that many people, especially new traders, are hesitant to trade cryptocurrencies. The good news is that now, there are many trading tools, such as trading signals, automated trading software and more, that enable traders to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos profitably.

One of these trading tools is the Bitcoin Trader, a powerful and intuitive automated cryptocurrency trading software.

The fact is, people are not sure about using the Bitcoin Trader software to trade Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. I mean, on many levels, this software really does sound too good to be true! Despite this, as a result of your doubts, you could be losing out on an excellent opportunity to make real income trading cryptos.

To help curb any doubts, my team and I have been on a mission to extensively review and test several auto trading platforms. The Bitcoin Trader is one such platform. We carried out a thorough review of the Bitcoin Trader software to see if it really works and how much it really makes for traders. After carrying out the tests, we documented our findings and have published the facts here. This review is intended for anyone who wishes to use the Bitcoin Trader platform to access the crypto space and to make money trading cryptocurrencies in the process. In this honest and unbiased review, we will start with an overview of the Bitcoin Trader software and what it has been designed to do.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

So let’s get started.

The Bitcoin Trader – An Overview

ROBOT: The Bitcoin Trader
PROPERTIES: The Bitcoin Trader platform is not a scam. It is 100% legit and has a proven track record of success.It has a high-profit ratio enabling both new and advanced traders to make profits in the cryptocurrency market. The withdrawal process is fast and easy enabling traders to access their funds and profit quickly.The software works seamlessly with the trading platforms of the selected brokers.

What is the Bitcoin Trader?

To fully understand how the Bitcoin Trader software works, let us start by understanding what it is. The Bitcoin Trader is a trading tool that makes it possible for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and to make profits. As simple as that! The Bitcoin Trader is unique as it enables people to trade cryptocurrencies with ease, thanks to the automated feature of the software. As a result, anyone can use the software to make money, even if you have never traded before and have no understanding of the financial markets. The software was developed by Gary Roberts in 2020 and since then, it has gained widespread use by traders across the globe who are really making money from the crypto markets.

Our primary objective in this review is to test the features offered by the Bitcoin Trader software. These features are crucial to ensuring that the software works as it promises to as they enable traders gain an advantage over the financial markets. The Bitcoin Trader is useful because it is used to execute trades faster than one could do so if they were trading manually. Also, its accuracy is exceptional.

The development of trading robots to help crypto traders cope with the complicated cryptocurrency market has been a great success. These trading robots are able to handle hundreds of transactions at a time and more importantly, they are able to analyze the markets with great speed and accuracy. With the Bitcoin Trader software, traders can execute faster transactions and earn more money in the process.

The most important thing about the Bitcoin Trader platform is the automated feature it offers. This feature ensure the software will trade on your behalf even if you are not in front of your computer. Taking advantage of the automated trading feature allows traders make up to $1,300 in profit per day, with only a minimum deposit amount of $250 required to start trading these assets. The fact it, with the help of the Bitcoin Trader, cryptocurrency traders are set to enjoy financial freedom making daily passive income.

Is the Bitcoin Trader Software Legit? Yes It Is

It is vital to determine the legitimacy of a platform before you start trading with them. In our quest to find out if the Bitcoin Trader software is legit or not, my team and I made it our priority to determine the legitimacy of this platform. From our research, we were able to establish that the Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit. It is also suitable for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

After verifying the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Trader platform, we proceeded to search online for the feedback of both current and past users of the software. From our research, we were able to see very favorable reviews of the Bitcoin Trader platform. Most users stated that it was the best trading software they have used and that they were able to earn real profits as a result of the software. In addition, most online testimonials confirm that anyone can use this software and make real profits.

From our own test of the Bitcoin Trader software, it is legit and really works.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Is the Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Not: The Verdict!

From the research carried out by my team, here is the summary of our findings, which indicate that the Bitcoin Trader is not a scam:

  • High Success Rate – When using the Bitcoin Trader to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos, we found that the software has over a 94% success rate. This means most of the trades it enters into, will end profitably. The trading signals generated by the software lead to a high success rate for traders.
  • Easy To Use – The trading platform is responsive and is easy to use and to navigate. The usability is commendable, making it perfect for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders. Those who understand how the crypto market works, can even use the Bitcoin Trader software to confirm their own market analysis.
  • Free of Charge – To sign up with the Bitcoin Trader, is free of charge. In addition, the minimum deposit amount of $250 is very reasonable and it is important to note that this money is yours and can be withdrawn at any time, hassle-free. The developers of the Bitcoin Trader are interested in ensuring that virtually anyone can trade cryptocurrencies and make a profit in the process. They have made the deposit amount affordable so that anyone can register and create money trading digital currencies.
  • Quick Access – The app can be accessed within seconds, with registration taking just a few minutes to complete.

The Bitcoin Trader is an effective cryptocurrency automated trading software that works with intuitive and accurate algorithms. These algorithms are programmed to work with Artificial Intelligence. Despite the complications involved in the analysis process, which the algorithm handles for you, the developers of Bitcoin Trader have made it simple for anyone to navigate and use this trading tool. The software is currently classified under the ranks of other leading auto trading platforms like the Bitcoin Code, and CryptoSoft.

With the Bitcoin Trader, both experienced and new traders have the opportunity to boost their passive income. The initial investment amount is low, starting at just $250. The algorithm is designed to scan the crypto markets and to compare huge amounts of historical data with the existing market conditions and to then pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. As a result, users of the Bitcoin Trader are able to easily buy and sell cryptos and to make a profit in the end.

The extensive survey and research we carried out for this software helped us to gain a better understanding of how the automated trading system works. It significantly reduces the time it takes to make accurate trading decisions that end up as profits. When it comes to the financial markets, time is money, and making fast decisions are crucial to users making profits from their trading activities. This is the reason why automated trading platforms are more effective than the manual process of trading. It is one of the reasons why the Bitcoin Trader platform is so popular and so profitable.

The Bitcoin Trader – How it Works

The Bitcoin Trader works in a simple way, enabling anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably. To start, new users are required to create an account with the Bitcoin Trader. The account opening stage doesn’t take more than a few minutes and is free of charge.

Afterwards, you can proceed to deposit funds into your Bitcoin Trader trading account and to activate the trading features of the software. You can use the demo walkthrough of the software to get the opportunity to view how it works before you start investing real money. You will then be required to set your trading parameters, tell the software how much to invest per trade, which cryptos to trade, the risk level and more. The software takes over from there and executes trades for you, ensuring that you make maximum profits from your trading activities. We can confirm that the trading process on the Bitcoin Trader platform is easy and can be easily navigated by anyone.

Creating a Bitcoin Trader Account

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to open an account with the Bitcoin Trader. The registration form can be obtained on their official website, where you will be asked to provide some basic personal details before you can proceed. The registration process is entirely free, with no charges attached.

After providing the required information, such as name and other contact data, you will be required to create a password for your trading account. The password needs to be strong but easily remembered by you to ensure that it is hard for hackers to easily bypass it. You should click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button after completing this process. Overall, this process doesn’t take more than a few minutes to be completed.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

The minimum deposit amount on the Bitcoin Trader is $250, but you can choose to deposit more if you wish to. However, in our test of the software, we stuck with the $250 as it provided us the opportunity to see how the platform works with little money. The minimum deposit sum of $250 makes it affordable for virtually anyone to trade Bitcoin profitably.

The deposit process has been streamlined to make it easy for people to carry out transactions. There are several payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. The Bitcoin Trader will confirm the authenticity of your card; you will also be asked to enter some details, such as the card expiry date and CVV number. Our security team had to ensure that the website is safe before we provided them with our card details. We found out that all transactions conducted by the Bitcoin Trader platform are protected with the latest SSL technology. Since the security wasn’t an issue, we went ahead to enter our payment information.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Once the deposit of funds is successful, you can move ahead to try out the demo trading account. This is to enable you to learn more about the auto trading system and how it works before you invest real money. It is advisable that you use the demo account to try out different strategies before you use real money to trade cryptocurrencies. After testing the demo account, we made some virtual profits with it. We were confident that our trading strategies would work once we switched to a live trading account.

Step 4: Trading Process

The final phase involved real trading. We were impressed with the trading platform as the existence of cryptocurrencies here meant that we could make profits trading a wide choice of currency pairs. Some of the pairs available here include BTC/USD, XRP/EUR, or BTC/EUR and a wide range of others.

It is essential that you set your trading parameters before you start trading on the Bitcoin Trader. Some of the parameters include setting the stop loss and take profit orders, the currency pairs to trade, how much to stake per trade, and more. It is at this point that it is vital that you have a little knowledge of the crypto space. In this way, you can choose the currency pairs that will bring in more profits based on other market factors. You can proceed to start trading after setting up the parameters. The settings would be applied every day however, you can change them at any time.

It is advisable that you try out your strategies with the demo account before you apply them to real trading. In this way, you can correctly evaluate the strategy and how it works in different market conditions.

We made impressive profits with our first deposit and live trading sessions. We were also able to withdraw our earnings without encountering any problems. The withdrawal process was smooth and swift, which is an added advantage for the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Essential Features of the Bitcoin Trader

Several features are necessary for the Bitcoin Trader as they make it possible for traders to make a profit trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the main features of this leading software:

Payout System

The first crucial feature we researched was the payout system. This is the because the ability to deposit and withdraw funds with ease is vital to traders. The amount each trader stands to earn per day on the Bitcoin Trader is roughly $1,300. The amount could go higher as the deposit sum increases and if you take more risks. The payout system is swift, and you can easily access your earnings without much stress, just like we did. As you spend more time on the Bitcoin Trader platform, you will gain better experience on how to make more money.

Verification Process

The verification of personal data is crucial as it makes it tough for imposers and hackers to access your account. For the verification process, the required details include proof of identity and country of residence. This is in accordance with regulations in the financial markets and Bitcoin Trader will always ensure that the profits are going to the right account holder.

Withdrawal and Deposits

To deposit funds into our Bitcoin Trader account, you are able to use a wide choice of secure and safe options. For credit card deposits, the funds will be available in your trading account instantly so you can start trading immediately. We traded for a few sessions, and it was then time to withdraw our profits. The withdrawal system here runs swiftly and smoothly. We initiated a payment withdrawal request, and the transaction was completed in less than 24 hours. This is much better than most platforms where it takes a few days for the funds to reflect in your bank account and in some cases, you never ever get to enjoy your profits.


We were interested in the costs put in place by the Bitcoin Trader as most services insert hidden fees unknown to the users. We were glad to realize that the Bitcoin Trader doesn’t have hidden charges or fees for carrying out transactions. The initial amount we deposited reflected in our trading account and no deduction was made. In terms of fees, the Bitcoin Trader has one of the best systems and it is evident that they are concerned with traders making money from their trading activities.

Feedback System

There is a section on the Bitcoin Trader website dedicated to reviews by users. The reviews were interesting to read as some users have made over $100,000 in profits from just two months of trading. Others have testified to making huge profits from trading cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin Trader platform. It is evident that you can really make money using this automated trading software.

Customer Support

The customer service is an integral part of a business as it serves as the first line of problem-solving for users. Interestingly, the customer support team at Bitcoin Trader is active and can be contacted at all times of the day. They can be contacted with ease and you can also send them an email at any time with your questions and queries.


The Bitcoin Trader has partnered with some of the most reputable brokers in the industry. The brokers provide traders access to the financial platforms and allow the Bitcoin Trader software to work seamlessly on their trading platforms. These brokers also offer other services including access to educational materials, trading tools, secure banking options and professional customer support.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Bitcoin Trader Versus Other Robots

The registration process takes less than a few minutes to be completed and is free of charge. They have multiple payment options to make it easier for traders to deposit and withdraw their funds from the platform.The settings can be customized to help you reduce the risks involved in trading. You can also choose to trade manually, putting you in full control of your trading activities, or in automated mode.Several users have posted real reviews regarding the services offered by the Bitcoin Trader platform. These testimonials show that users are satisfied with the features available on the Bitcoin Trader and they are making money.The withdrawal process is swift and straightforward and it takes less than 24 hours for the funds to reflect in your bank account. There are too many requirements during registration, which include ID cards, questionnaires and more. This makes it a tedious process for traders to open an account.There are many requirements you have to fulfill in order to deposit funds into your account, including showing bank statements, proof of income source, and more. In some instances, your bank has to be contacted first. This process takes time, and you could lose profitable trading opportunities in the process.The systems are fully automated, which puts the traders’ funds at risk most of the time. There is no manual trading option available. Online testimonials show that most users are not happy with the services offered by these trading robots. This creates doubt over their ability to provide long-term gains to investors. The withdrawal process is usually tedious and can take up to a few days, or even weeks, to be completed.

Why Should You Trade with Bitcoin Trader?

While reviewing the services offered by the Bitcoin Trader, we decided to look into the various features that make it an effective and profitable platform to trade with. It is these features that enable us to recommend the Bitcoin Trader as the top choice when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

  • User-friendly – After using the Bitcoin Trader platform, we can confidently say that the software is user-friendly and it works. The registration process is fast, deposit and withdrawal processes are safe and secure, setting the trading parameters is easy to do and then setting the software to automated mode is a quick step.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Bitcoin Trader offers top quality and reliable customer service and support. This is an attractive feature as it allows traders from all parts of the world to contact them despite the different time zones.
  • Demo Account – Bitcoin Trader offers a demo walkthrough of their trading dashboard. This is very useful to traders as it allows them to understand how the automatic trading system works before they start using real money to trade. It also enables users to test their trading strategies and to see which ones work best.
  • Fast Processing – Since the Bitcoin Trader platform is automated, quick execution of trades is easily done. As a result of this, traders do not lose profitable trading opportunities. We were very satisfied with the speed of execution of the Bitcoin Trader as trades were carried out within seconds. From our research, we found out that the processing time is 0.1 seconds ahead of the other trading tools.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Bitcoin Trader?

The amount of money you can make on the Bitcoin Trader platform depends on you. The Bitcoin Trader software makes it easy for anyone to make big profits trading cryptocurrencies. The fact is, the higher the amount you deposit and stake per trade, the higher your chances of making more profits. Despite this, you need to consider the risks of the cryptocurrency market before you make an investment. It is recommended that you start with the minimum deposit amount and increase the funds after making profits and understanding how the system works.

We have put together a few tips that will help you to earn more while using the Bitcoin Trader platform.

  • Invest Wisely and Start Small – it is better to start with the minimum deposit amount when you invest with the Bitcoin Trader platform. In this way, you can earn slowly and build your investment portfolio over time. After depositing $250, we made a profit from the trades that were made by the software.
  • Withdraw Earnings – It is recommended to withdraw your earnings. Your initial capital can continue working for you on the system, but you should withdraw your earnings. In this way, you can save your profits while continuing to earn more profits.
  • Stay Updated About the Crypto Space – While the Bitcoin Trader software handles everything for you, it is recommended that you keep learning and be up to date with the current trends in the market. In this way, you can learn the latest strategies that could boost your earnings.
  • Invest Your Spare Money – It is never advisable to invest everything you have. It is best if you invest only what you can afford to lose. Due to the high volatility level of the market, you can lose your money. Based on this, the minimum $250 deposit requirement set by the Bitcoin Trader platform is reasonable and it enables anyone to trade.

A lot of remarks and information have been spread online, claiming that the Bitcoin Trader platform has appeared on some top TV shows. As a result of this reports, we decided to investigate and find out if they are true.

Here are the results of our research:

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is a famous TV show that talks about investment and puts entrepreneurs on the path to meet wealthy investors. Although it is excellent that the Bitcoin Trader is associated with such a show, it is not true that they were talked about on Dragon’s Den. According to Naomi Simson, one of the hosts of the show, all reports linking them with any auto trading platforms are false. Based on this, disregard any information regarding affiliation with Dragon’s Den. This is probably been done by competitors trying to make Bitcoin Trader look bad.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is another popular TV show, similar to the Dragon’s Den. The Bitcoin Trader is not linked to the Shark Tank and all reports stating otherwise are false. Any reports of this are simply an attempt by lazy marketers to convince people to purchase their automated trading software, which is just a bad copy of the Bitcoin Trader software. From our research, we found out that the original Bitcoin Trader is not linked in any way to the Shark Tank.

Have Any Celebrities Endorsed the Bitcoin Trader?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a site or a product is by having a celebrity endorse it. This marketing move works like magic. Thus, it wasn’t surprising when false claims were reported about celebrities supporting the Bitcoin Trader. We looked into those sources and carried out in-depth research in all the cases. This is what we found:

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is one of the sponsors of Dragon’s Den TV show. He has been linked with the Bitcoin Trader as some reports claim he owns a sizeable share of the company. However, we researched this information and can confirm it is not true. While most investors would love to own a part of the Bitcoin Trader platform, Peter Jones hasn’t done this yet.

Elon Musk

Inventor and savvy entrepreneur Elon Musk has also been linked with the Bitcoin Trader platform. Due to his achievements over the years, it is no surprise that his name is affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader platform. The rumors about it are false, though, as the Tesla CEO is not linked in any way to the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Gordon Ramsay

Famous British chef Gordon Ramsay is another name linked to the Bitcoin Trader. Due to the investments and endorsements he has, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Gordon invested in a start-up or other companies. However, we checked the information regarding his link with the Bitcoin Trader platform, and it is false. He is not affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader and hasn’t invested or endorsed them in any way.

Several fraudulent claims have been made using the Bitcoin Trader brand name. This is because the Bitcoin Trader is one of the best auto trading platforms currently around. However, those claims are fraudulent and should be regarded as such. The Bitcoin Trader informs its traders and potential users to avoid that information regarding its stakeholders and investors.

Following an in-depth test of the features offered by the Bitcoin Trader, we can confidently say that they are authentic. The Bitcoin Trader platform is one of the best auto trading software currently available, enabling traders to make massive profits from the crypto market.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Does Bitcoin Trader Have a Mobile App?

We searched both the Apple and Google app stores but couldn’t find a mobile app on any of them. It is safe to say that the Bitcoin Trader doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the platform can easily be accessed via browsers on both computers and mobile devices. You can simply visit their website and activate your trade account directly. You can then trade from anywhere and at any time, even while on the go.

Our Conclusion

We enjoyed researching the Bitcoin Trader, and we were intrigued by our findings. The features available on this platform were impressive, and they worked as promised. The outcome of our research led us to conclude that the Bitcoin Trader is legit and can boost your passive income over time.

From our experience, we can assure potential traders that they can make over $1,000 in profits every day. The system has user-friendly features that make it easy for anyone to navigate the platform even without prior knowledge of the financial trading markets. We advise all users to start with the minimum deposit amount of only $250 and to build their investment from there. Within a short period, your profits will grow and you will get the opportunity to enjoy financial freedom.

FAQs – The Bitcoin Trader

What is the Bitcoin Trader?

The Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software that makes it easy for people to trade cryptocurrencies and to make profits as a result of it. The platform works with an algorithm that is designed to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities in the markets.

How much can you earn daily with the help of the Bitcoin Trader?

Traders stand a chance to make over $1,000 every day with the help of the Bitcoin Trader software. The minimum deposit amount of $250 is enough to reach this target, but you can increase your deposit amount based on your trading goals and preferences.

What function does the crypto robot serve?

A cryptocurrency trading robot functions as part of an auto trading system. It works with high-level AI to pinpoint trading opportunities in the financial markets. It will then produce a trading signal which tells a trader which asset to trade and when. Automated software solutions will even enter and exit trades on behalf of the user.

What is the highest value in earnings a trader has made using the Bitcoin Trader?

The earning potential when you use the Bitcoin Trader is limitless. It depends on the deposited amount as well as the amount you invest per trade. The amount you can earn will vary from person to person but we have heard of some users becoming millionaires thanks to the Bitcoin Trader.

Are my deposited funds safe?

The payment system on the Bitcoin Trader platform is streamlined to ensure the safety of funds. Deposited funds are secure as the website has an SSL certificate. This ensures that all transactions on the platform are protected and remain confidential.

How much is required to create an account with the Bitcoin Trader and to start trading?

The account opening process is free. The Bitcoin Trader doesn’t charge anything to open an account with them. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or charges on the platform. The developers have ensured that all transactions are transparent, and user funds and profits are made available whenever you want to withdraw them.

Is it necessary to have a wallet for cryptos to start trading on Bitcoin Trader?

No, you don’t need a wallet to store cryptocurrencies when trading with the Bitcoin Trader software.

What other Bitcoin trading platforms exist in the market?

The Bitcoin Trader is one of the best cryptocurrency auto trading software systems in the industry. While there are many options out there, take the time to verify that they are legitimate before investing your hard earned cash.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders
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